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My Habit And I

I realised today I have a bad habit. You know, like its a habit you've got without realising!.I went shopping late this afternoon with my partner, got the trolley, walked into the store. My partner said "meet you at the changing room". Enough said. As I was heading straight for the clothing section I was thinking to myself, oh dear this has become a bit of a habit.

But I need to see the New In, I need to see what bargains I might find.I glide through the isles thinking ooh love that, no be good, ooh love that too, it will go with so much in my wardrobe.I see something that I really love, need, no be good. Next I'm thinking well, just try it on and see if its really as good on as it is on the hanger to justify it.
Try it on, Love it, Want it, am going to have it. Walk out of changing room and put my habit into the trolley whilst fluttering my eyelashes at other half!

I have been buying clothes from FandF now for many years. It used to be the odd item, but the last few years I think they have really upped their game.Once we were home,Thinking about it, I realise nearly half of my wardrobe is bought from FandF, most of my post incorporate something by FandF.

This is one of my first post on the blog, I have worn this dress from FandF a lot this summer. Its comfortable and can be dressed up too.

I love FandF acssesories too, this top and necklace were a bargain buy and still available.

This was a sale bargain, I only paid £10.00 for this one, its been one of my favorites

And this is what I bought today,mostly dresses on this post but believe me theres a whole lot more I could be posting, but will save for another post. As I said its my habit I didn't realise I had!

Xo Laurie



Exfoliation? whats the big deal? If your not exfoliating regularly I hope I can convince you to reading this post

As we age our skin cells take longer to renew, exfoliating will remove the dead surface of skin laying on top and promote new skin growth.
 Any creams or serums you use will penetrate better after exfoliating because you have removed the dead skin barrier achieving better results
The older you are, the more you should be exfoliating, I'm 51 and my skin is combination, i exfoliate twice a week.
Sometimes I mix a little of my exfoliator with my foaming cleanser, it gives good results and is more economical.
If you are young once a week should be enough, it helps reduce clogged pores too. But don't over do it if your skin is oily as it will promote more oil.
Don't forget to do your neck as well, if you have read my other post you will know why!
Microdermabrasion, this is a treatment to have at a salon. Its a much deeper form of exfoliation, its like a small tube with suction,glided over your skin and blasted with tiny particles. Crystal Clear is my favourite and believe me it sure makes a difference. If you would like to know what its like ask your nearest salon to sample it on your hand, its not a scary as it sounds.
Here are the Exfoliators i would recommend and use on my clients now

1) Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Gentle Exfoliator
2) Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream
3) Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish - good for sensitive skin
4) Dermalogica Daily Microfolient
5) Rodial Super Acids Extreme

You can ask any of these brands for a free sample at any of their skincare counters

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding skincare
xo Laurie

Here is a list of some of my



A week ago my partner and myself took ourselves for a little trip into the city. I haven't been to the kings road for some time and I love it there. You cant beat the buzz of London. We actually got on a bus with our oyster cards which cost us only £5.00 each for an all day travel and it would have cost us that in parking.
So whilst in the kings road, I thought it would be a good idea to try out the Bluebird Cafe. My guilty secret is watching Made In Chelsea (for the fashion of course!) What a beautiful place it was. The staff were great and very attentive. We sat outside because it was a sunny day, and I sat there people watching with my pot of tea and scone.

There was a great atmosphere here, I could have sat in my chair drinking tea all day, the food being served looked great too. Before we left I popped to the loos which were upstairs as is the bar area. I have to say its beautiful up there, and next time I go I will definitely spend some time up there.

So if your ever in London, in the kings road Chelsea, look them up you wont be disappointed.

We left the bluebird and hopped onto another bus to view Westminster Abbey, such a magnificent building, 
make you wonder how they had such great craftsmanship so many years ago with all the great architecture.

 Wearing Calvin Klien one of my favourite designers, white shopper Jane Shilton

Thank you for reading this post x Laurie




Amanda Wakeley red gown
$1,985 -

Alexander McQueen strappy shoes



Its funny when you  walk past a shop, never going in thinking I don't think they'll have anything for me.You know when nothing catches your eye and its just not your cup of tea. Well today I had time on my hands,I went to our local bank and because it was lunch time the queue was out the door. So I thought Id browse the small amount of shops there were in our little high street.
The shop I'm talking about is MandCo. And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Here is what I tried on

This was a really comfortable top I tried on, silky material, still quite heavy so it hung well not a bad price at £24.00 and I could mix this with my favourite beige

I liked the print on this one, really comfortable too £26.00

Then I thought well summers nearly gone, so i tried this little number and  love stripes.£18.00 Bargain!. Plus I got to practice my selfies which is laughable, I really cant get the hang of these no matter how i try and my other half was not out with me. Don't think we would have fitted in here together though!

Anyway this is me at the end of the day felling a little bit chilly in this photo. Weathers definitely changing!.
One of my favourite t shirts this year by Karen millen, and trousers Primark
I am a big fan of karen millen I have been buying this brand for many years and its still one of  my favourites.


Thank you for reading this post x laurie




Is it going to warm up again or not? I think that is the best of our summer gone. So now I'm on the lookout for something not too wintry but not too summery either. Ive been looking at the Little Mistress site quite a lot and have seen a few desirable items that would fit the bill at the moment

This one is from paper dolls £55.00 there are so many colours in this little number, you could wear it with so
much. White jeans, Blue dress anything black, so its really multi-functional

And of course, we cant forget a kimono, these are everywhere at the mo but I love the print on this one £34.00

If I'm going out at night when its a little chillier you cant beat a blazer, this will stay in your wardrobe for years to come and you can wear it again and again, there never going to go out of fashion. Dress it up or down it cant be beaten in my book! I've seen these and the quality is amazing and great value at £55.00
What are you wearing on chillier nights? id love to hear from any of you about ideas on chillier weather!
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I felt I had to write this post about Mary's Living and Giving shops. I have been to a few of these now and I think there great.
Marys Living and Giving were established in 2009 from a philosophy to save the children. Mary Portas, our shops are community hubs, run by local people for local people.
The gift of your time will improve the life of a child somewhere in the world. There are so many ways to get involved if you are interested, look it up on facebook or
So I thought I would help by giving them a SHOUT, I have been to a few and am so impressed with them.

The shops are all decorated in its own individual design, the one I visit most in chiswick is based on art, the staff are so friendly.
But the best part of these shops is the fact that designers donate their wares for free, we get it at a cheaper rate, then this money goes to save the children. What is there not to like?

I strongly advise a visit, and if you want to volunteer for this great cause get in touch with the search above.

These shops are full of designer clothes either donated by someone or a designer and are all of good quality, I love the quirkiness of these places right down to the little price tags

Its not just about clothes either, you can buy all accessories here, shoes, bags,jewellery and even items of designer furniture




Vanity and Me: ONE OF MY FAVORITES, KAREN MILLEN: ONE OF MY FAVORITES, KAREN MILLEN by vanityandme featuring zipper boots Karen Millen sheer top $58 - Karen Millen navy...



Karen Millen sheer top
$58 -

Karen Millen navy blue sheer top
$110 -

Karen Millen reversible jacket
$585 -

Karen Millen tailored trousers
$190 -

Karen Millen jersey knit pencil skirt
$215 -

Karen Millen zipper boots




Hi Everyone
I thought I would share this post again, it's one of my first post's that I published, and something I feel strongly about. I have a fair few followers now, and most probably a lot of you haven't seen it. Just try it on your hands to start with. I would love to know what you think of it
Xo Laurie

Do you spend a fortune on body exfoliators ?. A good body exfoliation will, help with cellulite, get you ready for any fake tanning,  keep your skin soft. A great remedy for anti ageing, my hands are by far the worst part of my body after years of hairdressing, but I use this remedy a couple of times a week on them. When I explain what I use to my clients,I demonstrate the power of it on their hands, and there like wow. So I thought Id share it with you


This consist of good old table salt and vegetable oil. You can use any oil you like, but its going to get washed strait off anyway.

1) Put a heap of table salt in the palm of your hand

2) Cover it with oil, I use any type of cooking oil

3) Mix it in the palm of your hand

4) Now massage it all over your hands
5)Rinse off with warm water and use a wash of your choice  

You will notice a big difference! This is great to use on any part of your body,NOT YOUR FACE. I keep salt and oils in jars and decanters in the bathroom, just makes it look nice!. The bath sponges I buy in the cheap shops and use them in the shower, there great with a body wash. I replace these each week but at less than a pound for three I think there great.

Laurie x                                      



I will learn my lesson one day. on a whim we decided to quickly pack a bag and head down to Essex to see the family.I can pack really quick, shorts, check, vest tops, check pj's, check. A couple of outfits for going out the door and looking a little put together, check Anything warm? dont be silly.I want to bang my head against the wall Arhhhhhhh.
 One day I will pack something for weather changing. So on the borrow from mother I found this amusing vintage hand knitted jumper.My mother has stored clothes for years and I always find it interesting, she is 82 now bless her

I did enjoy going out with friends over the weekend though, I got to wear my new FandF necklace. I do love a bit of sparkle.Teamed with my white next cropped trousers, and my slouchy white bag, I have loved this bag and your bound to see it in many posts if you read them.I bought this on one of those many little stalls in a shopping centre, Lakeside in Essex



So, Ive discovered there is a little more room in my suitcase for a couple of other bits to fit in. I realised I could do with a couple more vest tops.Now I have bought quite a few of these, mostly from primark and I think there great value for money £2.50 and they do a big variety of colours. I even wear them with my pajamma bottoms lounging. Because i have so many plain ones I thought Id go online to find something a little different, this is what I have come up with so far..........

This one is from Debenhams, Lands End £14.95 a little different but still classic, will go nice with my white or navy shorts

I love this one from Dorothy Perkins £18.00 great colours in here will go with my denim shorts

This one from marks and spencer £15.00   A different texture and this will go with anything

I love this snake print from Zara, and a bargain at £7.99 not a vest top, a camisole gorgeous all the same

So when Ive got my bum out of this chair, I will get ready and hit the shops, need to be quick now as spring/summer is dissapearing as fast as autum/winter is coming in!




Went for a walk in the park yesterday, Syon park.Sunny with a nice breeze made it more comfortable to be out in. Found a nice little spot and had a bit of  picnic just watching the world go by.........

 top from FandF I have bought a fair few of this type of top this year because there cool and comfortable. Trousers from Next, I buy a lot of my trousers from here as the length is good for me, and they always fit well.

My shopper bag is by Jane Shilton, big enough to store lunch and a mag. Sandals are River Island.


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