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Luxury Water

Do you ever really think about how hard water affects our skin?

It has long been drummed into us how important it is to drink as much water as possible for our health and our looks. I drink Tea, but I also drink my fair share of water. Bottled water it must be !
I do notice a difference when I don't have my quota. Do you follow this rule ?

I was pleased to be approached by BWT UK LTD for a review and asked what I thought of the idea of having soft water on tap.

When we shower or take a bath, do we think of the water  we're using? I tend to worry about how hot or cold it is and what products I'm going to use! But thinking about it, and seeing what hard water does to my kettle, it does get me thinking. Would I have a younger looking skin if I had used soft water?.

The product that Luxury Water provides is easily installed to your incoming water and hey presto! Soft water on tap.

When you think about the huge difference this can make. It's got to better to bath or shower in something that doesn't contain harsh chemicals . Imagine how much better this would be for our hair? Very tempting !

Then of course there's the money saving side to the whole Idea. No more washing machines only lasting a couple of years, or dishwashers for that matter. No more limescale build up in your rads and your bathroom will be sparkling like it should. No more detergents to keep it all shiny. According to the Luxury Water site, you can cut down on so much. I would be happy not to have to constantly replace my kettle or have stacks of bottled water everywhere!
Take a look at the site. There are so many reasons to have one of these gadgets. If your interested. you can pop over Here to find out more and if there is an installer in your area.
Let me know what you think of the idea of soft water ? Especially if you have it on tap at home. I'm so tempted .
Xo Laurie

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