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Here Comes The Sun!

Hi Everyone
Yay! The sun's out! I hope you have something good planned for the weekend?

I'm in Essex this weekend and this morning I went out to the beach to take photos for next week's post. I couldn't believe I had nearly all the beach to myself!

It's been super busy this past week and I have a lot of catching up to do, but I will be sharing some exciting stuff.
This is just a short post from me today. There are lot's of sales on this weekend, so I want you to know what great deals there are out there.

I have also changed my "Ten Under Twenty" to my post on Friday's and not starting it on Mondays anymore. Things are selling fast and when I featured it here last Friday a lot of items were sold out.
I will leave you with my OOTD though!

Cool, simple and casual.
Trousers - here
Top - Similar here
Bag - Similar here
Sandals - here

Ten Under Twenty

Here's what's on in the sales

Enjoy and find a bargain!
Xo Laurie


Roman Originals - Navy And White Lace Elegance

Hi Everyone
Yay! The sun's out!! 
I've been waiting for some good weather to share this gorgeous dress with you all. Remember I confessed a new love for the Roman original's brand? If you missed the first post featuring this fabulous brand, you can find that post here

I'm sharing today, this stand out from the crowd Navy and White floral Tapework dress. A classically shaped dress, I love the sleeve length and the slash neckline.
The gorgeous tape work in white really makes the dress a showstopper.

I decided on wearing my hair up with the dress to show off the neckline of the dress and give it a more formal look. It's really windy so I will need to make some adjustments when I've finished these photos! I'm attending a friends 60th birthday across the road from this park here in Twickenham. 

I've teamed the dress with a white clutch bag and pearl and silver Jewellery. Navy sandals to complete the look. You don't need anything powerful worn with this dress. It speaks for itself!.
Roman Originals is a perfect brand to shop for a special occasion outfit, there are lots of statement dresses available and the sizing for most dresses is 10 - 20. The stretch lace outer layer is resting over a soft lining and I love how it's not at all restricting, it just floats over your skin.

You can see in this close-up the lace pattern and the layered tape work that develops the floral design. 

This park in Twickenham is so beautiful. I love this floral display in the background.It's right on top of the Thames and  I've done a lot of fishing here! Nothing better than a quiet day, challenging the OH to catch the most fish. And I win sometimes!

One of the things that caught my eye about this dress, is that the pattern follows all the way round and not just on the front of the dress. exceptional quality at £65.00

And I love the deep V at the back, giving a nice finishing touch. Let me know what you think of the dress in the comments, I'd love to hear your views.

 Have you shopped at Roman Originals before? There are some bargains to be had on their website with up to 50% off here And some online exclusive designs too.

Fingers crossed that the sun keeps shining! 
XO Laurie

Dress co/Roman Originals
Bag - FandF
Sandals - Next
Bracelets - Claudia Bradby



Tanning - Special Offers - An Interesting Article

  Hi Everyone
How has your week been? I have been busy this week, going into the city to view some press events. You may have seen a couple of hints on Instagram, but I will be sharing them here with you later.

 I dared to bare my legs this week.And yes those milk bottle legs have started their summer ritual of fake tanning. 

So I thought I'd share some of my tips on fake tanning this week. If you know of an easy to use self-application, then please do share!

This is the second year using Glam Tan. I picked this up in Primark last year and it's one of the best I've used.I Never get a streaky result. Cheap as chips too at £2.50!! But I do believe preparation is key. Only some Primark stores stock this brand, so if you're lucky enough to find it, I would recommend buying a couple of tubes.


1)Any hair removal is best done the day or night before. Open pores after waxing or shaving can lead to a nasty rash!

2) Exfoliate. This is key to not getting a patchy tan. I exfoliate every day using the sponge pictured above. Yes, it's a one pound sponge that you find in the cleaning aisles at your local supermarket!
I always scrub to just reach a tingling sensation, great for circulation and I'm a firm believer that this keeps cellulite at bay.

Just before I apply my tan, however, I use a shower gel mixed with old fashioned table salt. It performs as good as any expensive body scrub. I sometimes mix baby oil and salt too. This leaves your skin super soft. Any oil mixed with salt will do. Try it on your hands. Rinse it off with warm water . let me know what you think.
On my tanning day though it's just shower gel and salt.

3) I apply a very light coat of  E45 cream to my legs and a little more to my knees and ankles. These are the parts that the tan will take to more, and can lead to it looking patchy. Don't use any perfumed moisturiser prior to tanning. It can turn out a murky green colour!

4) Massage the tan in well. I recommend only a light application of any new tan that you're trying.You don't want to end up with orange legs! You can always apply more the next time. Sometimes I use a tanning mit to smooth the tan more, but most times I just massage in with my hand. Just remember to wash it off straight after!

5) Wait at least half an hour before wearing trousers or anything that's going to cause friction to the legs.

There you have it! Simple!  One thing I will say is that I prefer cream and not moose or lotion.

Here's my "Ten UnderTwenty" 

Ok! I know there is one item just over £20.00 but I couldn't resist putting those gold mules in the mix! 

Another thing that I wanted to share with you

My good friend Jacynth Bassett has had a rather interesting article published in the Guardian. More talk on how we over 50 women should and should not be treated when it comes to shopping or anything fashion at our age.
I was lucky enough to be featured on Jacynth's website a while back and you can read about my interview with  Jacynth here And you can read the Guardian article here

Special Offers

Have a great weekend everyone!
Laurie x



M&Co - The Perfect Lightweight Coat For Classic UK Weather!

Hi Everyone

I was hoping to share this coat Summer style, but as per usual, our UK weather is not summery at all!
White trousers are what I had in mind! But with all the rain, you know how tough it is to wear white without getting those dirty splashes up the back!

So I'm back in y dark navy again. But hopefully soon, White will be back on the menu! 
I'm styling this gorgeous coat from MandCo today. And actually, the weather has timed itself well. This is the perfect coat to wear on the way to work in the mornings on those summer days to come or in the evening when the chill sets in.

I'm at Twickenham Lock Bridge today giving my new coat a showing off. I love the dainty pattern of Navy and white and the edging of fluffiness. This coat was on the rails at the MandCo SS17 Press event here and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

We were asked to put labels over the coathangers of items that we really loved, and this was my first chosen item. I couldn't resist nosing at who else had put labels on the coathangers and noticed that the fashion editor of Hello Magazine had also put a label on this gorgeous coat.
If it's good enough for the editor it's good enough for me!! The editor has great taste of course!!

The coat is very light-weight and provides just enough warmth for a sem-chilly day. It's been raining and windy here in London all day. I wondered if I was going to get any photos done at all.

I've teamed my coat with Navy trousers and a White T-shirt. Navy sandals and a White bag. The coat has a very elegant feel to it, and I think it would look fabulous with a White plain shift dress. You can find the coat here and it's at a bargain price.

Here's a close up of the material. Cute little flowers!

I think this little coat will go with so much for the lighter wear season. Jeans, white trousers or skirt. Glam it up or go casual. What are your thoughts?

XO Laurie



Ready For The Weekend

Hi Everyone!

Ready for the weekend? I hope you have something good planned? I had a heavy weekend last week partying. A friend of mine is getting married and so I attended her Hen do.
Hen do's at our age?!! Why not?!!
It was good to catch up with friends that I hadn't seen for ages. This weekend I'm hoping to get out in the garden and get my hands dirty. A chilled weekend hopefully.

This is just a bits and pieces post. Stuff that I've been wanting to share the past month or so. And what special offers are available out there if your shopping this weekend.

I've recently been posting "Ten Under Twenty" through the week on my social media pages. Ten items under twenty pounds (who doesn't love a bargain?)
My readers on the social media sites have really been enjoying these. You have to be quick though because some items sell out really fast.

Here's my Ten Under Twenty 

There's already a couple of items sold out! My favourite item on the board has to be the Espadrille Black sandals from F&F. I recently purchased this pair below. I forgot how extremely comfortable they are! I wore them in my Neutrals post here and I'm tempted to get the black ones.

They have a "sensitive sole" and they are oh so comfortable! for £16.00!! here

Something else I've been meaning to mention...

Looking for some colour inspiration?

Have you ever looked at Pamela Graham's website? I have been lucky enough to be featured a couple of times in the new book that's been published. I'm quite confident in knowing what colours suit me and which one's that don't but if you're looking to educate yourself on which colours to suit you most take a look at Pamela's website The site is so full of inspiration and well worth a look.

There's another lady that I want to mention that has just published a book too.

"who doesn't love to relax with a "Chick Lit?"

Huge congratulations to Suzy Turner for writing this. I do like to relax in between blogging and sit myself down and read a girly book. I'd love some advice on how Suzy manages to fit everything into her busy routine. Style blogging and writing books!

Take a look for more info about the book here

I had a fabulous day in the West End of London

I was delighted to attend the Reiss AW17 press event earlier in the week. I can't tell you how gorgeous it all was. Lots of gorgeousness to come from Reiss, a high-end high street brand that I dribble over from time to time. A bit pricey for me although for a special occasion I would definitely shop there, but I do like to shop their sales!

I'm trying to get out of my jumpers at the moment and I'm sure you are too, so I will be sharing what's going to become available for winter later. There is 10% off all online orders though if you wish to have a nose here I will keep you posted when they have a sale on.

That's it from me. I will leave you with some special offers. I hope you have a great weekend!

XO Laurie                    
*Fashion Offers*

Please be aware that there are affiliate links in this post. This means if you click on them I just earn a few pennies to help support my blog xx



Bonmarche - Relaxed Style In Neutrals

Hi Everyone
Sunglasses are stuck firmly on my head again in the hope that they might be needed and not on my eye's. When is the weather going to pick up in the south?!!

Here I am showing you one of my favourite styles that I have worn so far for our better weather and it's freezing!!

I'm styling casual Neutrals today. Now, if you have been reading for a while you will know by now that these are my favourite colours. Pure and simple. I like colour too, but for me, I always feel good in a blend of Neutral shades.

Bloggers are always banging on about how we need to "use more colour" but I actually think it's ok to go completely the other way too.

This jacket from Bonmarche has been so popular it's already low in stock, but I'm sure they will get more in pretty soon. I say this is Neutral, but it actually has Navy, Aqua and white stripes in the material. 

The trousers are Linen blend, flared and have a tie waist detail. I travelled to this location to have a coffee beforehand, and I'm quite pleased that they haven't creased much at all. I'm normally put of Linen for this reason, but this material is really soft and not stiff like some Linen can be. You can buy these in Black too if you prefer here a bargain price of £18.00

I styled the outfit easily with Gold and wood tones. The lock I'm wearing was my daughters from her charm bracelet when she was just five years old. As it became heavy with charms, a new lock had to be purchased, and she gave the redundant one to me. It's been on my neck every day for around eighteen years.

A linen and leather bag in Blue and new Espadrilles finished the look. It's all very natural!

I love sitting here! It's got to be one of the most peaceful parts of Kew in London I love this seat and would love something like this in my garden!

What do you think about the Neutral blends of the outfit? I know I will swap this for Navy when the weather turns to Autumn. Mind you, I could have done that today! It feels like Autumn!

Do take a look at the Bonmarche website. There's a huge sale on there at the moment. Or pop into the store and grab a bargain!

Jacket c/o Bonmarche
Trousers c/o Bonmarche
Bag - Zaeem Jamal
Watch - Daniel Wellington

XO Laurie



Roman - New Love Label - Easy Wear Denim Dress

Hi Everyone
I've found myself a new love label that I want to share with you today. 

With our typical English weather, it's hard to know what to wear. What's happened? It feels like winter again this week!
And this Denim dress from Roman has been a godsend. No skimpy summer dresses to be worn as of yet!
A denim dress is an item everyone should have in their wardrobe. One easy slip on piece that will never date, and you can create so many different looks.

Slightly fitted and flared the denim is soft, not stiff like some denim, I guess in between denim and chambray, it's very comfortable. I've chosen to style it smart/casual with Navy sandals and Tan handbag. 

Have any of you bought from the Roman brand before? The dresses that they have available are absolutely gorgeous! Perfect wedding styles too. Take a look here And
this dress was an absolute steal at only £35.00 here

I find the dress so comfortable to wear with it's fit and flare design. semi-fitted and easy to move around in, but still giving a good shape to your figure. I will be wearing this through winter with my knee high boots and a good thick cardigan.Or who knows with our weather, I could be wearing that next week!

The Tan stitching detail really makes the dress smart, along with the turn-up sleeves and the flat pocket detail.

I've chosen to pair the dress with my new Navy heels for a smarter effect, but anything will go with the dress from flip flops to boots. Wedged Espadrilles are hot this year, so I'm hankering for a pair of those.

I've stopped off at Boston manor house today to take photos of my dress. This is the first time that I've visited the park and it's absolutely beautiful here. I still have so many places to visit since my move to London.  

I've just discovered that there's a music festival on here at the weekend called the Hanwell Hootie! So if your in and around London this weekend the info is here

I can't wait to share with you the second dress I have chosen from Roman.So keep an eye out for the post! Or you can subscribe to get every post delivered to your inbox by subscribing. click on the box at the right-hand side of the page. 

Dress c/o Roman
Bag - Similar here
Sandals - here

XO Laurie

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