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                                                   French Connection £87.50

Hi Everyone
Looking in the magazines and the shops at the moment, I am finding myself drawn to these lovely printed floaty shirt/shift dresses. I know there is a big 70's and pastel vibe going on out there but I think these dresses are going to be big news this year too. What is your favourite trend for your summer wardrobe this year?

                                             Aquascutum London £120.00

I think you would need to keep this look pretty simple and not over accessorise, I'm thinking block heels and a matching handbag, keep it simple.

This is beautiful. I would pair this with a suede clutch and maybe suede slingbacks, very lady-like. It's a little bit paired down to some of the prints I have seen, and only purchasable in my dreams (Salvatore Ferragamo)

This one from  River island £45.00 is so cool looking, black sandals and bag is all you need to finish it off. One great thing about a dress is, it's a one piece, throw it on and your good to go!

I had to add this one, I know it's not a shirt dress, but a kaftan. I want to introduce you to my insta-gram friend Lanka. There are some timeless pieces here This dress is really eye catching simple design but really graphic.

I really cant wait now, for the weather to be warm, and not be wrapped up to the nines in coats, scarves. Roll on warmer weather! Have you bought a special item to wear for the summer or found a great bargain out there some wear? Do tell! would love to hear from you



Hi Everyone

I thought I would share with you all the different types of base make-up, those little tubs and tubes that will help take your make-up that little bit further. There are most probably a lot of you out there that already use a base of some sort,but there may be some of you that I can help. So here is a little list of what are my favourites that I would recommend

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

This has to be top of my list. Put this on just before your foundation and I am sure it makes fine lines less noticeable. Also holds on to your make-up giving it a little more staying power. I use this all over, but I know Clarins have launched a flash balm just  for eyes. Go to any Clarins counter and ask for a sample and give it a try.

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Line Filler

This is my second favourite little tool. Great for filling around the lip line, crows feet and under eye lines. Again go see for yourself and ask how it's done. An amazing little piece of kit for your bag, it is pricey though.

No.7 Colour Calming primer

This is a great little product that has been around for years, there are more expensive skin care brands that supply similar, but I have always turned back to this one. Originally marketed for rosacea (really red cheeks and nose) this cream is green in colour and will cancel any redness out. So apply a fine layer of this ,then apply your foundation. If you suffer from any breakouts, get yourself a clean eyeliner brush and dab this just over the breakout. pat it gently with your finger and then apply your concealer.

Revlon Photo Ready
This helps in a similar way to the flash balm, although I don't think it diminishes fine lines as well as the Clarins, it does give a good luminous glow.

Clinique Superprimer (pink)
If you suffer from dull tired looking skin, this is the one for you. It's also great for pore minimising too.

If you suffer from greasy skin most base primers will help that and keep your make-up in place. There are so many primers out there, ask at the counter for samples to help find the right one for you

Do you use a primer that isn't listed here? If you have something worth shouting about PLEASE DO!
I hope this post has been of help to someone, would love to get some feedback
Xo Laurie



Hi everyone

Not the usual fashion post this week, just a little bit of everything that caught my eye
And talking of eye catching,

How amazing does Jane Fonder look? not too sure about the green, but my oh my look how great her figure is. Do you remember her work out video? I think she looks marvellous, and if I had her phone number I would be asking for a loan of that necklace!

                                               The next lady that I have always admired

                 The beautiful Annie Lennox, simplicity at it's best, pure beauty is what I call it

The other thing I wanted to share with you, if you haven't seen it already is the freebie that's on offer in this months Elle magazine

A good sized sample of Benefits new launch mascara called Rollerlash. I picked this up (never resisting a freebie and confirmed magazine junkie) The brush on this is so fine it helps get right to the root of your lash, and covers the tiniest of hairs.
I have to say I am very impressed with it. It's pretty long lasting too.I totally recommend a try. You also get a free selfie frame to use if your brave enough!

I have started reading a book that was sent to me

Helen Lederer, funny girl from Absolutely Fabulous has just published" Losing It." The quote is

"A hilarious, brutally honest exploration of a woman who still feels 30 but cant deny the odd grey hair"

I cant help thinking, this sounds like me! I like a good book to loose myself into. I will let you know how the tale turns out, but so far it's really funny

And last of course Valentines Day!

I hope you all have a very loving weekend. To me it's not about money, going anywhere special or presents To know I am loved is all I need, simple, I think it really is all too hyped up

Xo Laurie




Hi Everyone

As promised from last weeks beauty post (how to gel polish diy) Here is  the second part explaining how to remove it. Shown below is what you will need

1) Acetone I have a large bottle of acetone, purely because I have a lot of clients that have their nails done. You can buy much smaller bottles that will last a good few times.It is not expensive, around the same price as nail varnish remover.
2) A nail file
3) Cotton wool pads. These are better than the fibre free flat pads used to apply your gel polish, because they will hold more liquid for soaking.
4) Tin foil just tear into ten squares
5) An orange stick
6) A manicure knife (optional)
7) Some nourishing cuticle oil
8) A manicure bowl (optional)

When you prepare to do this, use an old towel, with something plastic under it in case of any spillages. Acetone can take paint off of surfaces.

To start, rub the coarsest side of your nail file over the gel polish. This will break the seal of the gel and enable the acetone to soak through

Divide the cotton wool pad into two parts, so it is not as thick, now saturate the pad and place it over the first nail

        Now take your first square of foil and wrap the cotton wool pad in place onto your finger

               If you make a parcel this way the acetone will not drip/escape from the foil

               Carry on until you have wrapped one hand, now wait for around 15 minutes

When you unwrap your parcel, the polish should be coming away and flaking. If it's not soak another pad and wrap for a while more. My fingers are really not as bad as they look in this magnified pic!i all the polish has softened, drag it away with your orange stick. You can use a manicure knife to do it, but do not scrape your nail, it will damage it.

Once all the polish has been removed, wash and dry your hands. If your nails still feel a little rough, lightly go over it with the fine side of your nail file (don't over do it and file your nail away!)

Nourish you nails with the cuticle oil.

The Manicure bowl is another method of removing the polish. Just fill the bowl and soak. But for me I find this way better
So that's it done. Not a very glamorous post, but I hope it will be of help to someone
Do let me know if you try this out, I would love to hear your comments
Xo Laurie




Hi everyone

I am feeling quite pleased with myself, well I am, and on the other hand not. Seven months ago I posted this. It was actually one of my first post's on blogger.

Flared trousers are definitely on the radar this year. I think the shops are starting us off gently, I so far have only seen the "bootcut" variety in the shops. Just when we have all got used to wearing our skinny painted on trousers/jeans a spanner is thrown into the works.

Now I am quite lucky here, that I am indeed a hoarder, and still have a few pairs of bootcut/flared trousers from last time they were in. The problem I have with flares, is that I find it so hard finding the right length for me. Wearing skinny's is so much easier, if they are too long they just sit ruched on the top of my foot, which I don't really mind. So being only 5'2 there could be a problem ahead.

So I have been browsing on line to see what's out there, and here are some "bootcuts" that I have in mind

I love, love this look from Mango. What I wouldn't give to have those long legs too! The two shades of denim with Tan accessories. This is the look I want. These are well priced at £39.99

Always my favourite colour when the weather is brighter, will go with anything. These are from Top Shop £40.00

These are a dark navy denim also from Top Shop £40.00 These will look great with a fitted Breton T

For evening I picked these ones from Reiss, there tailoring and finish is always so good. These are in sale at the moment for £59.00

Now these are really flared, almost skirt-like but oh so sophisticated Mango £49.99

Thought I would try some for myself. I have to say it feels weird after wearing skinny's. F&F trousers always tend to be a good fit and length for me, they do short, regular and long lengths. Regular is just skimming the floor for me, These are only £16.00 so I will have more pennies left for the even higher heels I am going to need!

Will you be buying bootcut or flared trousers this year? I would love to hear your comments
Xo Laurie



Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you how easy it is to do your own gel polish at home, and without it being too costly.

Firstly let's go through a list of what you will need. It's really not so expensive if you know where to look for what you need

1) A UV Lamp  You can buy these most places  now, Argos, Tesco's , hairdressing wholesalers, although these can be more expensive because they are professional, and expected to be used constantly. Ebay or Amazon, now this is where you can pick up a bargain. The small one pictured above is my own personal one that I use for myself and it only cost around £5.00 on Ebay
2) A cuticle pusher, to push your cuticles back
3) Lint free wipes (not cotton wool too hairy)
4) An orange stick
5) A stop watch or timer
6) Gel polish nail prep ( if you buy a kit it will be in the kit)
7) Acetone Most hairdressing or beauty wholesalers will sell this or Ebay or Amazon
8) Tin foil
The last two Items listed are for removing your polish.
Now you can buy kits from some sites that have everything you will need a good starter kit my friend bought actually came from Tesco's. It cost around £40.00 that included the lamp and everything you need, though the gel and colour polish were small bottles.

A company I would recommend is Blu Sky (look up blu sky official site) they also do starter kits as shown below
Ok, so the best way to start is with clean, filed nails. It's good to give them a soak beforehand so you can push your cuticle back, which will help the longevity of the polish. DO NOT use a gel polish system if you have any broken skin around your nails or any fungal infections or damage to your nail.

Some brands advise you to use a snow block (fine block nail file) I don't recommend this as it thins your nails if you gel polish regularly. I don't use it on my nails and it has not had any effect

Apply the pre cleanse preparation fluid with your lint free wipe. Some gel systems require a primer, some do not. Blu Sky do not require this. If your kit advises this then apply
Only do your fingers first, not thumbs.

Apply your gel base coat length way's as if you were painting on a nail polish, making sure the nail is totally covered, then paint across again at the nail tip. Only apply a fine layer.

Use your orange stick, by sliding it down each side of your nail to make sure the gel is not on your fingers

Slide your nail under the lamp and use your timer. Some brands will say 30 seconds, some will say for 60 seconds

Now bring your hand out of the lamp (only do one hand at a time) and apply a fine coat of gel colour of your choice. Slide under again and time to your instructions 30 - 60 seconds

Now apply a second coat as above

Now apply your top coat. You will notice under the light it will appear white in colour, and you can see if it's totally covered. If not quickly touch up and slide hand back in.

Repeat other hand following the above steps ,

Now do both thumbs together. Your nails need to be facing upward, so this is the  best way to do this as pictured below

Hold the lamp with both hands with just your thumbs in there. When you have finished all nails, use the nail prep again to finish. That's it all done!
I hope some of you out there will find this helpful. It can save you a fortune, rather than going to the nail salon all the time.

Let me know how you get on, or any queries, just ask!
Next week I will give a step by step guide on how to remove your gel polish
Xo Laurie



Hi Everyone
Wow where did that month go? Valentine's cards in the shops as well as Easter eggs already I have had a good January, visiting family and friends. Anyway I wanted to thank the advertisers in my side bar, Its a new month, so time for a change and some new ones. Here is a jog to your memory of what will be in my sidebar adds until Tuesday

I totally love this store,I have watched both series about the programme, and I had to go and view the store for myself and I wasn't disappointed. If you ever get a chance to go Do!  Take a look at the blog post A TRIP TO LIBERTY LONDON for more info


And talking of Valentines Day, who wouldn't love to have these Champagne Truffles £11.99

The Stationary department is fabulous, these Vintage Stickers are great for sorts of storing or cooking £10.95

                          But what I really want is this  Valentino Rock Bracelet £105.00

Anyway, if you have a few minutes spare, take a quick look at their website, the store really do have some unusual items you wont find anywhere else.


Well I have been using the Collagen Marine cream that Simply Supplements  sent me to try* and I have to say it's great I have been very happy with it. I have still used my serum underneath, but it's defiantly hydrating. The good thing is they have a buy one get one free at the moment, and at £12.99 that's not bad at all for a hundred ml of cream. Take a look here

They also supply a collagen supplement in tablet form, for all you vitamin fans. The price is good at £8.59 for 120 tablets find them here I did upload a pic, but my pc is not playing so take a look


Well I totally fell in love with Gerry Weber. I think this brand is ideal for us ladies a little more mature. The quality is outstanding, and there was so much on the site I would love to buy. Like this gorgeous shirt now in the sale £30.00 I would wear this with navy trousers or navy jeans and then it will go great with white jeans when it warms up (when!) I can see me going back to this site a fair bit. It's a little pricey for me, but the sale items are still just as on trend and more affordable. I recommend a little look

So that's me done for now, thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope you are wrapped up warm and cosy reading this. I also love receiving comments, so please drop me a line



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