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Hi everyone
I have noticed of late some enquiries from readers, not just on my blog ,but also on other bloggers comments asking about special offer codes.  Now I have my fair share of adverts in my side bar and of course I assume that if anyone is interested, that they will click on the add to see whats on offer. Or maybe not! I know bloggers know all about them, but some non bloggers don't. I don't find it social etiquette to push these adds to far onto my readers, but at the same time I would like you to know what's available to help you save money. . So in future when I blog I will notify all of you what actually will save you money.
I don't put all of my adds in my space bar, so it's worth looking at the bottom of the page where they will in future be.
Anyway getting that out of the way, here's what's on offer this week.

Isn't this dress just gorgeous? love it love it and I want one. This is from Wallis

Does the film Pretty Woman come to mind? an updated version of That dress! Also from Wallis
click HERE for 20% off

La Redoute have offers of up to 50% off , but you will have to be quick it ends on Sunday I am tempted to buy this lace dress at the mo it's 41.30 instead of 50.00 HERE

Ok not such a summery piece of clothing, but I'm thinking you could wear this over any summer dress or strappy top in the evening navy is so much easier to wear in the summer too. A fantastic bargain 15.00 instead of 34.99 HERE OR HERE To save sifting through the site!

So that's the special offers for this week, to find more items click onto the brand and where it says HERE to find loads more
Have a great week end everyone
Xo Laurie


  1. Oh gosh--that maxi and lace dress are both stunning! T.

  2. That lace dress is fab-have a good week Laurie:)
    ~Anne xx

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