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Not Just Vintage, This Is Special Vintage!

Hi everyone, on a visit to mothers I always have the task of helping her swap the summer wardrobe over. Guaranteed there will be items stored away that haven't been worn, and in the swap, items will come out that either haven't ever been worn or forgotten about. so up the ladder into the loft I go, into what looks more like a walk in wardrobe than a place to store items of household nature!. I can never resist having a bit of a nose around up there, and I always find something stashed away, long forgotten. On this particular time I came across this lovely blouse. I tried it on and loved it. so mother handed it down to me (this happens on a regular basis I must add) Its a shame Cinderella doesn't go to many ball gown clad events, mum used to a company dad to many Freemason's events and she has so many ball gowns still, I love trying them on, great labels too, Betty Jackson and Janet Wainwright were her favourites

This particular blouse was made by Susan Small. The maker of princess Ann's  wedding dress, and I have to say it is so well made with intricate detailing. Going out that night, so strait into the machine it went on a hand wash and it came out a treat. I paired it with some skinny black trousers, black heels and my new bargain find from T K Max a Temperley clutch, I was good to go!

I will treasure this blouse from mother, and who knows, maybe my daughter will wear it one day, when she finds it stashed in my loft helping me with the change over wardrobe! .
I would like to dedicate this post to mother - love you mum x

Thank you for reading this post, what are your great vintage finds
XO Laurie






Hi everyone. I have been looking at what everyone else is looking at. You cant miss it, its in every store in every town, even in your local supermarket.  FUR! I have only just started wearing my thicker cardigans out to the shops in our very mild weather for this time of year.I know by now we are normally wearing more wintry attire, and I am not complaining about it being so mild. I have been looking at fur coats for a while now so I don't get caught out when the big chill arrives, and I have made a purchase of one that I fell in love with. I just hope I get to wear it at some point this year and the purchase has not been in vain. Listed below are the fur coats I thought could fit the bill.

This tall cream funnel neck  faux fur is Dorothy Perkins £59.00 not a bad price, I loved the colour and texture of this coat, but I am always in a car and I think I need something shorter but I wanted to share this coat with you all its gorgeous

This cosy little number is from wallis, I love the colour of this one. I am aiming for a lighter colour fur, I think it suits my skin tone better. The darker coats  I have tried on make me look washed out This coat is £60.00 reduced from £80.00

I thought this one from Gharani Strok I found in T K Max was beautiful. Really luxurious and a little different in the markings in the fur, but I would have worried about this being in the cleaners every five minutes. I would choose this as an evening coat £79.00

This is the Real Deal. This coat from  Whistles £275.00 was pure  luxury. I totally fell in love with this coat. This would have been my dream fur coat,the only problem was the sleeves were way to long for me and the price was a bit hefty. Taking that into consideration , and the amount of wear I will get out of it, I decided it was not for me, but if your not petite (arms the length of a little girl) this is the one, it felt gorgeous on

I tried this one from Next £75.00 It is really cosy, great colour and very lightwieght . But for me this wasnt a faux fur, more like a teddy bear fabric, but fun all the same

I tried on a couple of gilets while I was in T K Max. This one looked so much like real fur. This was what I was looking for without sleeves! £59.00

You can see here what I mean about black fur draining my colour I loved this, just not on me £35.00


This one by Edina Ronay I found in T K Max £69.00 Love it, great length for me (and the sleeves were not too long) Really cosy scrumptious fur. They take a bit of  getting used to, it makes me feel like a huge fur ball!. Now I just need the temperature to plummet to be able to wear it!. Having said that, I think fur is definitely here to stay, so I hope to get a few years of wear out of it.
Thank you for reading this post, keep warm!
xo Laurie



Hi Everyone, When I was deciding what to wear today (its very windy,rainy,sunny) I was a bit stuck for ideas. Its the first day of being a bit chilly but I don't think its time for thick jumpers and coats yet. So first out is last years long sleeved T. I buy these from Primark or F&F I normally buy a bigger size than I actually am and find they fit better and look better if there not skin tight. They are cheap as chips and you can mix them with anything.To glam it up a bit I put on my favourite necklace I bought in the summer from F&F. here is a picture from summer and below follows the picture today

This seems soo long ago already that this picture was taken! but making the most out of this necklace with longs sleeves now

Some of the jewellery in the shops now is amazing, You can totally transform old outfits for a small cost                                                                                                                                                         

And a pat on the back for me for being clever in the sales! I found these boots in the sales at next after Christmas This is their first outing and they were a bargain at £10.00, so it pays to be thrifty in the sales and think ahead of seasons

I love the way these fold over, they are really comfy but I do worry about wearing suede, I don't think its as hard wearing as leather but these will do till another pair come along and catch my eye

xo Laurie




Hi everyone, the next blogtober question is about where I live, so I will tell you a little bit about it I live in Isle worth beside Twickenham. right near the rugby stadium.

  I am, as you all know by now if you read my blog, originally from Essex. I have only lived here a few years and absolutely love it.It is a really busy, buzzing type of place with everything at reach. You can be in the city of London in 15 min and the shopping is amazing. I have a picturesque River Thames just around the corner, places steeped in history plenty of everything.

This part of the Thames is just round the corner from my house, I come here to feed the ducks in the mornings or have coffee in The London Apprentice. I have sat here fishing too with the beloved

This is Syon park. I walk my dogs here, in the summer its beautiful. There is a garden centre situated here with tea garden and of course the great Syon House. There is also a Hilton Hotel here with a spa I havent been to yet, but I am aiming to visit it soon, I will let you know what its like.

The next #Blogtober question is Whats in your handbag? OK confession time! I have just swapped over to the winter handbag after a good clearing out from using it last year,and believe me IT WAS A CLEAR OUT! I am a real hoarder in the handbag department and I would be ashamed if anyone looked in there in a couple of months time! Wrappers ans receipts appointments, bits of paper, it all gets thrown in. A real dustbin I confess.

 But what I don't leave home without is listed as follows. Most important is my epipen. I have multiple allergies. I haven't discussed this on the blog before and I don't want to bore you. My mobile, A mirror, this little mirror was a freebie from Dior I have had this a fair few years. A little notebook and pen for any blogging ideas on the go. My purse witch is very worn now, need a new one and on the lookout. A lipstick. I usually pack any neutral colour for touch ups on the go.
Thank you for reading this post,is there anything you wont leave the house without in your handbag?
xo Laurie


#Blogtober My Favourite Recipe = Shortbread

One of the questions for the blogtober post is "Whats Your Favourite Recipe" So I thought I would put up something that I make a lot of, that's so easy but comes out great time after time. Here's what you need to make scrummy shortbread

                    A food processor, scales to weigh, rolling pin, any shape cutter, cling film,

The ingredients are 
130g butter
60g caster sugar
190g plain flour

weigh the butter and add to the food processor .Then add the sugar and then the flour wizz it in the processor until it all starts to stick together then tip it out and kneed it into a tight ball. Flour your surface and with your hand flatten the mix a little. Now put a length of cling film over and roll out to the thickness of about a centimetre. The cling film will stop the mixture from crumbling and will be easy to roll. Cut out with the cutter you have chosen, it doesn't matter what size it is. Now lay the shortbread onto a baking tray and prick each biscuit  with a fork. put in the oven at temperature 180 for about 10 to 15 minuets until golden.When they have cooled sprinkle with caster sugar this is such a quick and easy recipe, give it a try!

                                                          Hope You Enjoy Them!
                                                                      xo laurie



#Blogtober Whats In My Make-Up Bag/Case

Hi everyone. Here is no.3 of the Blogtober challenge "Whats in my make-up bag"
A bit behind on this due to having my two year old grandson for the week, and majorly needing some good fixes for the dark circles and tired looking eyes, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed his company for fun and laughs even though he totally wore me out I love him so dearly. Anyway back to Blogtober

As you can see, this is not a make-up bag, but a whole case! I do have a few of these as this is part of my profession  I do Make-up for weddings,proms,parties and I give make-up lessons too, so I have to have a large amount of make-up

This is my everyday make-up. I would say it takes me around ten minutes to apply my make-up in the mornings for the day. This is what I use from left to right

 1) Estee Lauder lip pencil shade= 01 rose A very natural base 

                              2) A lip pencil, I don't apply any other way  
                             3)Estee Lauder eye pencil shade = Blackened Cocoa Apply this along your lash line and blend with an eyeliner brush to remove harsh lines

                               4) Estee Lauder Eyeshadow quad Its the light colour I use from this quad called                                  Ivory slipper, any lighter colour on older eyes will make them appear younger   

                               5) Estee Lauder double wear concealer. I use this for all blemishes                         

                             6) Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation I love this, the coverage is the best I have ever known   

                             7) W7 Naked Nudes. This eye shadow quad is great, I use it on my eyes, blending                                with a large contour brush for my eyes, great for hiding any dark shadows and adding a natural shade   

8) Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara shade = Black  I only use one coat of this on my eyelashes, the eye pencil defines the shade as well

9) Estee Lauder signature lipstick no 11 Dune Rose. This is a very natural, nearly nude shade with a hint of peach

10) A contour brush, I use this for blending my eyeshadow. 

11) Jane Iredale blusher brush. Brilliant and worth investing in

12) Estee Lauder foundation samples. I use these to cover blemishes and for shading, but I also collect these for clients for weddings and other events, I always get a good match and Estee Lauder give these for free. 9 times out of ten my clients will buy the foundation
13) Rimmel Natural Bronzer These bronzers are cheap as chips! I buy them  in all shades. I wear a deeper shade in the summer and a lighter tone in the winter I think they give a result as good as many of the more expensive brands

Whilst all this stuff may sound expensive, can I just say, yes I love Estee Lauder and yes it is quite expensive but... I always buy my make up when its on special offer. The mascara, eyeshadow quad and eye pencil were freebies, as are most of my lipsticks, creams,eye shadows and mascaras. All you need to do is register at your favourite make up brand, and they will send you a reminder through the post telling you about their bonus buy and it helps keep the cost down.
Thank you for reading this post
xo Laurie




#Blogtober 2014

So here we go for the first Blogtober 2014  Question one  Instagram round up. Can I just say I have found most of my blogging pals on Instagram. Its great for finding inspiration , friends,ideas and I love looking at the fashion shots and just beautiful pictures.Here is a round up of my pics

we cant say we didn't have a great summer this year

                                 Its not all about fashion, I loved how my roses turned out this year

                               I loved this dress from F&F this was one of my first instagram entries

                                                  Getting creative after doing my nails !

                                       I use this picture for a sign that there is a new beauty post

I know I still have a lot to learn regarding the art of a selfie
Do you think I have an obsession with F&F by any chance? Fell in love with this dress

You can find me on instagram as vanity_and_me  
Thank you for reading this post
Xo Laurie


Essex Weekend

Hi everyone, are you feeling the chill? Wow what a quick change in the weather at the weekend. One minute I was in a blouse, the next I was borrowing a very large cosy jumper off the mother as per usual on my visits to Essex.

It was a beautiful day on the Saturday, I have loved this top from F&F really comfy, loose fitting. The jeans I have on are from F&F too, this fit really well and have not lost their colour.
I joined a group on face book over the weekend called Avenue57 a great site for us women who like to talk fashion, I think its marvellous and recommend you take a look.
Still loving the beige, I have a few pairs of these trousers in different colours from Primark, So easy to wear and a great price too, love a bargain from Primark. The vest is from there too and the shirt is from Next, it has played a big part in my summer wardrobe, I will pack it away now till next summer. Yes that time has definitely come to change the wardrobe from summer to winter, Ilove unpacking it all I normally come across things I forgot I have.
I will be taking my grandson home with me this time, so if there are any post expect them to contain a little boy (Zack aged 2) and a very bedraggled grandmother to be greeting you! Wish me luck!
Thank you for reading this post xo Laurie



I found this on my good friend Louise Maroni`s post and thought I would join in

Created by her blog friend Natty Nikki, so here is an introduction please feel free to join in. I will try to post and each day otherwise catch up on days as really busy in the next few days (will fill you in on the next post)
anyway I love a little challenge and thought it would be fun dont forget to #blogtober


My Favourite Beauty Oils

Hi Everyone
This post that I am sharing with you is one of my first beauty post. Not so many people saw it back then, and I now have far more followers. I can also actually see that I have worked hard to improve my blog post a little! (still working on the comments section though,does any one want to add a little comment for me?)
Anyway, the reason I am being so lazy is still sitting next to me ready for bed! My grandson is staying with me for the week and I do not feel I have had a minute to spare. He is such a live wire but so lovable too. I applaud every mummy blogger out there, I really don't know how you fit it all in (being a mother and a blogger) Anyway by next week all will be back to normal, apart from even more grey hairs! 
Love to you all
xo Laurie

Do you use a replenishing beauty oil as part of your routine?. With winter on its way , facial oils can be a good remedy for your skin. Central heating, cold wind on your face all takes its toll. Oils can help in the anti-ageing department too, keeping your skin nice and supple and dehydration at bay. I use an oil on my skin at least once a week incorporating it into my night time routine. In the morning its lovely and soft and plumped up. Don't use oils around the eyes though, it will make them too puffy. Only a couple of drops are needed, warmed in the palm of your hand, massage into your face. They are great to use before a night out as well, Cleanse as usual then massage the oil into your face. Leave it on while your showering or having a bath, then rinse off. Just a few minutes will perk your skin up. Here is a list of my favourites that I use or have used

This is my favourite of them all, neroli oil, this loves my skin. Decleor will always give samples so go try! 
Quite new to the market, I have sampled this one and loved it Don't forget, although they are pricey these Oils will last a long time, only a couple of drops are needed £32.00

This one from marks and Spencer Is such a great price, and I think they are not very dissimilar to the two others listed above  Give it a try £11.50

I have tried this, and true to its word isn't greasy feeling. Personally I didn't like the smell, but you might. Great value £19.99 at boots

Give your skin an instant boost with any of these oils. thank you for reading this post I would love any comments you have. xo Laurie

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