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From a young age (13) my mother started advising me on my skincare routine, taking me to different counters in stores that supplied all those beautiful jars and tubes of creams.Mother used to use, Charles Of The Ritz (does anyone remember this?) When i started my first Saturday job hairdressing, i saved my money and invested in some Yves Rocher (does anyone remember this?) And so my beauty routine evolved Cleanse, Tone,Moisturise.

The one piece of advise mother gave me that i did not  take notice of is MAKE SURE WHEN YOU MOISTURISE YOUR FACE, DON'T FORGET TO DO YOUR NECK AS WELL!

I used to take all the care over the routine and think it will be ok  and leave out my neck area.I am now paying the high price of not taking notice now, comparing the lines of my face to that of my neck, you can see the difference! I regret not listening.

It would be great to know some readers first skin care regimes and  regrets over skin care, so please let me know x

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