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Tignanello Handbags. This will go with everything

I have handbags in most colours, I like to swap them around to match what I'm wearing...

But I didn't have a nude colour. So when Tignanello asked if I would like to review one of their bags, of course, I jumped at the chance ! They have their own website (click on above) Or they are often on QVC. As soon as I mentioned Tignanello to mother, it turns out she's already got a bag from QVC by Tignanello, and apparently she tells me I'm way behind !!

I decided to choose a nude colour because this will go with everything. Plus winter fashion forecast's are saying lighter colours are going to be the "In thing " this year. I myself am steering away from black,and I'm hoping to fill my wardrobe mainly of brown and cream hue's so this colour bag will fit the bill nicely. This will match perfectly with my Nude court shoes when the weather cools down. Read about them in this post Here

I have chosen to wear my Calvin Klien shirt dress today to show off my new bag. The last time I wore this dress was nearly  two years ago ! I love Calvin Klien dresses. I purchased this one from Ebay. It's classic and I think it will still be worn years on. That's what I love about classics. Just use updated accessories and your good to go.

I love the style of the bag, and the handles are perfect for me. The leather quality is very good, and it's got loads of different pockets inside, so easy for organising. The silky monogrammed material inside is just as plush as the outside ! 

It's also got a handy shoulder strap too. But I will most probably take this off as I prefer handles.
It's Good to have a choice though. 

I hope you all have a lovely week. Don't forget to stay in touch and leave a comment. I look forward to hearing from you. Or you can sign up to receive each post. Now that would really make my day.
XO Laurie
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