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Hi everyone, did you watch the programme about Liberty London? I have watched the last two series, and have been glued to every minute of them. Such an intriguing, enchanting place, I new I would have to pay a visit. So the day before new years eve I hopped on a couple of buses and got off at Oxford Street, well actually before I got off the bus I knew I had done the wrong thing!, of course the January sales are in full swing, I knew it would be busy, but I wasn't quite expecting what greeted me when I got there. So, So many people it was hard to move either side of the pavement,

I fully intended to take my time and take some pictures of the beautiful lights, but it was very difficult with it being busy. I must say those lights are beautiful though

                                                Nearly every shop is adorned with sparkle

                                                         It was like manic meets magical!

                                              Every store looked beautiful and choca-block

So after getting through the crowds to Regent Street I finally got to my destination. Liberty's really is a remarkable building, so old it stands out proud. Apparently the timber parts of the building are made from two ancient ships, Built in 1875 is steeped in history. I walked through the doors and couldn't believe how busy it was, it was way too busy to take pictures, there just wasn't any room. But I did manage to get a couple of shots

The mast's that have been erected strait through the middle of the shop floors and the sails are made from the beautiful Liberty print, change colour through lighting- stunning

                                        And beautiful lighting everywhere, this is when you wished you                             were a very famous person that could look around a store privately so you didn't miss a thing !

                                                       I loved this Liberty print Deer

The part of the store that really grabbed my attention was the vintage accessories counter. Full of gorgeous items from years gone by, I fell in love with this beaded Chanel handbag

Someone is going to be a very proud, lucky owner of this one day, and unless I win the lottery its not going to be me!
I would recommend anyone to take a look at this remarkable store, mainly because one, of its beauty and two, its so different. Famed by its beautiful floral prints, you will find so many things here you will never find anywhere else. take a look at their website or click on my Liberty badge on the top right hand side   They have an on-line magazine too, so take a peep. I will be showing my favourite picks from the store in my next post. 
Xo Laurie


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