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A Burst Of Colour And Why I Love Flared Trousers

If you have been following my post's throughout the year, you will know I'm quite partial to a pair of tailored flared trousers.
So when I found this bright tomato red pair I tried them on and bought them. At a bargain price too....

I found these in River Island at a knockdown price of £20 from £40 in their recent sale. 

A friend of mine told me her daughter had a spending spree in there because of the great reductions they had. "What did you buy for yourself?" I asked. " Oh I'm a bit past it to buy stuff out of there " she replied.
"What nonsense ! " I said . Why should a woman feel too old to shop anywhere ! Like a red rag to a bull, it was one of the first places I went to look on my day out shopping.

These are made of heavy crepe, so they hang really well, and I like the detailing at the waistline, which is quite high.
In the winter months, I will wear a cream or light coloured jumper. And these will be great for Christmas wearability (Oh gosh there's that word already!)

So why do I love the flared trousers so much?  Let me remind you of the other flares hanging in my wardrobe and why I like to wear Them...

This Blue pair from Primark - Similar here One of the reasons I like wide leg trouser's is because they are quite slimming.

These ones are from Next. You may find them on Ebay or there are similar here Reason no 2 is because they make my legs look longer. Especially with high heels !

Like these stripe ones from F&F Vertical stripes = Length! Similar here

These are so comfortable - Another reason !  From Precis  Such good quality from them. I've had this pair over 10 years now !
Another reason, They are classic. (my favourite word)
 Having said that, you can wear any type of trouser now. Be it skinny,straight, cropped, palazzo . There are no fashion rules. And there are no rules as far as I'm concerned as to where I will shop !

Before I go, I wanted to let you know I was featured on Jessica Janneger's Spotlight On Style. Please pop over for a read. You will find it here  Jessica host's a link up every Tuesday and I'm a regular visitor there. I love Jessica's feminine style.
Xo Laurie

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