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Wardrobe Updates And Pantone AW17 Forecast

Hi everyone!

As you can see from the title of this post, I am jumping the gun a little! Ok, we are only in July and we're  still getting maximum wear out of our summer wardrobe with the gorgeous weather we have been having this year. Let me explain more

I have attended a few winter fashion press events this year and I will be posting one every couple of weeks from now. Do Keep in mind that I started attending these back in May. 

Who wants to look at winter wear in May? I have waited for the collections to start trickling into the shops until I shared them with you. Are you collecting for winter yet? Are you that organised and far ahead? I'm still eyeing up the summer sales!

But first, let's take a look at the Pantone forecast for winter and see what colours take our fancy the most.

Now. One thing I will explain about our colour forecast this year is that there are two Pantone charts.

The colours that you see above are actually the London colour palette. Really! We have one forecast and America has another! Why??? 

And here is New York's colour forecast. Completely different too! Here is their reasoning for this.

“There is a commonality between the colors we are seeing on the runway in New York and London.” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “However, individuality is evident and we are seeing a distinct difference between the shows in the two cities in the way these same colors are being combined.”

I think this will turn out to be very interesting! I'm loving a few of each of the colour palettes. Which are your favourites? I think It will also be interesting to see which colours show up in the events that I will be featuring. I will have to point them out. I have already chosen one outfit for winter and it's in the New York Tawney Port!
So finishing off there. I want to show you how adding one Key item can help you keep your wardrobe up to date.

Basket or the straw beach bags have been a big trend this summer. The "O" bag is going to be the winter trend. I have already seen these trickling into the shops and I really like them. Fold to use as a clutch bag or long to carry more of your stuff, I like that they are so versatile.

Velvet is still going to be a big hit this year. I'm still looking for the perfect Velvet blazer to wear in the daytime with my jeans, but I wanted to share this top with you that's on sale. I wore this for an article in the Daily Mail a while back (more on that later) and I loved it. I might just have to buy it at that price!

Metallics in Silver shades are going to be a big trend for daytime wear apparently. I found this pleated skirt on sale at M&S  And I know these have already been a favourite from last year. Just swap for daytime wear.
Worn with a big slouchy jumper or sweat shirt. If this is too much silver for you, just go with silver accessories. I have just grabbed myself some silver shoes for a bargain price, and I will be posting them on my Instagram stories today. I think silver is going to be coming out to play a lot.

Statement sleeved jumpers are going to be a huge trend following this summer's floaty bell sleeved trend. So these are going to be slim at the top and puffy at the bottom. Best I find one in the petite section or I really will look like that girl pictured above! I do like the idea though!

Gingham has been this summers on trend print for sure. But for winter it's going to be Prince of Wales Check. I like how smart looking it is, and wondering if I have any stashed away from years back. (terrible hoarder me!)

The bold stripe is back! I think you will be seeing this trend in many of the Pantone colours above. I'm also liking the Bold stripe dresses that are hitting the shops. Bold and bright is the way to go!

So. What do you think? A lot of these trends have been seen before I know.Which do you favour? Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss the press events! 
I will leave you with my "Ten Under Twenty" early this week. I will be sharing a new brand with you on Saturday, so please pop by for that.

XO Laurie



Alie Street - Readers Choice - The Right Choice

Hi Everyone
Remember a while back in June when I talked about the Alie street press event?
I talked about three gorgeous dresses, one of which I was asked to choose? Well I after much and I say much, deliberating and help from my readers here's the dress that was chosen

alie street

The Holly dress in Porcelain Blue came out top choice! I ran a couple of poll's on Facebook and a couple of other media sites and asked everyone to choose their favourite dress from the three I had taken a photograph of. 

I fell in love with all three dresses above and just couldn't make my mind up! The Atlanta Dress on the left with its pastel shades of Pink and Blue came in a very close second. All three dresses were cooed over by the readers.You may have remembered responding yourself?

When the Holly Dress arrived it didn't disappoint either! The pattern is just so striking and vibrant. The fit is perfect. but I already knew that it would be. I wore the same design back in January in The Midnight Garden pattern.You can read about it here That dress is still available to buy.

I love the fit of these dresses, they are very forgiving! I think it's the vibrancy of the pattern that's the secret. The dress has elastane in it too which is a big helper.

I'm letting the dress do all the talking today, keeping it simple. The dress speaks all for itself and doesn't need much added. However, it could be dressed up perfectly for a wedding with other accessories. A hat for a wedding or more dressier shoes and bag.And later in the year a Navy blazer or a dressy jacket will be perfect

I've chosen my Navy sandals to wear with the dress today, but I can't help thinking that White or Navy court shoes would look better. What do you think? I still worry about the Essex girl stigma about wearing White court shoes!

The Alie street brand has been worn by many a celebrity too! This dress has been seen on tv worn by Susanna Reid from This Morning and Judy Murrey wore the dress on The Great British Menu

I wonder if Judy wore it to Wimbledon? 

A white clutch and my pearls and Silver bangle were all that was needed to finish the look. I just wanted to share the detailing at the bust area too.

So please do pop over and take a look at the Alie Street brand. And take a look at the celebrity "As worn by" gallery. I love having a nose at what they are wearing! You can't beat a classic, forever in fashion dress. I chose the dress that everyone loved most, now I'd like to hear what you think of it.

Dress co/Alie Street
Pearls co/ Claudia Bradby
Clutch / FandF

Have a great week everyone
Xo Laurie



Glossy Box - My First Unwrapping

Remember code
Hi Everyone!

Do you subscribe to any magazine's or beauty boxes? I've just received my first one from Glossybox to review for you ladies.

A cute little keepsake box with new beauty items to try. I have subscribed to magazines before, and I wanted to give a beauty box a try. My daughter has tried a few and she raves about them. 

Not knowing what your going to receive is a bit like a little birthday surprise! Some products are full sized and some are mini. One thing that I like about this idea is that you get to try different things that you wouldn't normally pick up in the shops. When you sign up for anything between a once only box or a yearly subscription, you tell Glossybox your beauty preferences so that you get items that would be of interest to you.

I think this is a fantastic idea as a gift. you can send a Glossybox to a friend or family member for 3 months for £28.50 plus postage and you receive five products each box. I've had many a magazine subscription as a present but I love this idea. A bit like a grown up Jamboree bag! Anyone remember those?!!

Thre's a whole list of products that are supplied on the website here if you wish to have a browse, and some very well known high-end brands are on that list.
Let's go through the gifts that I received...

Monuspa Aftersun Lotion - I really like this. A good body lotion That smells of citrus. I will definitely use this.rrp £19.99 It can be used on the face too.

Two Papanga "No snag" hair ties. I wouldn't wear them out in public, but definitely handy for indoors.  rrp £4.99

A Macaroon shaped tint and lip balm in Crushed Berry. A cute little item popped into my handbag. A good colour that you can pop on when your lips feel dry. rrp £5.99

Bellapiere Banana setting powder. This was my favourite item. There's a huge craze going on for this at the moment.I was eager to try, and it doesn't dissapoint. Great for any darkness under the eye's and counteracts any redness you may have. I'm using it to cover a couple of blemishes that's not dissapearing, and it really helps. rrp £25.00

The last item is a fan brush to apply that Banana powder. I would have been happy to dip my blusher brush straight in, but after watching the recommended tutorial on the glossy box website I changed my mind. rrp £4.99

And so that's it. The box unwrapped! What do you think? I think I certainly got my moneys worth, and the Banana powder has been interesting and useful to try. The only item I wasn't too keen on were the hairbands, but they will still get used.

I have a little offer! You can get 50% off your first Glossybox using the code "SUMMER" here That's such a bargain, so go on treat yourself!

That's it from me.I am leaving the weekly special offers below for you. 
Have a great weekend!
XO Laurie

The weekend sales edit



Calla Shoes - Specially Designed For Problem Feet

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing shoes with you today. A girl can never have enough shoes right?
These shoes are pretty special though. They are designed for women with Bunions.

These shoes caught my eye on Instagram, and I got chatting with the Calla shoe company, explaining that they were specially made for women with this problem in mind. So I thought I would share what I had discovered.

 A common problem apparently, luckily for me I don't have Bunions. Quite surprising really considering the conditions I have had my feet in regards to high heeled shoes for so many years!

 Super soft cushioning inside and extra wide fit You can read about them  here 

I just loved the classic style of the shoe! And they are so comfortable! But if you have problem feet, then I hope these can be of help to you. The site has many different styles and some lovely court shoes are available.

I've chosen to style the shoes with this M&S stripe dress that I bought last year. I like the change in the stripes direction and I thought I liked the slanting hemline on it too. but after looking at these photos I have decided to have it altered to a normal hemline.I don't like it! Does that happen to you? You love something one minute and dislike it the next? I can be so contrary! I will never tire of a classic stripe dress though!

calla shoes

 I never realised that Bunions were such a common problem for women. Apparently, 38% of women over 30 suffer from them.These women must find it hard to wear shoes that are comfortable yet stylish. That's where Calla shoes stepped in. A fantastic idea.

They don't feel like high heels to me. Easy and comfortable to wear. They are quite wide fitting too. That's the problem I have.Wide feet! nearly as wide as they are long!

Considering that they are made with more technology I'm impressed with the prices that the shoes and sandals are. These one's that I'm wearing are £130.00 and are available in Silver and Black too. 

So. I hope this may have been helpful to any of you ladies out there? Do you have any problems with your feet? I think so far I have been very lucky.

Do check out the Calla shoe brand you can find them at the sites below

Calla Shoes* - here
Instagram - here
Facebook -here

Xo Laurie



MandCo - Dare To Bare - Celebrating Body Confidence

Did you know that the 5th of July is National Bikini Day?

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited by M&Co to show off my body confidence. What body confidence was my first thought as I read the email!
Confident in my clothes yes! but your lucky if you ever see me in anything even low cut in the chest area, I can't help it I'm very modest! Look through any of my posts and the proof is there!

But I thought about it and decided to go ahead with the campaign, after all, why not? I'm a 54-year-old woman who has every right to go swimming & beach bumming as any other age woman regardless of size and stature.

Ok, I didn't go for a Bikini, but I chose this fantastic one piece and this cover up.

Very pleased with what I had chosen, this Butterfly Ombre Multiway Swimsuit ticked the boxes for me. it has a removable strap and bra inserts for a little hold up (much needed) And the Tassel Hemmed Cover Up matched perfectly.

Living in London, there are not a lot of beaches as you know! There are Lido's or the Thames and that's about it! I started to think about where to take the photo's and being short of time this week. My garden? That's not really showing confidence. A spa? No. 

So I decided to go to my local park! So, on way to Syon Park with its beautiful gardens and conservatory. Armed with music, magazine and a flask of tea.And with our weather being so hot the last few days it felt really good! There are so many high rises where I live that any park gets surrounded by people laid out in the sun and children playing. Ok not in their swimsuits I might add, but this is what everyone does.

This is where I chose to get my body out, the park didn't empty, but I did get shot a few odd looks having photos done! Do I care No!

I even had a little walk around the park and felt quite liberated! It's weird isn't it that we should feel ok and not out of place in a swimsuit on a beach yet feel like your flaunting it in a park.Well everyone was a lot hotter than me! Even the other half, my photographer!

I actually started to wonder why I was so nervous about showing so much body off in a public place! I will definitely do it again. Just taking time out was the best!

Plenty of SPF I might add on one of the hottest days of the year! 

 My body is far from perfect and yes it's all going south, but yes I'm proud of my body! And so should every other woman be!

MandCo actually did a reader's swimwear survey and the results are quite surprising. You can read about it here and I want to know. Would you get your body out in a park in swimwear? Love your body!

M&Co have some fantastic swimwear designs on their website right now and I've been given a 10% discount code for my lovely readers. There are some fabulous figure control swimsuits and bikinis all designed to help with the areas that we're not happy with to give us that little extra boost of confidence.

I would like to thank M&Co for my gorgeous swimsuit and boosting my body confidence!

Discount code - Vanity10  here
Terms & Conditions: 10% OFF FULL PRICE – 10% off full price valid online at www.MandCo until 31st July 2017. Excludes promotional or sale items and online P&P charges. Items from non-participating concessions are excluded from this promotion. Returned items will be refunded at the discounted price paid. Use promo code VANITY10 online. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Have a great weekend Everyone 
XO Laurie



Five Over Fifty Style Monochromatic

monochromatic style

Monochromatic dressing. The cheats way right? Yep, that's me!
It's my turn today to choose the style challenge for us five blogging ladies, and I thought my choice needed to be what sums me up best.

blush pink

I've been dressing like this for years, and I find it gives my petite frame the look of more height. At only 5'2 I have to be careful of different mixed tops to skirts or trousers, trying to achieve a longer silhouette so to speak.
Plus it's just so much easier to mix and match items from the colours that I collect I guess. A bit like a capsule wardrobe.

The outfit's made up of Blush Pink, with a little mix of white and other shades of pinks.Pink sunglasses and this hairclip attached to my top that was a present from a friend. You can't see it in my hair, so it get's added elsewhere. The Shell top is old, from Next, but I wear it a lot. Again it's easy. 

The pleated skirt has been a trend that I welcomed with open arms. I do love a floaty skirt. I've worn this one since last winter. Perfect to pack if you're going away, just twist it into a long loop and all those pleats stay in place. Plus it doesn't take up any room in the suitcase.

 The skirt is from FandF and it's still available in a metallic shade here
Another tip that I learned is to go up one size when buying a pleated skirt. They can be very unforgiving in the tummy area! but trust me this helps.

A simple White clutch bag and my watch, oh and my blush pink earrings finished the look.

That completes my Monochromatic look. What do you think? A little tame for a blogger? Or do you like the easy way out? Let's take a look at the other four bloggers looks.

I think Gail from Is This Mutton looks amazing in all white. The balance is perfect, the added interest with different textures and the large pearls.

Anna from Annas Island Style has turned simple Black and white into cool by adding different sized Gingham and spots. Aways so well put together. 

Ashley from  Lazy Daisy Jones is looking absolutely gorgeous in all White. I'm going to talk her into bringing me that top next time we meet up! I want it! Again the different textures is what pulls the outfit together

Jacqui from Mummabstylish gets tops marks for braving this bright yellow colour.The floral waistcoat adds a lovely feminine touch, and I love the Gold accessories.

Have a great week everyone. Next time on here I will be brave showing off a swimsuit. I hope the weather stays good! 
XO Laurie


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