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Hi everyone
Did you all enjoy your Easter holiday? I travelled down to Essex to spend mine with the family, time to take time out! I bought myself the latest edition of Good Housekeeping to read whilst there, mainly because some blogger acquaintances were featuring in there. How lucky are they? I would love to do that.
Anyway, reading the magazine I came across an article by Viv Groskop about unplugging all her media gadgets for the Easter bank holiday weekend. I thought about it for a while, and wondered how I would cope (I dare any of you to try this)

My first thought was, will I be missed? Now Viv did keep her mobile active but didn't use any other computing devise. Can you imagine staying away? The other half placed a bet that I wouldn't be able to do it!. Luckily enough my time was taken up by children and grandchildren visiting, but it was the guilt I felt for not liking the feed of my friends on Instagram, not responding on Facebook and not being able to see if I had any new friendly followers on any of these social media platforms!

Going to bed was the worst part. I always go through my Instagram when I get into bed, and I literally could not wind down, it was like stopping smoking!. So yes I did loose my bet, I ended up on the Instagram feed by Sunday evening.
How would it affect you if you were to do this? Would you give it a go? I have to say I thought it would be easy till I tried it! Let me know what you think
Xo Laurie


  1. Hi Laurie, you are brave I don't think I could do it. In my defence I don't twitter of use Facebook my major addiction is Instagram and following my fav blogs.
    Sue x

  2. Nice pics!!i follow you on bloglovin,pinterest,google + and instagram i hope you follow me back!!!kiss

  3. I could easily do it being on the IOW with poor reception helped though x

  4. Thank you for commenting Caroline. I'm glad you would find it easier than me, I was literally biting my nails!
    Laurie x

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