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Do you give yourself a quick facial every now and then? We all lead busy lives, and find it hard to get that me time don't we?

I thought I would share with you what steps to take when you want to give yourself a DIY facial. One that will at least make your  skin feel good, clean and hydrated in minimum time. You don't have to use what I have listed here,this for me is what I prefer for me.Other brands may be better for you. I have worked with many famous brands in my working history, but for me, this is best. So here are my 5 easy steps.

1) Wrap your hair up in a towel or use a comfortable towelling hair band. You can get these in Tesco's. Give your face a really good cleanse, take more time than usual, and really massage your face. Rinse and pat dry

2) Now exfoliate your face. If you are using Liz Earle hot cloth cleanse and polish, this isn't enough, it needs to be more grainy. Liz Earle do make a really good exfoliator, I love the Estee Lauder one I'm using now but I know it's been discontinued. So the next best thing I have found and recommend is the Clarins one. Do not get exfoliator in your eyes ,so avoid the eye area. Rinse off and pat dry.

3) Now use your mask, there are so many out there, I am aiming for Hydration, because I have an older skin. I think anyone over forty would benefit from a hydrating mask. (any skin queries drop me an email I would be glad to help) I am just trying out a new Estee Lauder mask called Revitalising Supreme ( claims to know what our skin is needing) you can get a free sample jar at the moment from your local Estee Lauder counter. Put your mask on with a make-up brush. I use a mask on my face, and the hydrating eye mask over my eye's. The hydrating mask I also use sometimes from Home Bargains (bargain at £1) is very good to use too, and this covers eyes and face. Leave mask for 20 minuets and relax

4) Rinse the mask off your face and dry. Now pick yourself a serum. I like two types, No7 Protect and Perfect or Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. I know it Says night but I do use it for a facial, if it's day time.There are so many serums you could use, depending on your own skin type. You can get them for pigmentation or pore minimisation or wrinkle protection. The best thing to do is go to your local department store and ask various counters DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR A SAMPLE! I use the Estee Lauder eye repair serum too

5) After applying your serum, give yourself a good dollop of moisturiser, my favourite is Estee Lauder Day Wear or at night I'm using Estee Lauder Hydrationist which is great for night time. The day wear is self explanatory, I use this because it has the all important SPF it suit's me and I love the smell. My face sucks this up like a sponge!. Massage a good amount in. The other option here is to give your face a good massage with one of the great facial oils that are on the market. My favourites are Clarins or Decleor and Marks and Spencer do a great one too

So that's your quick mini facial done. It's best to do this in the evening, so your skin stays clean (free of make-up) and your skin is doing all it's hard work repairing at night. This facial will only take around forty minutes to do, and you will soon see the benefits. Let me know about your skin-care routine, I would love to receive comments
Xo Laurie



Hi everyone, how was your week?. It's still really cold and I have a feeling we will get snow at any time now! but at least it's getting darker later, I noticed it was nearly five pm the other day. I so love it when it's lighter.
I wanted to introduce you to a brand that I have kept my eye's on for a good few years, Gerry Webber. They have a marvellous on-line store, so I thought I would share some of my wish list with you. Here are some of my favourites

I thought I would start with some tops that caught my eye first. The detail on this one above is great, You could dress it up or wear casual and it's on sale now £30.00 find it here

I really like this graphic long sleeved T also in the sale £30.00 great with jeans and a Biker find it in the sale section here

Here we go back to those pastel shades that I am loving at the mo £75.00 here It has great detailing. And can I just say Gerry Webber is really top quality stuff

The Biker Jacket is going to go on forever, I don't think it's going to fade into the back of any closet soon. And when our next summer has finished, it will come out again and again £25.00 for this one in sale. A great price here

And to go with all the tops, of course these black skinny stretch trousers will do, I love it when trousers have that tiny seam down the front, so much easier than ironing a crease down the front £85.00 here

This really caught my eye, it's a great cheerful colour and teamed with the scarf below = gorgeousness £55.00 here

                 this versatile striped scarf £25.00 here    will go with so much in my wardrobe as well

Stand out in the crowd in these skinny gunmetal faux leathers £99.00 hereThese will look great with that graphic T listed above withe the Biker jacket on top

I am taking a mini "Road Trip" at the moment. A couple of weeks booked off to see family in Essex, and then off to Nottingham to see a dear friend. So I have packed plenty of warm clothes, as I am told there is snow there. Here's what I have been wearing this week

This cashmere leopard print cardigan is one of my favourites at the mo, really cosy it's by Pure and the trousers are F&F £14.99

Layering it up with a Primark long sleeved T £2.50 under a Karen Millen T shirt  and trousers from H&M current £24.00.

Oh and don't get me started on a chat about Big Brother, are you watching? a really feisty crowd this year!. but I will never forget Perez Hilton chanting to Katie Hopkin's about fellatio. When mother turns to me and say fellatio, what's that? Try explaining this to your eighty three year old mother! I had to share this with you, I am still chuckling
Xo Laurie



Hi Everyone, The beauty topic I chose this week is all about  "Hydrating mist sprays "  Have you tried one?. with all the bad weather, and having the heating on full blast or all you ladies out there working in offices and places with air con, this could be right up your street.

The idea of these mist spray's is to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day when your skin is starting to feel dry and taught. They can go strait over your make-up, don't spray to close, around 15/20 centimetres from your face (eye's closed)

                                                     Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner £17.50

You may remember these spray's from years ago (if your as old as me!) they used to just be water in a spray can, things have changed a lot

                                                         Clarins Fix' Make-Up £22.00                                                                  
 Nowadays they contain not only water, but other hydrating, skin quenching boosters

                                                         Clinique Moisture Surge £21.00

     Such as oils, Glycerine and Botanical extracts, leaving your skin with a soft dewy effect

                                                          Simple Moisture Boots £5.99

                                   La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray £8.00

You may find some of the spray's expensive, but they will last ages and they will come in handy in the summer too. I use the La Roche, because it's not to hard on the purse, and it is great for my sensitive skin.

Let me know if you already use one of these sprays, What would you recommend? I look forward to your comments
Xo Laurie




Hi Everyone,
How was your week? It's turned so, so cold here in London, but I am not complaining because it gives me reason to get those fur coats out! I have added another to the wardrobe. It's a DKNY little beauty that I found in TK Max. I do love a bargain find from there.

I don't know why I am always drawn to the grey shades of fur. I have tried on browns and blacks, but for some reason it's the Grey's that seem to look better on me. I guess dark haired ladies would look better in darker shades of fur, and lighter hair coloured ladies suit lighter fur. Strait hair in this picture too. A treat for the other half, who loves it strait. It takes forever to do,

Anyway getting back to the start of my week, which involved me being nurse for my beloved. An operation on the foot which required complete rest for a few days. Hence no photographer (I am not great at selfie's!)
So being stuck at home and catching up on things in the house that needed doing, I have started to de-clutter my wardrobes. I read somewhere about the "Ribbon Method" which I thought was a great idea. You tie a ribbon at one end of your wardrobe, and when you have worn an item, you put the item to the other side of the ribbon, gradually moving the ribbon along. I think this is a great idea! not only will you see what your really not wearing after a while, it will prompt you to wear more items you have in there! I am trying this and will let you know how it's going.

One surprise I did have this week when we finally did get out and popped into the local, while I was sitting on my own, a gentleman walked into the bar with a huge bunch of roses. he unwrapped them put them in two half bunches and passed one bunch to me! He insisted that I take them home and enjoyed them, sat back in his seat and didn't say another word! A picture of my face would have been better (imagine, looking stunned and mouth dropped open!)

Another Item I wore this week, was my new biker jacket. I love the colours, a little different, but will go with so much in my wardrobe

I Love this jacket from next, the leather is really soft and Taupe and Grey are what I'm into right now as you can see below

                                         More bargains here. Long sleeve T Primark £3.50
                                         Dark grey jeans F&F £12.00
                                         Belt Primark £2.50
                                         Necklace Primark £3.00

Do you fancy trying the ribbon method, and sorting your wardrobe ? What bargains have you been finding?
Xo Laurie



Hi Everyone,
I have been thinking about what to buy to update the wardrobe for the spring/summer. I buy magazines all the time, I shouldn't really, all they make me do is want to spend!

Anyway, if like me you have been browsing the mag's out there, you will have noticed that the pastel shades are going to be even more popular than their brief appearance last year.

 So this is where I'm at now, I really like these pastel shades, the only problem is that at fifty are they safe to wear?
Get it wrong, and I think I could end up looking like Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz or Alice in Wonderland!.
I have grabbed a couple of pictures from Pinterest with what I have in mind

                  I love this baby pink colour a smart/casual look that doesn't seem too young

                  Here we are again, baby pink, this time teamed with black, so elegant and grown up

 So I have picked out a few pieces that I would like to purchase (all reasonably priced ! ) take a look

I think this shirt from marks and spencer would look great with the pastel pink trousers I already have a bargain price £12.50 I think that's the look I am after teaming the blues,pinks or yellows together to make the look on trend. But this will also look great with navy or white jeans

And here in pastel yellow, just as good, and I think will look great with baby blue £12.50

                  I would team this necklace with the blue shirt, from New Look £7.99

    These trousers  are gorgeous. Team this with the blue shirt and the necklace from H&M £14.99

This is just what I'm looking for. I bet a white shirt under this will look good, and grown up with pastel pink trousers the look I'm after is complete. It's from Asos for new look £12.99 Bargain!

                              This cardigan from M&S £18.00 will go great with this skirt.....

   I put this on my birthday wish-list a little expensive £199.00 but I so love it and it's real leather

Actually maybe just accessories will do the job, this necklace from new look £9.99   with a white T and trousers may be enough

This is what I have in mind, pastel girly colours, with an edge. This faux leather biker from Mango is Cool, and still looks good with black £34.99

Of course it doesn't have to be clothing to update your wardrobe maybe just some accessories will do

This blue pastel bag is just  the right shade and a little more grown up. From M&S £29.50?

Girls best friend, these will update the wardrobe. I think these would look great with the M&S leather skirt too. There from New Look £19.99

And if you only want to have a little peep of these baby pastel shades this cuff is beautiful, from Dorothy Perkins £8.50

So that's me done. Are you planning your spring/summer wardrobe ? what do you have in mind? what do you think is going to be high in the fashion stakes this year? Comments please would be great
Xo Laurie




Hi Everyone, Getting back to Christmas.... I know some of you are glad it's all over and don't need reminding of it ! Christmas eve, I had been out shopping, and when I arrived home a card had been put through the door about a parcel that was waiting for collection. By this point I was all shopped out, and still had a load of wrapping to do, and the house to get ready. But this was addressed to me! A surprise for ME!

So in the car I jumped, and went and picked it up.If you remember that Boots advert for Protect and Perfect, when they reveal the girl's faces, and their so pleased with the results? well I transformed into one of those women when I opened the box! And I must say it's a beautiful box, really posh.

So Beautiful and Elegant, Scarlet Olive are a high end designer of hand crafted fashion jewellery. The detail if the necklace sent to me is woven with silk and swarovski crystals and gold.

                                     Do I look like the "cat who got the cream"? I felt like it

What I love about Scarlet Olive jewellery is it's so contemporary, you can take this necklace from day to night, no problem. Here I am wearing the necklace with a white T shirt and navy blazer

             Looks great over a shirt too! Dress up with a skirt or trouser's or casual with jeans I think                    costume jewellery at the moment, is playing such a big part of putting an outfit together

      Ready for a night out, this was the perfect Lux  accessory to go with my Karen Millen dress

Scarlet Olive offer Necklaces and Bracelets in a wide range of colours and designs. Take a look at their site HERE  I recommend you take a look or go to

Xo Laurie




Hi Everyone, A little parcel arrived for me just before Christmas,a nice surprise, but I didn't want to share it with you until I had given it a good road test first. Simply Supplements, a company I am advertising in my side bar, emailed me asking if I would like to sample some of their Marine Cream.* So when it fell through the letter box I couldn't wait to give it a try.

Now one of the things I liked about this cream, is the fact it is aimed for people with very sensitive skin, it has no perfume, is Wheat free, Lactose free, and Gluten free. Now some of you may be thinking "hang on I'm not going to eat it!" a lot of people like myself with allergies, can get a reaction from touch as well. If I touch onions or lettuce, my hands will swell like balloons!. The other thing I like about it is the fact it is COLLAGEN one of the best things for ageing skin, that's dehydrated, plus it helps with elasticity. So on the label it says use morning and night. Well for me it's only good for night as it doesn't include SPF and if you have read my previous post's  about moisturising, then you will know it's all about protecting your skin from the sun. So I have used the collagen cream since Christmas eve each night. I can definitely vouch for the fact it is a good face plumper, It has made my face feel quenched and soft each morning I have got up. It's not a bad price either £12.99 for 50ml And at the moment you get 50ml free. Find it here or click on the add at the top right hand side "Simply Supplements
Xo Laurie




Hi everyone, as I stated in my last post about my trip to Liberty's the other day that I would share a list of my favourite finds. I knew this would take a while as there is just so much to choose from and I had to dwindle it down to ten items. So I thought I would pick out mainly the lower priced items, I myself could actually easily afford, other items I would definitely have to save my pocket money for!. But there must be some of you with loads of pocket money burning a hole in your pocket, so I have added some items for you too.

I do love a nice candle, and I love the simplicity of this one understated elegance find it in the gift section here £49.00

If you watched the TV programme, you will remember the story of Nancy's Nails. A clever little idea of a top coat for your nails that is perfumed. This is what I like about Liberty's, its full of things you wont find anywhere else. And well done to Nancy!. There £15.00  you can find them here I loved the mango and lime one.

Posh Champagne Truffles, Who doesn't love a good truffle? I love the packaging of these, perfect for a lady of the manor day, feet up, good film, tea in your best china! £12.95 from the gift department here

There were so, so many beautiful scarves to choose, great colours too. Liberty are famous for their prints and vibrancy. This one is pure silk and it would be great with many summer outfits £110.00

I have been wanting a good leather cuff for a while now, it was one of the only Christmas presents on my wish list I didn't get. I love how this is so different, a real statement piece

A gold Marc Jacobs Iphone cover, I do love a bit of bling! £30.00 here Not a bad price for a bit of designer bling!

I am a real sucker for a posh cushion, this is silk/velvet and so detailed and intricate £75.00 here

If this beautiful Monica Vinada Ava ring is still available in April, this is what I'm wishing for my birthday this year. I actually tried this on and its gorgeous. (I didn't have the guts to say to the assistant can you hang on while I take a pic of this!) Rose gold and diamond at £215.00 I thought was quite reasonable for its beauty. Find it in gifts for her here

These caught my eye too, Leafy jewellery is everywhere at the moment, by Alex Munroe £175.00 find them here

This watch screams Liberty, really unusual. A cute petite little watch, embellished with the unique Liberty print £75.00 find it in liberty gifts

This is going on my wish list because to me its big pocket money for a handbag. I love these satchel/messenger type bags, and if I buy one I want it to be different! £395.00 find it in liberty gifts

That's my wish list from Liberty's, scaled down I might add!. If you get the chance to go to Liberty's GO, it's a great place to visit

Xo Laurie


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