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What do you wear when your getting cosy on the sofa? you just want to be extra comfortable or you maybe facing a long flight or car journey? I like to be wearing something easy fitting and fluid when I'm dashing about the shops trying on clothes too. And for all of the above it's a bonus when that outfit doesn't crease, not one bit......

Let me introduce you to i am leisurewear  * A clothing brand that provides what you need for the above times, when you want to be super comfortable yet still look put together. I found them on Instagram, and was offered a piece of leisurewear to test drive and tell my readers about it.7

They sent me this beautiful jumpsuit........

This jumpsuit in Khaki is also available in Navy and Taupe. Made from luxurious crepe it is fitted without feeling overly fitted or tight.

One of the things I love about this is that you cant crease it  AT ALL!  I have curled up on the sofa in it, got up and it looks like I have just put it on. It's super comfortable and I totally recommend it. They don't just sell leisurewear though... there are gorgeous shoes, clothing and accessories to view too......

Here is the navy version of the jumpsuit, I like the idea of the dress here with a drawstring hem line
There are lots of different variations of their  lounge wear on their website
And I love the glamour of these fur coats. Add some glam jewellery, high heels and a fur to the jumpsuit, and your all ready to party........
They have a shop you can visit I have provided details below

Find iam Leisurewear
24 Cannon Hill, Southgate, London, N14 6LG
Facebook = I AM Leisurewear
Instagram = Iamleisurewear
Twitter = @I_amleisurewear

XO Laurie


  1. Looks fab on you Laurie and love the fact it does not crease!

  2. Love this, it looks so stylish and nice and comfy to wear too :)

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop

    1. Thank you Claire, it really is comfy . Thank you for hosting x

  3. Looks fabulous on you and I love that it doesn't crease!

  4. It is fabulous! Definitely something I would buy and wear.:-)

    1. I recommend it, no ironing, no creasing ! X

  5. Ooooo! So many pretty things! Love it. I especially like the sparkly gray sweater.

  6. Oooh! What a lovely line!! I love this jumpsuit on you. I kinda want it in navy--that shade they have going there is like my favorite color in the world. It's a midnight kind of shade. I just love it!! The color you chose for you is perfect, and it fits you so well. So slimming!

    I'm headed home for the holidays, and I'm thinking that this piece would make for exactly the perfect loungewear for lounging around the ski condo while everyone else is out skiing. I'll be cozy by the fire--looking fabulous!

    Great piece!! Thanks for linking up.



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