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Hi everyone, Have you heard of Precis Petite? I don't know how many of my followers out there are counted as petite? Any woman under the height of 5'3 is classed as petite and that includes me (I'm 5'2) I have been buying from precis since 1999 (wow, yes yonks ago!) They are a fantastic high end label, superb tailoring, and great for that special occasion little number. I have kept the jacket on trend wearing pleather skinny's and fashionable statement jewellery.

This Jacket I bought in 1999 for a special event, still comes out from time to time and has never looked dated. One of the things I notice most is the fitting on the waist, it's where it should be!. I worked along side a Precis Petite concession a few years back. I remember when their deliveries arrived I couldn't wait to see what new stock came in, I think I drove the staff mad!
I have invested in a fair few items of Precis Petite, a great suit, again the tailoring is great and it's classic. Their trousers are fantastic, always in beautiful material and well cut, I have pink,red,black,and cream, But it is the jackets I love most because they are so classic,they can be made to look smart for day and you can dress them up for night. See below the ones I have my eye on at the moment

This Apple Green jacket is gorgeous I would wear this with navy or white click HERE to find

This is what I know I need in my wardrobe (being practical!) Blazers can be a little too boxy for me, I like the way this accentuates the waist a little. Find it HERE

This is the one I am lusting over, that colour! absolutely gorgeous and great material. A" show stopper" find it HERE

There are many other items at Precis Petite I have my eye on. I went for a try on as I have a special event coming up....

This dress was Lovely, and I like the sleeve length, a beautiful pattern too and a special price £49.00 find it HERE

         Love the colours of this one, Hues of blue's, would go great with that navy jacket

                 A beautiful pattern on this one, and a great waist sincher  find it HERE

          If you have any weddings to go to or Ladies day's these dresses below are beautiful

How gorgeous is this, worn with a hat, great heels and handbag. A great price too £49.00 HERE But you will have to act quickly, this will be snapped up for that money

This dress has great detailing on the waist, classic again it's in the sale so act quick if you like this. Find it HERE for an amazing £39.00

Which item here is your favourite? Do you have problems finding great clothes that fit  in the right place's ? please let me know what you think
XO Laurie




Hi everyone
A very busy week it was for me! Helping friends move, and parties to go to. So apologies for my absence (did anyone really miss me?)  My friend had decided to up sticks and move to a house-boat moored along the Thames. I found this exciting and tried to imagine what it would be like.
So when we were asked to help move them on I couldn't wait to see. Beautiful place, and a lot more spacious than I thought it would be. I marvelled at the way the house-boat had such great organisation of way's to store everything.
Until I saw the wardrobe that is! This tiny little space would just about accommodate my under-wear! other than that I cant wait to visit when the weather gets better, it will be really beautiful, and the thought of a swan greeting me at the window in the mornings tickled me......

So then it was onto a party for a family member, and the first outing of a new frock. I love the tassel's on the back...

I found this Miss Sixty dress in T K max, the front is just plain so you can dress it up as much as you want

                         I must get my photographer to get the lighting a little better apologies!

I received a nice little parcel in the post from RaRa De Barr a jewellery brand from my home town in Essex

They sent me a cute little package containing necklace bracelet and matching earrings *

This is actually a good fit on me, you have two different lengths to put the catch on

               I love this gold chain with the bow, it will go with many items in my wardrobe


 Take a look at their website click HERE They have some beautiful items in stock, and great prices 

When I have had any spare time I have been reading Woman and Home fashion 1001 There is so so much in here, in my head I totally bankrupted myself! I recommend you buy this if you like a good fashion magazine.

This weeks nail polish had to be dark to go with that dress. This is one of my favourites "China Glaze Evening Seduction"

Oh and before I go Marks and Spencer have a great offer on their beauty products at the moment, with a buy two get a gift. loads of beautiful goodies, this is what I would choose

Buy this 

And this

Get this gorgeous bag free! click HERE

There are loads of different options, but this is what I would buy. Do any of you use Marks and Spencer for your beauty regime?

I love hearing from you, so drop me a line Xo Laurie



Covent Garden & Fabulous Finds

Hi Everyone
Phew, such a busy weekend. We had friends come to stay and a day out was planned to the wonderful Covent Garden. I have been a few times and I always have a good day. I love hopping on a bus and watching London go by through the windows

First a walk round the indoor market where you can find all sorts of unusualness, what caught my eye were dressing gowns, when I asked the price  £199.00  yes you read that right  £199.00!!!  I was tempted to say "do you collaborate!"
Then I sat and drank tea (the others had beer) and listened to the marvellous violinist. It was so chilled I could have sat there all day
But the shops were calling, there are some beautiful shops in Covent garden. My friend spent a small fortune in L'occitane

The staff in L'occitane were really helpful, and I wondered if any of my readers buy it? And did you know you can buy refills? rather than buying the full priced product? My friend bought shampoo and conditioner this way after being advised, along with some face oil, so she was rewarded with a little make-up bag full of goodies.

I thought this travel bag was so cute! The gold birdie I bought for myself for the Christmas tree. I am most probably the first blogger to mention that word already! But I couldn't resist that birdie.

Next stop was Penhaligon's Ladies and men's scents were bought for personalised crackers.

  They came in beautiful decorated tins, there pricey though, but the little glass bottles are so cute.

 I treated myself to some Molton Brown..... I bought Templetree shower gel and body lotion.I have wanted this for a while and it smells delicious, and along with these I got a super travel bag.

I bought Templetree shower gel and body lotion. I have been wanting this for a while and it smells delicious and along with these I got a super little travel bag.

One store I really must mention is Carat jewellers. If you ever want exquisite dress jewellery go Carat Jewellers most of the jewellery here took my breath away (so much so I didn't take any pic's

Once we had divulged all the shops in Covent Garden we had a browse n the surrounding shops. My favourite being Sandro

It was a sunny day but still quite chilly. So I thought I would try and look a little brighter and wore a white jumper and accessorised it with last years white handbag, so it didn't look so wintry but warm.

I picked up this useful magazine that tells you all you need to know if your thinking of visiting, what's going on and what's new. You can find it HERE  If your planning a visit to London I recommend that you visit Covent Garden, it's a great day out. However if you have already been, I would love to hear what your take on it is. I love to receive comments!
Xo Laurie




I received an email from Marks and Spencer a couple of day's ago, telling about their great up to 50% off sale. Now as I said the other day, I am hankering after that chambray shirt.....

So I had to take a look. The shirt  typically is not listed, but of course I had to search for it didn't I!.
I found so much that I wanted, that shirt may have to go on hold,as there are unbelievable bargains ready to be snapped up

This zip front top, I thought would be a great transitional piece going from wintry colours into summer as it gets warmer a great buy for £9.00 find it HERE

You can never not have a pair of jeggings or leggings as far as I am concerned, these come in different colours too Black, Blue, Grey, Beige, Burgundy From £13.00 find them HERE

This burnt orange T is based on a similar style as the first listed, beautiful colour £9.00 find it HERE

And of course then we need something to go with that last top. These jeans are my choice, I'm thinking orange and tan accessorising with tans or browns. These are the colours I am aiming for this summer along with navy. Colours I don't normally wear. If you read my post last year it's all about beige for me normally, so I aim to change a little this year. Anyway I really fancy these at £35.00 HERE These are the sculpt and lift variety, my favourite kind!

Now getting back to that orange colour! I don't know why it is calling me so much, nearly everything I am liking is orange! You cant beat a smart skirt in your wardrobe £16.00 HER

Can you believe it? £12.00 for this lovely dress ? that's cheaper than Primark! A whole outfit for a small price. find it HERE

This picture of this "no peep" white shirt does not do it justice! I posted this on the blog a week or so ago I am very keen on this Idea of the "no peep" I do have problems sometimes and have to add a pin behind the bust area. This is of course a wardrobe staple from £22.00 HERE

So these are my chosen items, I just hope there still available when I manage to get there! let me know if you have your eye on something in the sale or if you have bought something. I love receiving comments from you
Xo Laurie



Hi Everyone
How lovely that we saw the sun for a while this weekend in London? Just for one day I didn't need a coat, it makes everything feel different for me, Does it for you? I wonder sometimes if I suffer from S.A.D and I feel sorry for many of my American blogger pals who are still deep in snow.

                                       Not quite dressed for summer but no coat at least!

There are a couple of things  wanted to mention this week, can you believe that The Sound of Music
celebrated a coming of age? 50 years old! I cannot tell you how many times I have watched that film, with the mother, with my daughter, and I dare say I will watch it with the granddaughters at some time.
The next thing that surprised me was that Grazia Magazine was 10 years old. Can someone tell me where that time went? I remember buying the first article like it was yesterday! and I still buy it today. A good glossy read for a couple of pound.

Here below is something else that surprised me

I am lusting after one of these Hunter waterproof capes for our rain season. I never knew that hunter did other stuff other than wellies, they do bags too. Must have had my eyes shut.

Something I have been on the look out for is a denim shirt or chambray I should say, to go with my flared jeans. I'm thinking all denim and tan accessories with a good statement necklace. I found this one below

This wont only go with my jeans,it will go much further, I'm thinking white trousers or any shorts, when you need to cover up a bit in the sun and then maybe black later in the year. It's from Marks and Spencer here £28.00

Accessories for me this year has got to be a new hand bag, and I fancy an orange one like this

Nice and slouchy with a little tassel here £39.50 Actually there is a lot of things on the Marks and Spencer website at the moment, they have really got it just right for summer this year

And about orange, with the weather being a bit brighter I thought brighter nails were called for!

This colour is from Bourjois A Little pack of four fashion shades called Fashion Show @ New York

What's your take on orange for the summer? will you be wearing it this year, or is there another colour that's your favourite?
But right now it's back to the jumpers and boots!

I was so happy to receive some comments from last weeks post, please leave more!
Xo Laurie




For tonight's beauty post I wanted to share with you some of my favourite hair products. There are so many, and clients of mine that read my blog will know that I am a huge fan of all Goldwell products. But I wanted to share what I think are great products you can buy off the supermarket shelf.

                             Bed Head Superstar Queen Foe A Day Hair Thickening Spray

This is a fantastic product if you want thicker fuller hair. It takes a little getting used to, but it literally doubles the volume of your hair. Only a small amount required or it can make your hair a bit sticky, but once you get the amount right, you will love it. This can sometimes be found on special offer in T K Max

                                                     Tresemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo

I think a lot of people think this is such a bog standard non-luxury brand but for me it's all about cleaning my hair. I find a lot of shampoos can leave a film on the hair and sometimes it will weigh your hair down and leave it lack lustre I use this all the time, it's the conditioner that's important to
me. However I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with red tinted hair, Reds always need a  little help or you just watch that colour glide down the sink with each wash!

                                                                  L'oreal Homme

Ok why am I recommending a men's shampoo? If you have over yellow tones in your hair, use this it's fantastic

Nice' n Easy Colour Seal

This is the one I would recommend for tinted reds. You can actually buy this for most hair colour 
types and it is great used as a hair mask. It leaves your hair beautifully soft too


My favourite of them all! I don't know what I would do without this. When they stopped making the original formula I was gutted to say the least, but they re-launched it again and I am a happy bunny. I find using this on hair that's just damp, rather than wet is easier. You can easily use too much, and it will just look not frizzy, but limp and greasy. I only use this on the very top layer of my hair, which is where it tends to frizz, but it does a great job and I cant recommend it enough for frizzy hair.

.Timotei Conditioner

OK I know this has been on the market for years! I have been using this for around a year after a client said she wanted this on her hair. One of the best I have used in a long time and it is so cheap!

So that's me done for now, What are your favourite hair products? is there something I don't know about? I look forward to hearing from you
Xo Laurie




Hi everyone!
I have been missing in action for a week, and have so much to waffle about. Even though I was so busy looking after my grandson, and not a minute to spare to think about blogging. He ran me absolutely ragged and tried my patience, I wouldn't change a thing and I miss him terribly already.

                                            We did have a good lot of fun, he is a real cheeky chappy!

While he has a big fun wide eyed look here, I realised I have been blogging with mine shut!. For so long now people have been emailing me saying they could not comment on my blog. I tried or I thought I had tried every avenue, but at last I have found the problem (hooray!) So now anyone can join in and leave their comments, and I really look forward to it (pretty please)

So what's been going on? For me not a lot unless it involves playgroups and playing with a toddler, but on the other hand there has been a few things I wanted to mention .
That cringe-worthy Madonna incident! I was watching and buried my head when it happened! No one likes to see that! But Madonna did make it on every tv and newsstands the next day, so good for her I guess!

                               Lady gaga, I want an engagement ring just like yours please!

I couldn't imagine having a diamond that size, My favourite stone, but I have to say I am very happy with the ones that I do have, they are very special to me.

Getting ready for summer I am on the look out for some sandles. These Zara ones' are on my lust list

                                           I love these, they will go with so much £29.99 Bargain

                                                                    And talking of bargains

Take a look at Wolfords Outlet Sale . There are some great bargains to be had like these Saphira Tights from £12.00 here  and Wolford have some great stuff on offer Do you like plain or patterned? They even have jewel encrusted ones on the Wolford site

I am also pleased to announce that I am affiliating with Elizabeth Arden now, so I will be able to share special offers with you when they become available. Especially that Eight Hour Cream I am always banging on about!

Anyway that's enough waffling from me for one blog post here's what I have been wearing lately

I have loved this bargain F&F jumper this winter, so many people have asked me where this came from. I am often in head to toe F&F the trousers and jumper together only set me back about £30.00

                  It was time for a new purse, I found this Osprey one in T K Max for £25.00

I have been enjoying this Barbera Daly nail varnish in" Suede"  The colour goes with most things I wear and it lasts well with my Seche Vie top coat.
What is your favourite nail colour at the moment? Do share
Xo Laurie
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