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Hi Everyone
Tuesday 21st was a special day for me. You know when your so excited, but nervous at the same time? Nervous and excited? I was more or less palpitating!
I was really lucky win a ticket via Twitter to the F&F AW15 press event. Not knowing what to expect other than it was being held at The Savoy Hotel. Hello? The Savoy! A destination that I have been wanting to go to for so long, and it was happening at long last, plus it incorporated a fashion show of one of my favourite labels. If your a regular reader, you will know at least half of my wardrobe is actually F&F I call the brand my Habit. Read one of the post HERE

 Anyway, this is what the day had in store...

The Savoy was a fabulous venue, I will write more about it in another post, but I was walking round with my mouth dropped. Gob-smacked at how gorgeous it was.Waiters greeted your arrival with trays of champagne, then I was shown to my table, I could get used to this!

 A beautiful setting, with lots of tempting treats, Macaroons, finger sandwiches and little blueberry tarts. I was already in wonderland, finding it hard to take it all in, when the lights dimmed and it was announced to welcome Paloma Faith....

This was the point I nearly fell off my chair! She looked totally stunning of course, and you know when you wonder if an artist sounds as good live as what you hear on radio/cd I can assure you Paloma sounded spot on. Truly fantastic.

After singing a couple of numbers the lights dimmed again. Time for the fashion show.....

Suede, 70's boho fashion is what was featured a lot. How gorgeous are these suede culottes

Pure tasteful glamour, and a beautiful colour of teal was this all-in-one, finished with a fur wrap

This satin pussy bow blouse, shown here with flared trousers was fantastic. As worn by Paloma in a different way, a pencil skirt will be one of my wardrobe staples. If it's good enough for Paloma, it's good enough for me!

There were Lot's of red, rust, and brown hue's I love how these top's have been layered for warmth

I can think of loads of ways to wear this dress, it's on my wish list!

Biker jackets are still going to be a strong must have item. Time to get one in a different colour other than the usual Black/Brown

Love how this has been styled, with a white polo neck jumper under, I will remember to try this idea

I fell in love with this white lace dress.This is going to sell out quick I'm sure

And so it was over, a fantastic show. The menswear was really good too, head over to the F&F site to see what's in store for your man.

The best item for me I have saved till last. I didn't get a picture of it, so have grabbed it from the F&F site because I needed to add this beauty in. I am going to have this coat! and I would lay money on it that it's going to sell like hot cakes. Pure suede coat for £150.00 !!!

That wasn't the end of my fantastic day.....

Everyone got a superb goodie bag, I couldn't wait to see inside. A gorgeous Aspinal London leather notebook that I will treasure

A brochure of all the fantastic clothes to look forward to

And of course the icing on the cake, a £50 voucher to help go towards all those great clothes I have on my list

Thank you so much to the team at F&F that made my day truly fantastic. I was truly spoilt and wont ever forget it xx



Hi everyone, Have you heard of Buckley London? A fantastic jewellery boutique with lots of sparkle to offer, so much it's  hard to choose!

Buckley London have won the prestigious award for "best costume jewellery" four times at the UK jewellery awards, and is stocked in over 600 international retail locations including 100 airports around the globe. Using high quality materials, and Austrian Chrystal's and high grade cubic zirconium's. I was very privileged to have been gifted  *from them recently and was really pleased with what I received. But they did better than that! A bonus of 20% off any orders for my readers! which I thought was very nice of them. So I have been sifting through the vast amount of sparkle they have to offer, here is what I would choose....

                                                  The Cube Friendship Bracelet £35.00
                                 classic yet edgy I love this style of bracelet at the moment

                                           The Cube Ring   £35.00

                                              Victoria Earrings    
The blue of these earrings!  perfect to dress up any outfit £30.00

    Classic, yet bang up to date The The Isabella Pendant is £35.00              

                     The Best Of London  Charm Bracelet £25.00   
                                       How cute is this! will make a great present for someone                                                    

                                Russian Hoop Earrings £25.00
    for when you have that silver or gold moment, have both!

                                    The Millie Pendant £35.00
I was blown away by this, so unusual, It's great to find something different

                    Sparkle Mesh Bracelet (pack of three) £24.99
So Beautiful, this is what I chose, and I wasn't disappointed they are beautiful.

I love the colourways of the three bracelets, and the quality is exceptional. Thank you so muck Buckley London I will treasure them
Take a look at the Buckley London site, and as I said there is 20% off for anyone who orders from here. below is the code
VANITYANDME20 This Code is available until the end of may against any orders, except their charity items
XO Laurie



Hi everyone
I have noticed of late some enquiries from readers, not just on my blog ,but also on other bloggers comments asking about special offer codes.  Now I have my fair share of adverts in my side bar and of course I assume that if anyone is interested, that they will click on the add to see whats on offer. Or maybe not! I know bloggers know all about them, but some non bloggers don't. I don't find it social etiquette to push these adds to far onto my readers, but at the same time I would like you to know what's available to help you save money. . So in future when I blog I will notify all of you what actually will save you money.
I don't put all of my adds in my space bar, so it's worth looking at the bottom of the page where they will in future be.
Anyway getting that out of the way, here's what's on offer this week.

Isn't this dress just gorgeous? love it love it and I want one. This is from Wallis

Does the film Pretty Woman come to mind? an updated version of That dress! Also from Wallis
click HERE for 20% off

La Redoute have offers of up to 50% off , but you will have to be quick it ends on Sunday I am tempted to buy this lace dress at the mo it's 41.30 instead of 50.00 HERE

Ok not such a summery piece of clothing, but I'm thinking you could wear this over any summer dress or strappy top in the evening navy is so much easier to wear in the summer too. A fantastic bargain 15.00 instead of 34.99 HERE OR HERE To save sifting through the site!

So that's the special offers for this week, to find more items click onto the brand and where it says HERE to find loads more
Have a great week end everyone
Xo Laurie



Hi Everyone
The weather here in London has been fantastic this last few days, and it's great to not have to wear a coat and boots/shoes. Saturday was a good day for me, a win on the national! It really made my day as I rarely win anything. I watched the race in the local pub with friends, I got so excited seeing that horse, shouting at the tv! (am normally very quiet) Did any of you have a win?

Have you decided it's time to put the winter wardrobe away yet, and get your summer one out? I think it's nearly that time for me. I love swapping into a new season, I always forget something I have stored away. This past week for me, has been all about shopping for summer accessories to help update what I have.
 I have also developed a bit of a crush on these shirt's pictured above. Absolute bargain from Primark at a mere £8.00 I have bought five now in total Pink, Black, Cream Grey, Blue  they are so easy to wear and they can be dressed up with accessories. My moto is "when you find something you love buy it in all colours" if you can, these will see me right into next winter too. under cardigans and jackets.
Anyway getting on to accessories, this is what I have bought so far

This necklace I bought in Primark for a mere £4.00 pastel shades of pink and blue will go with so much through the summer. The Micheal Kor's purse I bought in TK Max for £25.00

Then it got to thinking about sandals.The obvious neutrals to be purchased first, I always try to buy my sandals early for stock reasons I am a 2 and a half to three and it is the biggest pain in the backside for me! Marks and Spencer is one of my first stops for shoes always

These were the first that I looked at. Really comfy, not to high and neutral to go with most things in the wardrobe and not a bad price either £35.00 HERE They have cushioned insolia in them too

I fell in love with these, they felt like slippers on, and I loved the sparkle in them £35.00 also HERE
But in the end I went for the first pair, and I'm really pleased with them

Time for that pedicure!

The next pair I bought I got really lucky I love to browse through Choice clothing store and popped in there for a quick look and found these black ones

A bargain at £12.00!

They are quite high to look at but because of the platform, they don't feel it (makes me a little taller!)

Whilst on my hunt for sandals, there was so much in Marks and Spencer that I would love to buy. The colour sceme that's entered my head this year is orange and navy, don't ask why I just fancy orange for a change this year, and I am still on the hunt for that orange handbag! but while in M&S it had to be there didn't it the perfect for me orange and navy that I'm craving

This silky shirt, with a touch of orange will be perfect for me, so much better to see it for real it's £35.00 HERE  Really beautiful and to go with that shirt......

The good old classic navy pencil skirt £39.50 HERE  is gorgeous, the two pair so well together. They also do this is my normally addictive colour beige
So I am going to have to save my pennies again to buy those too, I really want them.

How do you transform your summer wardrobe? If your buying something to update something from last year what would be top of your list to buy? Please let me know I love hearing from you!
Xo Laurie

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Hi everyone
Did you all enjoy your Easter holiday? I travelled down to Essex to spend mine with the family, time to take time out! I bought myself the latest edition of Good Housekeeping to read whilst there, mainly because some blogger acquaintances were featuring in there. How lucky are they? I would love to do that.
Anyway, reading the magazine I came across an article by Viv Groskop about unplugging all her media gadgets for the Easter bank holiday weekend. I thought about it for a while, and wondered how I would cope (I dare any of you to try this)

My first thought was, will I be missed? Now Viv did keep her mobile active but didn't use any other computing devise. Can you imagine staying away? The other half placed a bet that I wouldn't be able to do it!. Luckily enough my time was taken up by children and grandchildren visiting, but it was the guilt I felt for not liking the feed of my friends on Instagram, not responding on Facebook and not being able to see if I had any new friendly followers on any of these social media platforms!

Going to bed was the worst part. I always go through my Instagram when I get into bed, and I literally could not wind down, it was like stopping smoking!. So yes I did loose my bet, I ended up on the Instagram feed by Sunday evening.
How would it affect you if you were to do this? Would you give it a go? I have to say I thought it would be easy till I tried it! Let me know what you think
Xo Laurie



Hi everyone

First let me wish you happy Easter, I hope you are all having a lovely break and chilling out . Is it me going mad or did I dream that the weather forecaster's said we were going to have a mini heatwave?
So where is it!?
As I write this post, it is pouring with rain whilst I am on my visit to the family in Essex. The thing is with our weather it can be cold and wet one day and then Bang! it will be sunny and warm!

It's roundabout this time of year that I always get caught out, I haven't got my summer wardrobe out yet and if I wanted to wear a dress or skirt, my legs are the whitest of white, so it's a no go. Am I the only one that is badly organised or do any of you get caught out like this? So this year I am going to start early, start the regular pedicures for those feet and make sure I have some self tan at the ready.I though I would  share with you some of my favourite tanning/bronzing brands

California Tan I think is great for really fair skin. If you are really fair, and not yet tried spray tanning, find a salon that stocks this, If you are going to try a do it yourself job, sample a small area first ( where it cant be seen) not only for the right shade, but to make sure your not sensitive

Tan Truth always gives great results, this is what most of my client's have. It gives a really smooth even tone and when it is sprayed on it gives a colour guide first, so you can see just how it's going to finish up. You can buy this brand in cream or spray form for diy at home ( again always sample to test your sensitivity)

This is Cocoa Brown from Primark, cheap as chips and has great reviews. I know a fair amount of people that use this and love it. I haven't  used it myself, but when your hearing about how good it is all the time, it's got to be worth a try. As with any tan your applying at home, be sure to have a tanning mit or two at hand. They really do help to blend.

A couple of tips prior to any tanning, in salon or at home MAKE SURE YOU EXFOLIATE FIRST and make sure you moisturise your elbows, knees, ankles and knuckles. This is where your tan will be sucked up and stick to more.


I have used so many brands of bronzer. I don't just use it on my face, I will top up the tan on my shoulders, the breast area and my shins for a lovely glow when out for the evening. For the body, loose powder or the bronzing beads are great for this, applied with a large brush.

This Elizabeth Arden bronzer HERE is one of my favourites. A mineral powder and not to frosted. A little expensive for the body, but great for the face as it's not to shimmery

Boot's no7 bronzing pearls are a very reasonable £9.99 use the largest brush you can find or a powder puff, these are great for enhancing your tan for a night out. These are shimmery, so I don't use them on my face. When you are older, anything too shimmery can show up every crease! It has to be Matt for the face.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess. Now anyone who regularly reads my beauty post will know that this is my favourite brand. I love the texture and how Matt this is, and it comes in different shades to suit of course. But this is not the one I use myself. You need to go out there and keep sampling to find the right tan shade for you.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer  This is the brand I use all the time, It goes on really well, it's Matt, it's available in many shades and it's cheap. I have four different shades for myself. Two are Matt and two are shimmery I use a darker shade in the summer over my tan, and the lighter shade in the winter. Rub a good size blusher brush to the bronzer, shake the brush to remove excess. Start with the lightest of strokes. This is the best way to do it and gradually build the colour rather than have great stripes on your face! or anywhere else

I wanted to share with you this fantastic brush that I use. Jane Iredale blusher or powder brush.The best blending brush I have ever used, and thoroughly recommend. Google Jane Iredale for stockist

Well that's me done for now, there are so many brands and different way's to make yourself tanned and bronzed, this is just the tip of the iceberg, I know but anything is better than ageing yourself too much by the sun
I would love to hear what your favourite brands are regarding tanning, let me know in case I have missed out on something!
Xo Laurie


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