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Hi Everyone
Busy packing for my hol's (can't wait) but I received an email today saying there is 40% off at La Redoute. Just thought you lovely ladies might find this interesting

Here is what I would choose

You cant beat a good pair of lightweight jeans in a neutral colour, and these look fantastic with the white shirt
Click HERE to find some great offers and don't forget the code if you order

Also Dorothy Perkins have up to 30% off too

So those shorts I was tempted to buy that are now £12.00 will be waiting for me when I get home! If you want to browse, click HERE

Hope this is helpful, I do love a bargain!
Xo Laurie



Hi everyone
How was your bank holiday weekend? Time for the weather to pick up I think, just a few good days so far here in London.
I have got the summer wardrobe out, at the ready for the holiday to Scotland, but the way the forecast is going, I might just pack what I have left out for just in case it's cold, of the winter wardrobe.
I have some lovely dresses to wear, and milk bottle white legs!

I normally spray tan myself (with the aid of the other half) but on a visit to the mothers a couple of weeks ago, when we sit down for a gossip, share what's been going on in our lives, what we have been buying, what new make up were trying etc mother couldn't wait to tell me all about the new self tan she had bought, and showing off her tanned legs. And I have to say I was very impressed! So the next day I gave it a try for myself

First of course, anyone who has self tanned or had spray tan's will know the importance of exfoliating prior to this. Take a look at my post on exfoliating HERE  The cheapest exfoliator with fantastic results.
The tan is called PS Love My Glam Tan Mother found it in Primark at an amazing price of... Drum roll......... £2.50 !
Yes a whole 250 pennies. So you can imagine, I was a little dubious. "It must really smell bad," No it doesn't, "It must turn out really streaky, and mother just got lucky", No, it went on as smooth as a babies bum! And I only applied it with my hands, no tan mitt to borrow from mother when I asked, the reply I got was, what's one of those?

So here's the tube of tan

I used the light to medium, I don't like to over do it and look too orange or fake (same applies to spray tanning) And most importantly, a little moisturiser around the ankles and on the knee's

Here is a before shot of said milk bottle white legs

Another thing I meant to mention is that this cream has a good colour guide, so you can see just how it's going on and that you have covered well

Here is legs after

This pic was taken strait after the application, and when I showered at the end of the day, the colour stayed true.

I am so pleased with
 1) how easy this went on.
 2) how long it lasted. It still looked good 5-6 day's after.
 3)The Price

So I totally recommend you give it a go. I have since bought mother her Tanning Mitt, My inspirational beautiful mother, who still worries about tanning her legs at 84 years old!
Love you mum x

Have you found any great beauty bargains recently? Please share, I would love to hear from you
Xo Laurie



Hi Everyone
How are you all? Anyone in the UK must be wondering when the weather is going to pick up!
I am envious of all my American blogger friends right now! beautiful weather there. I keep seeing all those lovely post, all basking in the sun.
I will be on my holidays soon to "Sunny Scotland" and wanted to get myself some smart shorts. I have lots of regular every day shorts to see me through the summer, so I thought I'd treat myself to some smart ones.

And I have to say I am really pleased with these M&S ones that I bought. See listed below....

Here are some others that I looked at

Mango had some fantastic smart shorts the red ones above £29.99 fantastic colour, a little too high on my waist.You can find them HERE

Totally fell in love with these. Suede is everywhere for AW15 Mango got in a little quicker with these beauties £69.99 HERE

Or more in my price bracket these ones also from mango £44.99 HERE

A pair for you taller ladies out there, a beautiful pastel shade of pink from French Connection, their Sorbet City Shorts are on special offer at the mo for £49.99 instead of £70.00 HERE

Ok not quite shorts but a skort I had to add these for not only are they smart and will go with anything, but the fantastic price £7.00 HERE  Will have to be quick ordering these.

I very nearly bought these as this was the colour I was looking for. These are from Dorothy Perkins £15.00 HERE Sadly they didn't have my size

These M&S  Denim coloured shorts are really well cut. I tried these on and was so tempted , there's a jacket to match these too £25.00

These are the ones I have purchased, comfortable, smart and the perfect colour £29.50 HERE And I love the other colour stocked in this style

A beige colour, of course another wardrobe staple colour. I have to say they are really comfy, and they don't seem to crease easily either.

Getting some decent photos done on the other hand was another matter. The sun would come out, great, put shorts on, take picture. By the time I made it to the only corner of the garden shaded from the wind, it would cloud over, then chuck it down! in out, in out!

Quick take the picture!

Shall we just give up?

Again sun gone in. Five minutes after this is was throwing down massive hail stones! What we do for blogging ?

Shirt = Karen Millen an old favourite
Shorts = M&S
Wedge Sandals F&F current £20.00

Anyone else fed up with the weather? think I need to pack my wellies to go to Scotland? They will look grand with the shorts
Xo Laurie



Hi everyone, I hope everyone in the UK has had a great bank holiday weekend, I have been totally lazy (it doesn't happen often!)

So as promised the second part of that amazing day I had last week at the F&F press event at The Savoy. I had to take some pic's the place is so breathtaking. Firstly this is what I wore....

Another Primark shirt, this time in cream, so comfortable and not too clingy. I am loving the colour of these trousers from Next, like a salmon pink colour. And in my bag is a cream pashmina, pure cashmere for softness. I know they are not so bang on trend now, but I still love them, and they can be folded up and put in your handbag = easy

I bought this necklace from F&F it was in the sale for £6.00 it's beautiful on and tied in with the colour of the trousers.

I  took  quite a few pictures while at the hotel, but have grabbed a couple from Pinterest. I didn't get a picture of the outside in all it's splendour as it was so busy. So here is where I will begin

I would like to have arrived in style, in this Roller, but the good old London bus was good enough for me! I love it when you are greeted by doormen on arrival, a nice start

I thought I would pop to the loo once in there, a huge room, literally the size of my flat! The poshest loo's I have ever been in! This is a seated area within that room, with a beautiful wall Murial. Extravagant toiletries and mini hand towels you toss into a bin.

                                             Well I had to take a selfie in there didn't I !

                   A beautiful arrangement of Orchids in the foyer were simple but stunning

      It has it's own little shop in the foyer. You can buy cakes and delicacies

There are Lot's of glazed cabinets dotted around the foyer, full of tempting treats to help empty the bank balance. Jewels, shoes and beauty products. The little Boodles boutique was my favourite, 

I grabbed this picture from Pinterest. The dining area was busy, and I would have felt rude to be taking pictures. It is soo stunning

I did grab a shot of this meeting room though. I bet a few important meetings have taken place in there!

The hotel is adorned with massive chandeliers everywhere

I have taken this picture from pinterest, to give some idea of what it is like for Afternoon Tea

 It was on my bucket list to go there for tea but I can tick that off now. After moving to London I have a huge list of places to go so watch this space!

Here is what my table was like on the day,  lovely finger foods, and as good as afternoon tea I'm sure. Chrystal glasses, fine china and silver cutlery

Everything is large, and grand , the finest materials used, and steeped in traditional British glamour.I heard a quote "Diamonds are a girls best friend, but a stay at The Savoy surely comes in a close second" And I have to say I agree with that. I would love to plonk myself in one of the chairs there and people watch, I could do that all day long! If your ever in London and looking and looking for somewhere special to go for an afternoon, I couldn't recommend The Savoy enough

Are there any other places you can recommend for me to go to in London? Do tell, I would love to hear from you
Xo Laurie


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