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I will learn my lesson one day. on a whim we decided to quickly pack a bag and head down to Essex to see the family.I can pack really quick, shorts, check, vest tops, check pj's, check. A couple of outfits for going out the door and looking a little put together, check Anything warm? dont be silly.I want to bang my head against the wall Arhhhhhhh.
 One day I will pack something for weather changing. So on the borrow from mother I found this amusing vintage hand knitted jumper.My mother has stored clothes for years and I always find it interesting, she is 82 now bless her

I did enjoy going out with friends over the weekend though, I got to wear my new FandF necklace. I do love a bit of sparkle.Teamed with my white next cropped trousers, and my slouchy white bag, I have loved this bag and your bound to see it in many posts if you read them.I bought this on one of those many little stalls in a shopping centre, Lakeside in Essex


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