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#Blogtober 2014

So here we go for the first Blogtober 2014  Question one  Instagram round up. Can I just say I have found most of my blogging pals on Instagram. Its great for finding inspiration , friends,ideas and I love looking at the fashion shots and just beautiful pictures.Here is a round up of my pics

we cant say we didn't have a great summer this year

                                 Its not all about fashion, I loved how my roses turned out this year

                               I loved this dress from F&F this was one of my first instagram entries

                                                  Getting creative after doing my nails !

                                       I use this picture for a sign that there is a new beauty post

I know I still have a lot to learn regarding the art of a selfie
Do you think I have an obsession with F&F by any chance? Fell in love with this dress

You can find me on instagram as vanity_and_me  
Thank you for reading this post
Xo Laurie

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