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 I thought I would share some of my favourite items that I use that can make your eyebrows look great. Eyebrows done in the right shape can make such a difference, even help give you a real lift. There are some really  easy and affordable items out there and below is a list I hope you may find helpful,                         

This make-up mirror from boots no7 is one of the best I have had, it's really magnified, and lights up. This is the best thing for plucking your eyebrows or checking for stray hairs. It makes such a           difference if you can see them so much more clearly, and great if your eyesight isn't great.              

If you pluck your own eyebrows, that's great, but there are many of us that prefer to get them done professionally. Waxing is very quick, advise :Threading takes longer but you will get a much more sharper finish advice: If you go anywhere to get your eyebrows waxed or threaded, make sure the therapist is very aware of the shape you desire, take some pictures of eyebrows you like the shape of, so they know what type of the desired effect you want. Any decent therapist will advise you if your not sure which type of shape will suit you.

A really good pair of tweezers are important, Tweezerman is great, you can get them slanted or rounded, They will grab the finest of hairs.

Eyebrow Tinting can be a saviour. Especially if your eyebrows are grey or sparse. Eyebrow tinting thickens the hair. The most important thing beforehand is to make sure you are not sensitive to the dye. I recommend this is done professionally in a salon, it is not expensive and only takes about twenty minutes in all. Make sure you tell the therapist what desired colour you want, natural or dark, depending what your hair colour is, ask for their advice, shades can be mixed together. But if you go to a different salon, make sure you are sensitive checked again. They do not all use the same brand.
You can buy your own eyebrow tint kit, invite a friend round and do each others. You can buy the kit as shown above in most beauty retailers. Remember to check your not sensitive.                           

Eyebrow stencils are a handy little gadget to have in your makeup bag, you can find these in most beauty suppliers. You can use these to create the shape you want your eyebrow to be and then pluck them into shape. You can also place them onto your eyebrow and use eyebrow shadow. They really give a defined shape, make sure you use the right shade. For Blonde, grey looks great, yes grey! try it and see!.                                                                                                                                                Eyebrow powder like the one pictured above is great to use with the stencils mentioned above. It's thicker than eyeshadow and feels a little waxy. It will stay in place and not wear off until you cleanse it off. There are many different brands out there, have a look on Amazon and search eyebrow stencils, the powder will be on the same page. Bobbi    Brown also do a great little eyebrow kit as do HD Brows and Hi Brow
                                                                    Hi Brow kit

HD Brow kit
  The Hi Brow kit is great value because you get the stencils added in its little kit. But for the Rolls Royce of eyebrows try getting the full works at a salon with HD Brows. at a salon, they will       thread, tint, and finish your brows to perfection                                                                             
Last on my list is Eyebrow fix, like a clear mascara, brush this over your finished brows and they will stay in place. You can buy this from The Body Shop or Sally online beauty retailers.              

                                           I hope you have found any of these ideas helpful                                                                                    

Xo Laurie                                                                                                                                                 



Hi Everyone, After a visit to Essex last week I thought I would post about M&Co. I noticed in mothers local newspaper that the store in Rayleigh had just had a major refurbishment happening, and for the re-opening, had a lot of activities going on. I missed the opening day, but I thought I would go and have a nose. I have to say, how surprised was I?. It really is a large store AND with wow factor, beautifully done. of course I had to have a try on didn't I? And mother did her fare share of trying on too!

I had to start with this Biker jacket. I have me a cream leather one, but not a black one. I liked this one £55.00 it felt really good on. It comes in a lovely stone colour too.

Whilst I was having a try on in the changing room (which is very swish by the way) there was a style adviser always available and willing to help with any queries I had. If your ever unsure or not confident I would recommend you see one of them, the girls here were really warm and friendly.

The next item I tried on was this red jacket from £35.00 comfortable and soft, easy to wear. Would be great for daytime with smart trousers and matching T or dress it up with a dress or skirt, I think black would be good. Then just add the bling !

And talking of bling!!

I have put this on my Christmas list, I thought this was gorgeous £12.99 They had loads of matching accessories.

I just thought I would put this shot in of the changing room, and I like the idea of a comfy sofa for the other half to sit on just outside the changing room!

I thought this little sparkly number would be great for Christmas. Be it day or evening as its not too restricting and great material that doesn't crease £35.00

They also have men's wear, home wear and children's wear in this store. I laughed at this when I saw it and bagged it for the other half!

Ideal for all those Christmas Grinch's out there!

My favourite outfit that I tried on was this all-in-one Jumpsuit that I have been looking for. I totally fell for this one but being only 5"2 I would have to cut at least a foot off! They do cater for petites but I couldn't find it in the style below

The bodice was really intricate and it felt beautiful on I recommend you have a look at this on-line if your looking for a jump-suit £79.00 A sombre looking me, with my concentrating face on!

The funny thing is while I was trying all this stuff on Mother was buying up half the shop! one of the items she bought was this cosy coatigan

The colour didn't come out well in the shot , and Mother is not playing at having her picture taken, so here it is, seen on the model. Worth every penny of £45.00. Mother was well chuffed and even signed up for a loyalty card, so we will definitely be visiting again when I pop down to Essex.
There was so much more I could have posted on here that I love. Take a look at their clothes on-line
xo Laurie



Hi was the first day I felt it. That day is on its way, the one that all the hustle and bustle is about. Today is the first day I went to town and saw the new lights ,heard the new songs, decorations everywhere, everything is geared up for CHRISTMAS!

I love this time of year, all the tempting, enchanting adverts, and talking of adverts, where have my alien family gone? I thoroughly enjoyed them last year. Bring them back!

And I so miss Only fools And Horses, sitting down to watch the Christmas special with the family. I have watched them all.

But I am loving the new Christmas advert for Sainsburys, so moving, and a reminder of hope that we could get along one day. Based on a story of a truce in no man's land between English and German soldiers. Well done to Sainsburys too for giving a donation to the Royal British Legion. Have you bought your chocolate bar yet?

And who doesn't love the 1st of December, the big countdown!  getting the children their advent calenders, there is always a favourite one, there will be loads of little girls wishing for the one from the film "Frozen" this year. I know this song off by heart now, my grand daughters are always breaking in to song and doing all the moves!. But have you seen the best advent calenders? the ones for us grown ups? I have added a few and I am hoping for any one of these.............

This one by Ciate, everything you could want for your nails, even transfers are hidden behind one of the windows! £49.00

This one from Selfridges, 24 days of top brand fragrance. A hefty £85.00 Anyone who gets one of these is truly spoilt!

I love this one the most, because this is what I would use the most. Boots No7 £35.00

But to be honest I would just be happy with an advent calender that I could eat, completely nut free!
Anyway, I had to start my little bit of Christmas off early, just to wind my anti-Christmas daughter up. Here is my first bit of Christmas and I love it

I couldn't resist getting my two grandsons their first Christmas hats! So cute

Because that's what Christmas is really all about right? The children, and I cant wait!
Xo Laurie




Hi everyone. Are you starting to think about your evening wear for the Christmas season yet?  There is always a party or an event somewhere, and then there is always new years eve to think about (I hit the sales for that one) The outfits that are catching my eye at the moment are the "all in one" jumpsuit. they keep catching my eye in magazines and shops. So a little browse on-line and a brief try-on in the shops, but I haven't found the one I want normal sizes I would have to have at least a foot chopped off the bottom of them. And the petite ones I have tried on are just a little  too short. So as much as I love the Jumpsuits that are out there, I am wondering if I need to drop the idea. Having said that, I thought I would share with you all what I have found to give some ideas of whats out there

                                                                   River Island £48.00

I love the colour of this, put on a pair of black heels and some great jewellery and your good to go

                                                                         Next £55.00

I love the simplicity of this and the fact it can be as glam as you wish, classic with a modern twist

                                                               Top Shop £33.00

Beautiful colour print on this one, a black tux or bolero would look great with this if you wish to cover your arms

Warehouse £55.00

I like the simplicity of this one, the cut is great with emphasis on the waistline. Sometimes less is more!

Missguided £24.99

I love this one, great colour, show stopping, and the fact it has long arms is a bonus. I would pin that front though! and I think I would replace the belt too. In fact I think this jumpsuit would look really good with a couple of changes. Its the colour that does it for me, but it does come in black too

                                                               M&CO £79.00

This was my favourite of them all. I tried this on and it felt great on, and the bodice was beautiful. I could buy it and have it taken up I guess,
 If your looking for a jumpsuit I would recommend you check this one out.

Have you found any bargain buys to wear for the Christmas season?
Xo Laurie



A Trip Into London Armistice Day

Hi everyone. Yesterday I spent my day doing what I love most, a day exploring London. And yesterday was a special, important day, it was Armistice day. I had been hinting for a while about viewing the poppies in the tower of London and didn't want to miss it. So wrapped up warm,made sure I had my comfortable's on (loads of walking requires comfortable shoes) and on our way we were.

Coat = Next
Dress = TK Max
Shoe Boots Very comfortable M&S
Bag = Osprey

I love travelling to the city by bus rather than the tube as I love having a nose out of the window, I never tire of it. The second bus we had to get on was the old Routemaster. I loved being on this ancient bus! it reminded me of when I was a young girl getting on the bus for school, with its little pull cord running along the length of the bus to ring for your stop. Truly nostalgic. Kensington was buzzing with activity as usual and the traffic was really busy. I think I could have walked quicker than the bus could move. Anyway we  hopped off at Tower Hill and within a couple of minutes we were at the Tower. And what an amazing site to see, it was breathtaking. So quiet you could feel the respect for these poor soldiers in the air. So so many poppies, when you see this mass of red, and know for each one of the poppies someone has died in battle. So sad, and the poppies stood so proud in replacement for the soldiers

There were a few pictures of loved ones lost pinned onto the railings, which brought it home even more 

It was truly an experience, and I am pleased I got to see the poppies, I will now be deciding where I will be placing my poppy when it arrives. The next picture, you can see the Shard in the background, This picture shows how tall it really is!

 After we left the tower I saw a couple of other things of interest on the journey

I love this bus sculpture. Its a sculpture trail, meaning as you  travel around London you will find another bus sculpture painted in a different design by different artist. You can find a map of how to find each design on-line at Sculpture Trails I am looking forward to bumping into Paddington bear on another journey, there is a sculpture trail around London for him too!

I had to put this picture in, even though its not a great shot. This is my next wishlist visit. I cant wait to have a cup of tea at the Ritz!

On way home for a long bus journey, but it was truly a great day!

Do you have any wish list visits to London? or have you seen it all and have a special place in London that you hold in your heart?
Xo Laurie




Hi Everyone, how is your skin feeling? I always notice a difference at this time of year. The heating is on at home, you have the heating on in the car, its cold and blustery, the shops take your breath away as you walk through their doors, blasting your skin with hot air. Working in any environment with hot air conditioning.  All these things leave our skin feeling dehydrated, I thought I would share with you some remedies for this.

Spritz your face a couple of times a day with a facial spray. This one by Laroche can be found in most large chemist and cost around £3-4 Spray from about ten inches away though! I find these sprays really help and moisten your face instantly

Dermalogica Hydrating Booster. I use a few drops of this super booster on my face after cleansing, before moisturising. These really help keep my skin hydrated through the day and I highly recommend these. They are quite expensive at around £30-40 but mine have lasted almost a year, so they last a long time

Next on my favourites list is the good old cue cumber. chop it, mash it up, blend for a few seconds and you have a great re-hydrating face mask. Pat this on your face and leave it while you have a lay down for twenty minutes, such a soothing hydrating remedy

My favourite all time buy comes next, I use this all through the year, but in the winter its handy to pop one of the lipstick versions in your handbag. I can honestly say, if you suffer from chapped lips, you will be hard pushed to find any better remedy than the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

And my top recent buy,drum roll for this little bargain............. A hydrating face mask for a £1 !! I have used these a few times and I think there great! not only are they hydrating, they make my skin soft, smooth and replenished Its full of collagen and Sodium Hyaluronate, which is great for dehydrated skin. I have been buying these masks from a shop called Home Bargains. Look up to see if they are in your area, they are a bit like a pound shop. I go there to top up on all my toiletries. Anyway when you feel like relaxing for twenty minutes or so pop one of these on and have a lay down

I hope you find some of these ideas help full, or if you know of some great Dehydrating remedies, please comment below. Thank you for reading this post XO Laurie



The Liebster AWARD

Hi everyone, my good friend Lynne has nominated me for this award, you can find her in blog world as Dorothy Camper and I have to say what a great blogger she is, so check it out sometime. The Liebster Blog Award is about being nominated by another blogger who invents a set of questions for the nominated blogger to answer. So here are my answers, and below my answers are who I have nominated with my questions. Here goes

1) Why Did I Start My Blog
     I read a magazine article  about women who were blogging, and thought what a great idea! I                looked at their blogs and thought what a great challenge it would be for me. I am not PC literate in      any shape or form, also I noticed there were plenty of twenty, thirty and fourty year old ladies              blogging , but what about us girls in their fifty's?

2) Describe Yourself In Three Words
     Loyal, Friendly, and I love a challenge

3)What Is A Typical Day In Your Life Like
    That's a hard question, as I don't have Typical Days! Sometimes I am rushed off my feet with               clients being a hairdresser/beautician or sometimes I have spare time which is divided by seeing         the grandchildren,housework or shopping I blog mostly in the evenings, because that is my only         spare time in the day.

4) When Are You At Your Happiest
    There are lots of things I could answer this one with, Shopping, gaining new followers,being loved,     having a laugh with friends, but when I think about it I have to say its when I have all my children       and grandchildren in the house all at once!

5) If You Were A Character In A Movie Who Would You Be
    This one is easy, its Samanther Jones from Sex And The City. Successful, witty and out there! I         can be quite shy and I envied her confidence

6) What Is Your Most Treasured Possession
     That's a hard question! there are so many!  One of my favourites is a gold lock from my daughters      charm bracelet. when the bracelet became heavy, I had to buy a larger lock for it, for security. I          kept the smaller lock and have worn it on my neck now for about twenty years, you can nearly            always see it in my pictures, its not worth much, but sentimental to me

7) What Is Your Favourite Place
    There is no place like home in my book!

8) How Would You Describe Your Personal Style
    I would describe my style as classic, but kept up to date with accessorise. I don't care if it cost one       pound or a hundred pounds, I have a good eye for quality and a bargain! I love F&F but I also             love Karen Millen and Calvin klien I always bargain hunt on Ebay Too!

9) What Is Your Favourite Food
     I could write about this subject all day long! I have suffered from multiplying allergies since I was     eighteen years old, and my diet is very very basic. so when you see my pictures and think "oh your     so lucky to be so slim" DON'T, If I could eat whatever I wanted I would be huge and proud. It             really is hard and affects my life greatly.

10) Who Were Your Childhood Hero's
       This one is easy, my dad of course!

11) If  You Could Change One Thing About Yourself What Would It Be
      I would love to change my insides, so I didn't have my allergies

Thanks for reading! Here are my nominies and listed below are my questions

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And The Questions are

1) What is your top tip to give to a fellow blogger
2) What was your best bargain buy this year
3) What is the beauty item you couldn't be without
4) Who is your favourite tv comedy caracture
5) Christmas cheer or Christmas grinch
6) Who is your favourite Designer/place to shop
7) Have you ever had a hair or beauty disaster
8) What is your greatest achievement blogging so far
9) If you could be someone else for a day who would it be
10) Name your top three favourite songs
11) what have you asked Father Christmas for this year!


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