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                                                    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY ONE


Hi Everyone, I am writing this post just before I start to glam myself up for the new year celebrations. What are you all doing? I hope its something special, with someone special.
So a Quick recap on the past year...........
This was one of my first pictures posted on the blog, I recommended everyone to buy this miracle cream, and my thoughts are still the same.

If you are following my blog, when you see this sign you will know that this is a beauty post. I aim to post a beauty post once a week (resolution 1)

                            Seeing the poppies at the tower of London was a memorable day.

                                                         And of course lots of clothes talk

                                                      Lots of selfies! I am still practising!

                                              I must remember not to stand like a navvy !

But putting aside what I do, can I just say, in all it has been a great fun little hobby. And I have made many new friends in cyber world. It hasn't been easy sometimes, frustrating when I haven't any pc skills whatsoever but worth it all totally. finding out how to do things on the pc, even the smallest task, sometimes has taken me ages to work it out. I need a step by step picture guide for pc dummies! and the more I learn, I might even  print step by step guides myself! who knows what this will lead to or bring, But to anyone who reads this I am truly grateful. Truly grateful that someone might find it readable and interesting.

I wonder what fashion and beauty will be in store for us next year? If there is a beauty or fashion query you would be interested in me posting about, please let me know
In the meantime Happy New Year to you all, I hope it is great for you
Xo Laurie



Hi Everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and are refreshed after a break. Or do you need to go back to work for a break? For me it has flown by and I had a wonderful time. It was just me and the other half this year, a first ever, its normally at my family's or the in-laws. I cooked for fourteen last year, and believe me it was hard work. So I enjoyed it being so peaceful, but missed the family at the same time.
I had some marvellous presents, Beauty products, clothes, and funnily enough a blogging help guide! I am always moaning about cant do this or that, but I will get there in the end. We did have friends over for boxing day, and then a trip to the local . I was surprised by how quiet it was everywhere. Was it quiet where you live? Every pub we passed was dead,

                                                 Peggle was very pleased with her present.

I was very pleased with my Estee Lauder goodies. Go on their mailing list and they keep a handy list of what you buy regularly. Hence the other half cant go wrong! There was a stress relief eye mask in this package which I haven't tried before, so I will let you know what that's like in another post.

                               The theme for my table was silver and grey this year. The Ralph Lauren                                                tablecloth and napkins were a bargain buy at TK Max

                                                  I hope this is going to help me a little bit!

The wrapping paper I bought, made sure even though I wasn't around, I was not forgotten. I have either had texts or phone calls claiming I have left trails of glitter everywhere. As I always say "you can never have too much sparkle"

                                                                  Boxing day outfit 
                                                                  Shirt - Mint Velvet
                                                              Pleather Jeans - TK Max
                                                    Bag Marc Jacobs - Christmas Present
                                                              Belt - Primark - summer
                                                           Necklace - Primark - Summer

So I am totally chilled now, In my new Ellie Tahari pjs as I write this.. Loads to do in the next couple of days getting clients ready for new years eve. What are you doing? I haven't even decided what to wear yet!
Xo Laurie



Hi Everyone, so are you ready for the big day? have you shopped till you dropped, got stressed, racked your brains wondering what to buy? what to wear? where to go?. For me the run up to Christmas has always been full on all of the above! and then around the day after boxing day I think to myself "what was all that about". But I am far from bah humbug, I love reminiscing years gone by, me and the mother talk about them all the time when we spend time together at Christmas. This year mother thought she had lost the fairy for the top of the tree. The same fairy she bought when I was only two years old, so she is one old fairy now!. So on my visit to see the family this week to give out presents ( we are spending Christmas with my in laws this year) the first thing I had to do was search for the fairy. Mother was so relieved when I did find her wrapped up somewhere she wasn't supposed to be.....

                                             As you can see she is a bit worse for wear! 

I took my grandson for a visit to father Christmas this year too, I thought he would love it, he has been so excited this year. So after queueing for what seemed an eternity, in we went to see him, I turned to look at his little excited face only to be greeted by the face of pure torture. Poor little mite couldn't get out of there quick enough!. I love decorating the house for Christmas the more sparkle the merrier in my book

I have this huge glass container, filled with baubles and Christmas lights, it gives off a really warm glow.

And I got sort of crafty with this little creation for the hallway, if only diamonds did grow on trees!.

The wrapping paper is full of sparkle too, the family are already laughing about this, there finding gold glitter everywhere!

   I treated the other half to a Ferero Rocher advent this year, they fit in very nicely 
The one thing I am really looking forward to doing as soon as the shops open is going to Liberty London I am hoping they have some Christmas baubles left in the sale. I like the look of this one pictured below
I think this little piggy is really cute. But I don't think he will be the only item I will be purchasing. Clink on the link to Liberty London on the top right hand side of this page, and take a look, they have some beautiful things in this shop and I cant wait to go there.

Anyway, that's me all done for Christmas now, a little food shopping to be done, and of course I will keep up my tradition of buying a couple of last minute bits Christmas eve. Do you have any traditions you keep with your family- let me know
Oh and its not really a proper post without a little bit of fashion, so here is what I've been wearing the last couple of days

Leopard cardi- donated to me from my great friend Kim, this is cashmere and feels gorgeous on. The trousers are currant from H&M great material, really stretchy and comfortable

This cardigan is from Karen Millen, I have had it for a couple of years, but I don't think Karen Millen goes out of date, its a label I love. The jodpur/leggings are from kempton market. I get loads of bargains there.

I really hope you have a wonderful Christmas,and get all that you wish for I thank all my readers for following my post, I am truly grateful! I will be posting again just before new years eve
Xo Laurie




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Hi everyone, MandCo have a fun little Christmas competition on the go at the moment. All you have to do is pick items
limit of a hundred pounds and #MandCo to their blog site and twitter, job done! Here is what I chose

1) A soft black jumper £16.00 
2) A black floppy hat £16.00 I have been wanting to try one of these for a while, seeing them on lots of bloggers lately.
3) These black boots £40 will go with anything and look comfy to wear all day
4) Faux fur tippet £22.00 I have looked at this in store and its luxury!




I wanted to share with you some of the fabulous eyelash treatments that are available ........

If your eyelashes are fair, grey or sparse, have you ever considered having them tinted? It only takes twenty minutes max (you must be sensitive checked beforehand) It will also make your eyelashes appear thicker because the tint makes the lash swell. Colours range from brown, black, or deep blue black. Great for blonde or grey eyelashes as it is coloured right from the root, so when you apply your mascara you don't have blonde or grey edges near your eyelid. Its a way of relaxing for a short time too, and not expensive

Next on my list is something I use and recommend. A heated eyelash curler. So much better than regular curlers , and it only takes seconds. If you still find your not getting enough lift, apply a thin coat of mascara and then use the heated curler. The difference is really noticeable . The ones I use are Boots own brand, but there are loads of different ones to buy from beauty departments.

If you want to make your eyelashes fuller, but don't want to wear a whole set of false eyelashes, individual ones are really great, you would need a friend at hand to help with this or get them done at a salon. just a few on the outer edges and maybe a couple of extra ones in between your own eyelashes will make a big difference. Eyelure make great ones, you can get them in most beauty departments

Eye lash thickening and strengthening serums. Now I would be interested to here from anyone who uses a serum to end up with fairy tail eyelashes. They promise to give great results in around 30 days. Now as I was taught in college, your eyelashes disperse within this time as new growth appears. I haven't tried a serum for this reason!

A good oily eye-make up remover keep your eyelashes soft and will stop them from being so brittle. I use lotion or eye pads, so long as its oily. I notice a difference in my eyelashes if I don't use it.

Another way to thicken your lashes, a Primer. This is applied before mascara, and will thicken and and give them more length  in a couple of sweeps. One of my favourites is Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus below
But there are lots of different ones on the market

Just for all out glam evening wear, I think false lashes are great (if you choose the right ones) The more natural the better for me, so you don't end up looking like a drag queen!
Girls Aloud or Millie Mackingtosh are among my favourites

The Rolls Royce of treatments available I have saved till last. You can only get it done by a qualified beautician but boy the results are amazing. Its called lash lift by Nouveau Lashes, This is a tint and lash lift all in one treatment. It last for around a month, it will thicken and make your lashes look so much longer.  I love the results it gives. You can find them on face book or go to novoux lashes and you will find where you can get your treatment done locally, and see results for yourself. 

I hope some of these Ideas are of help to anyone out there, let me know what you think
Xo Laurie



#Nextmaswishlist SANTA BABY.....

Hi everyone, I received an email from the Next Blogger Network about a competition they are running. It involves picking ten items that you would put on your Christmas list. Now I can be a bit crafty here! The other half often reads my post, and is my no.1 critique, so I will craftily be killing two birds with one stone here. So here is my top ten wish list for the Next Blogger Network (and for you" Other Half" if your reading!)

I am totally in love with this Floral silk Kimono £125.00 perfect for my"lady of the manor" days.Pure luxury

I often have a new dress for me to wear out new years eve and this stripe sequin dress is perfect, really unusual design feature here with lace and sequins, looks like a top notch catwalk number £75.00

I have been toying with the idea of buying one of these capes £38.00 I have tried this one on and it sits and fits just right, I'm picturing this with a black roll neck and black trousers.Very chic

There is so much bling about at the moment, and I cant get enough of it,This necklace £18.00 will dress up a plain T shirt or jumper
The colours in this shirt are amazing £32.00 it will go with a multitude of things. All of my favourite colours are here, and they will go with my new faux leather jeans

Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree! or better still this super soft snugly jacket£48.00 I have tried it on, Its gorgeous, I really want it!

Now I know mother has bought me a gorgeous navy coat for Christmas, so I will definitely need a navy bag to go with it. This one is £38.00 and I like the edgy detailing of it

Santa baby, I want a yacht, and really that's not a lot,.Or I would be very happy with this beautiful watch £35.00  Of course I would be very happy with this!

The detail and cut of this jacket £35.00 is great, I could wear this for work, evening wear or with black jeans. This is not too boxy and nipped in nicely at the waist, which is how I like to wear them

These leather gloves £30.00 are very on trend, with the zip detail. And they come in great colours too, any pair of these, I would be happy with.

So I would be very happy to own any of these items. Its a one stop shop for my Christmas presents, I hope this helps "Other Half" fingers crossed
Xo Laurie






Hi everyone. Are you stressed yet? or are you readily prepared like a domestic goddess?. I think if my preparations for Christmas were finished, I would only conjure up something else to worry about and its traditional for me to be out shopping Christmas eve, doing the last minute bits and pieces. But today for me, it has been a me day. An I don't care what's done and what's not done day, and sometimes I like to shut out the world and steal a little me time.

 I get up, shower, change the bedding (you cant beat crisp clean bedding) grab a film, a magazine and glam pyjama's . I like to spoil myself every now and then, and why shouldn't we? nearly all of us women are leading busy lives juggling everything right?  so if your like me and like to spoil yourself for some me time I have listed some beautiful lingerie for that special time, oh and don't forget a comfy throw to cuddle up to. Go on, put your "glam jams" on and spoil yourself for a couple of hours!

This is by far my favourite twin set of them all. I have a dressing gown made of silk as seen in the picture above, I might have to put this on my Christmas list £25,00 from BHS

      And the nightie to match, £20.00 from BHS nothing beats dressing up like "Lady Of The Manor"      

                                     If you prefer a shorter version, its available £16.00 BHS

                        This red long dressing gown caught my eye £25.00 BHS
   I have to say , for price and quality BHS came up trumps for me. This red nightie is £25.00

I think this would be more suited for the summer months, but I had to list it for its bargain price £18.00 from F&F

This black deep fleecy dressing gown would fit the bill for me if its really chilly, bargain price £18.00

I prefer to lounge in pyjama's most times I think these are gorgeous from Marks and Spencer £35.00

                                                           As above in a mink shade

I have a pair of these, there from Marks and Spencer, the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley collection. So comfy £19.50

You might prefer something a little more cosy, this is so soft and scrummy find it at Evens for Debenhams £29.50

     This cream zip up dressing gown looks lush and belt hassle free from John Lewis £39.00

I have this little tray (pictured above) from Zara Home £39.99 Just big enough for a cuppa and treats
And last but not least, a cosy squishy throw of the softest kind to snuggle up in. This one is from TKMax £19.99 I find they have some of the best throws at affordable prices, great to curl up on the sofa with too....

I hope your all getting your festivities planned, stress free. And if not, do what I do, Disappear for a couple of hours, relax, then start again!. Dinner is on I have a pile of ironing, and a load of presents to wrap !
Xo Laurie

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