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I felt I had to write this post about Mary's Living and Giving shops. I have been to a few of these now and I think there great.
Marys Living and Giving were established in 2009 from a philosophy to save the children. Mary Portas, our shops are community hubs, run by local people for local people.
The gift of your time will improve the life of a child somewhere in the world. There are so many ways to get involved if you are interested, look it up on facebook or
So I thought I would help by giving them a SHOUT, I have been to a few and am so impressed with them.

The shops are all decorated in its own individual design, the one I visit most in chiswick is based on art, the staff are so friendly.
But the best part of these shops is the fact that designers donate their wares for free, we get it at a cheaper rate, then this money goes to save the children. What is there not to like?

I strongly advise a visit, and if you want to volunteer for this great cause get in touch with the search above.

These shops are full of designer clothes either donated by someone or a designer and are all of good quality, I love the quirkiness of these places right down to the little price tags

Its not just about clothes either, you can buy all accessories here, shoes, bags,jewellery and even items of designer furniture


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