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Hi Everyone, Have you sorted your A/W14 wardrobe out yet? I am finding it hard with the weather still being warm and summer sale items calling because its all still so wearable.
The good thing about the seasons change is unpacking what you were wearing last winter,or the winter before that, and as far as I am concerned even before that!. I have had some of my clothes for years and they come back time and time again, those classics that you know fit you great and will still look up to date worn with other new items.
I had a little browse in Wallis the other day, they have really upped there game. I always like Wallis jumpers, so this is one of my first go to shops for something to add to the winter wardrobe. I did find a few jumpers and cardigans that I liked, but there was quite a few other bits too. Below are a few things on my wish list

This blouse is so comfortable, loose fitting,will go with most things, and I reckon if you hung it up straight out the machine non iron-able. What is not to like?. The detailing on the sleeve is lovely £33

Love these trousers, I bought a few pairs of baroque style last year. It looks like there going to be on the fashion scene for a while £28.00

Here is the blouse in the flesh, great detailing down the sleeve

The trousers were a good fit too,, so comfortable,  with a little bit of stretch in them,  I don't think they would bag at the knee which is one of my pet hates
I am smitten with the pattern on this jumper and all those colours, I do love a bit of sparkle, black skinnys or tailored trousers would be great paired with this little beauty £44.00

Animal print is so big  this year and this cosy one fits the bill for me. £28.00

This dress I love, wear with knee high or ankle boots daytime or glam it up with gold night-time, one of my favourites from the new collection £26.00

One of my favourite colours for autumn berry red, love the delicate detailing on this blouse £24.00
Vamp it up a bit with this gorgeous leather skirt, I think leather is here to stay in the fashion stakes real or not, so I know for me this would come out a good couple of winters £76.00
To finish off the whole look, add a contrasting necklace, bargain buy £12.95

Have a great weekend, thank you for reading this post
xo Laurie pp



An Event Full Week

Hi Everyone, not a fashion or beauty post today, just a round up of what was an event full week I had. Earlier last week I had a visitor come to stay, that of the feathered kind. Charlie the African Grey came to stay with us for a week to be looked after while his owners went on holiday. Hes a funny thing but sooo noisy, he swears constantly, if I print what he says on this pc I will most probably get thrown off google!. He is laughing at the tv as I write this. He calls my dogs to the cage constantly, then tells them to clear off in his own fashion!. you have to be here lol, but I have to say I have laughed a lot. He said to me today Thank you my darling you have worked hard.... Here is a picture...
He will be going home tomorrow, the house will be so quiet, and as much as I have moaned about him, I will miss him but I don't think my dogs will!
Tv has been great at the moment, I have just discovered Our Zoo, thoroughly enjoying that and the Cilla Black story I've enjoyed too.
At the weekend I had volunteered to help out at a fund raising event selling my homemade shortbread. Saturday afternoon and evening was taken up cooking 200 shortbread biscuits. Radio on, my kitchen was a conveyor belt style biscuit factory. But they sold well, and everyone loved them so I was pleased with myself. I sold them in little cup cake boxes. Cute.

I think these little boxes make great little gift ideas for Christmas treats, The biscuits are really easy to make. The boxes came from a pound shop, eight in a packet, so not bad for a pound

One thing I have to mention that is beauty related though, is the sample of Age Smart by Clinique that I have used the last few nights. I can honestly say I can see a difference!. I may well be changing my serum brand (see last beauty post)

Go to a Clinique counter and ask the beauty consultant for a sample, I really like this new serum
Thank you for reading my post
xo Laurie







Hi, I hope your enjoying this last blast of sun were having ( and wearing your spf!) Do you use a serum at night? I have been using serums for around 20 years now, I have tried a few as well, new ones come onto the market and I will try them if I am tempted, preferably by sample. Some I have been sensitive to, I have quite sensitive skin, so its always good to sample before you buy. Two in particular I always go back two every time. I don't use a night cream all the time I just let the serum do its work, your beauty consultant will always recommend that you use a night cream after, only if my skin is feeling really dry will I use the two together. A serum is designed to penetrate the skin deeper than a cream,they are made from smaller molecules than a normal cream, making it easier to penetrate your skin and target your wrinkles best to put on strait after you have cleaned your skin. If you use a cleansing milk using the wipe off with tissue method, try splashing your face with warm water to get those pores open for more penetration.
Here is a list of my favourites

Boots no7 protect and perfect intense : you can buy this in protect and perfect original formula too. The latter is the one I use 90% of the time. The intense product irritated me, but as I said I am quite sensitive, but if your not sensitive then this is what I would go for. A very popular serum, this made news headlines when it was launched and sold out everywhere. Great value for money and believe me I notice if I don't use it for a couple of days.

Estee Lauder advanced night repair : This is my favourite of all serums, if I could afford to put this on my face every night I would! But you are advised to buy the eye serum separately, which is also really good. If I can afford it or am lucky to get this as a present this is what I would choose hands down .

This Is the estee lauder eye serum, I am sitting next to other half as I write this, saying how much I need it, nudge nudge!

I have used these in the past and thought they were very good, but I always needed two capsules to feel like my face was covered, so a bit costly for me .

This is what everyone is raving about at the moment, I have my samples and will be trying this over the next few days to see what its like

Dermalogica skin renewal booster. This I know you would need to use with moisturiser, I have worked with this product a lot and it's very effective, great for a sensitive skin too, 

Are you using a serum at night? let me know what your favourite is, let other readers discover what could be great for them, and most of all I love discovering something new to keep the wrinkles at bay
Thank you for reading this post
xo Laurie




Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend, mine was quite eventful. I had a party to go to on saturday, didn't know what to wear, so headed into town. Kingston is my normal shopping spot. I was quite surprised at what H&M had to offer, I, like many of us are buying at the moment with winter in mind, so whatever I was buying today would have to mix in with my AW/14 wardrobe.
the first thing that caught my eye was this comfy jumper, not dressy enough for what I want on my night out, but definitely on the back burner £24.99

This Then I found this dress it's gorgeous on, and I wished I looked good enough to take a selfie in this as its much better on than off. But being in the rush that I was in,  was looking very bedraggled!

A bargain price too at £29.99   just add the right sparklies, this could rereally be dressed up however for my night out I thought this would be a little too warm.

Next I looked at some trousers. You cant go wrong with black trousers, wear any dressy top with them and your good to go.

Reasonable price again £14.99  The thing I love about cropped trousers is that there a great length on me.I am just under 5'2 when I try this type of cropped trouser on they just skim the top of my shoes. So for all you petites out there here's your answer!

Now I know I

I'm not bag shopping but I had to share this one with you looked a lot more expensive than it is £19.99     definitely on my wish list

This is what I bought in the end..... and can you believe I have searched hi and low on the  Hennes website, cant find these two pieces anywhere. Fell in love with the top £     and when its too cold, will be stored away for next year. The trousers were £24.99 I know I will get a lot of wear out of these, not a summer colour, not too wintry either, a colour for either season, I can wear jumpers with these too. They fit great, with good stretch in them.

Just for a close up here is what the material of the trousers is like

                                                    Top H&M currant £14,99
                                                    Trousers H&M currant 24.99
                                                    Shoes River Island  last year
                                                    Bangles Primark £1.00 currant
                                                    Bag Primark  very old!

Thank you for reading this post, What are you wearing at the mo to fit in with your AW/14 ?
xo Laurie



This post is for an entry for Next Blogger Network. I joined this a while ago, and browsing their page I noticed they had a little competition going on about an entry for one of your favourite models and how you would dress her Next Style. So I have chosen Claudia Schiffer. Next have some wonderful designs for winter this year and there are many items on my shopping list for the colder weather coming. So with Claudia in mind I hope we could maybe share the same great taste! This is what I would dress Claudia in

                                                You cant beat a white shirt, dress it up or be casual £30.00

                     I can imagine Claudia Owns these, most pprobably more than  one pair but I love these and will be investing in a pair myself this year Black leather look leggings £28


                      Just add fur for glamour Im sure this little number will glam up a lot of outfits £75.00

For Day time wear Comfy ankle boots  £85.00

                                     For evening wear, swap into these little beauties £38.00

A large slouchy bag to carry all the essentials, this Is perfect £32

Add a Rock chick necklace, this finishes off the look for rock chic glam £12.00

                               This glam watch finishes off the look for glam rock chic £35.00

Thank you for reading this post, what are your favourite items from next? and who is your all time favourite model?
xo Laurie







What a surprise I had! I never win anything! I Check my inbox to make sure I'm not mistaken, no its right! soooo Happy I have actually won something!
I recieved an email saying I have won blogger of the week courtesy of The Blog Guide. Blimey my head is huge, other half is thinking I am crazy, but to me it means a lot. So I had to fill a little questionnaire for them and now its published (you can find them on bloglovin The Blog Guide ) On a serious note though, I know I still have a long way to go, a long way. But so far I have really enjoyed it. One minute your in your wellies (Tesco kiddie wellies at that!) The next your wondering what to put on for your Instagram post!

I would like to thank everyone that has followed and helped me out on certain things regarding blogging, I am still having a lot of blips regarding putting pictures to post, so if anyone wants to give me some tips please do!

Making the most of the sun, getting the lasts wears out of the white trousers, the top is actually pink and white, loose and silky I have worn this a lot this year.
trousers- Next
top - Next
sunglasses bargain - FandF
Thank you for reading this post
xo Laurie



SPF, That's what I would like to get across to my readers SPF Sun Protection Factor. Have you checked that your daily moisturiser has it?
A lot of you will already know about it, but some of you may not, so I thought  Id just do a post about it.
The sun is one of the most ageing properties there is, and not just in summertime either. what you put on you face can really make a difference. Try and find a moisturiser that contains SPF. Go check your cream now! and if it hasn't got SPF then change it. You are never too young to start worrying about protecting your skin either.
This is where some skin care companies and myself fall out. Some of my favourite brands, big brands at that, have moisturisers for sale that don't contain SPF some will say when asked and the reply is no, that you can buy a separate cream for that!. Why would I want to pay say £45.00 for a moisturiser, and then have to fork out another £20-£30 for cream that will protect as well! The reason most companies will explain to you this is, is because the cream isn't as effective when SPF is added to it.
My theory is that if it isn't going to protect me from one of the most ageing things there is, then I feel it is no use to me!
So if your cream does not have SPF included, use it for a night cream and treat yourself to something that is going to give you the protection you need. Listed below are some of my favourites    

Nivea Q10 SPF15

Boots Protect And Perfect SPF 15

Olay Regenerist SPF 30

Estee Lauder Day Wear SPF25

Clarins Super Restorative Day cream 20

Just a few listed here of my favourites, but shop around and ask at the beauty counters for samples to try. If you have any queries regarding skin care, please feel free to email me or comment on the page.
Thank you for reading this post
xo Laurie



Wow. Have you seen the new M&S advert? it certainly got my taste buds going. The one thing that really caught my eye was the baby blue coat. I have reverted back to a young age when all the toy adverts come on before christmas. I WANT THAT!. There is loads in that add that I like, so I will be popping to my nearest M&S asap to see if the items are as good in the flesh. In the meantime I had to pop these items I have in mind on the blog.

I will be putting this top of my christmas present list, I am in love with this coat, it will go great with dark navy jeans or navy trousers,even black and at £99 I don't think that's too bad.

You can never tire of a black jumper right? and at £16.99 not a bad price at all, wear with everything but especially this little number coming up
Love the colour of this skirt, sure to brighten a wintry day. I would wear this with shoes or boots, I reckon you could glam this up for a night out too £25.00 It comes in other colours as well.

 Who doesn't love a cashmere cardi? this is a bit pricey £79.00 but so cosy

And I will need this to go with the cardi, I'm definitely loving the blues at the moment, flicking through the pages that's where my eyes are going first! £35.00

Love these boots £109 I know I would get a lot of wear from these and i love that they are a slim fit on the ankle. Not too high or low these are perfect

Even what I'm wearing today. Blue dress Karen Millen

Thanks for reading this post
xo Laurie


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