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I received an email from Marks and Spencer a couple of day's ago, telling about their great up to 50% off sale. Now as I said the other day, I am hankering after that chambray shirt.....

So I had to take a look. The shirt  typically is not listed, but of course I had to search for it didn't I!.
I found so much that I wanted, that shirt may have to go on hold,as there are unbelievable bargains ready to be snapped up

This zip front top, I thought would be a great transitional piece going from wintry colours into summer as it gets warmer a great buy for £9.00 find it HERE

You can never not have a pair of jeggings or leggings as far as I am concerned, these come in different colours too Black, Blue, Grey, Beige, Burgundy From £13.00 find them HERE

This burnt orange T is based on a similar style as the first listed, beautiful colour £9.00 find it HERE

And of course then we need something to go with that last top. These jeans are my choice, I'm thinking orange and tan accessorising with tans or browns. These are the colours I am aiming for this summer along with navy. Colours I don't normally wear. If you read my post last year it's all about beige for me normally, so I aim to change a little this year. Anyway I really fancy these at £35.00 HERE These are the sculpt and lift variety, my favourite kind!

Now getting back to that orange colour! I don't know why it is calling me so much, nearly everything I am liking is orange! You cant beat a smart skirt in your wardrobe £16.00 HER

Can you believe it? £12.00 for this lovely dress ? that's cheaper than Primark! A whole outfit for a small price. find it HERE

This picture of this "no peep" white shirt does not do it justice! I posted this on the blog a week or so ago I am very keen on this Idea of the "no peep" I do have problems sometimes and have to add a pin behind the bust area. This is of course a wardrobe staple from £22.00 HERE

So these are my chosen items, I just hope there still available when I manage to get there! let me know if you have your eye on something in the sale or if you have bought something. I love receiving comments from you
Xo Laurie


  1. These pieces are all fab! Really adoring the cat print top, those fab black jeans and that chic striped dress! :) T.

  2. Really like the striped dress Laurie, and what a great price. Did you buy anything ?
    Sue xx

    1. No! I wanted the tan jeans but they are out of stock x

  3. I love those tan jeans, Laurie, they're gorgeous! I'm being very good this month so far so I not be buying anything from M&S. Lynne xx

    1. It was the tan jeans I wanted to buy Lynne, typically out of stock already! x

  4. I'm loving the orange skirt and the striped dress!

  5. Some great pics here :) Found your blog through Elegantly Dressed Stylish. I host a link up every Wednesday (still live) so stop by if you get a chance.

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