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The Holiday And Fashion Edit

Hi everyone
As promised, here are some photos taken while in Scotland, of the beautiful scenery and some of the items I wore whilst away.
I must say I was really lucky with the weather that week, it was in the mid to late twenties and when I returned to London the temperature had gone back down to twelve degree's
Where we stayed in Southerness, just outside Dumfries, it was probably the most rural place I have ever stayed! The cottage that we rented by the beach was not alone, there was a little road of lovely cottages. but that was it. Zilch of anything else. One corner shop and a tiny doctors surgery was all there was, and you needed to drive to anything else.
But getting back to what I wore on those sunny days.........

I bought this dress from FandF last year, I packed it knowing it wasn't going to crease at all. It's easy and comfortable to wear.

But I did buy the wedge sandals Dorothy Perkins in this fab orange. The thing is about wedges, they give the illusion of height, but feel like your wearing flatter shoes, so good to wear shopping in my book! They have some in sale HERE

When driving around this was the view for miles and miles. Big hills, lots of green and plenty of cows, bulls and lambs

And believe me did they hum!!

Another dress from FandF (do you think I buy too much FandF !) This was so cheap I couldn't resist. It's on sale now HERE

We did have a visit to Sweetheart Abbey a place in ruins that dates right back to the days of william wallace.

This was situated in a little village called new abbey bridge in Dumfries. And when I say little I am talking a few houses a tiny school, and a couple of shops. the little cottages were beautiful though

Going all out comfort for this visit, white ankle grazers from next and pink floral top from Autograph Marks and Spencer find similar HERE

Then we went to visit the oldes lighthouse in Southerness....

I had to climb a fair bit to get this pic, after a bet that I wouldn't be able to climb it ,it had to be done!

So I was glad I put my flats on! these are so comfortable. they are from the children's department at again FandF

We visited a couple of quaint little pubs on our travels, and I rather liked this wooden carved chap. someone has patience

As I said before I loved having this view at the end of the garden, I sat here every evening, watching the tide come in and out. It was so relaxing

And the weather was warm enough for no sleeves I took my woollies and that really thick dressing gown, and didn't need them, although the wind was chilly in the evening. You cant beat a classic white summer shirt, and here's my sleeveless one which is from Next and the trousers are from topshop . They only have them in white now, but they are a really light-weight material, smart looking with the sewn in seam at the front HERE And they don't need ironing!

And I must mention this so easy to wear dress from Next. This is from the petite selection. If I wear high heels, which is what I normally wear, I can get away with a normal length dress. But for flats it's easier to buy petite. I go to either Precis Petite ,Wallis Petite, Or Next. So any of you petite ladies out there looking to buy long dresses, these are the places I would go to first

I was pleased to get to wear my Marks and Spencer shorts too. I love them so much I'm going to get the other colour beige HERE  just noticed these are on special offer too. Well worth every penny The top is from TK max

I'm still working on the other half to buy me a four poster bed! It has never crossed my mind before, but after sleeping in one I'm hooked!
Xo Laurie



Hi everyone,
It feels to me like I have been away for ages on my holiday. A week with the family in Essex, then on to our friends near Northampton, and then a real long drive up to Scotland. And believe me it was long! but well worth it when we arrived, such a stunning place, and so quiet compared to busy London.
We booked our holiday through Sykes cottages HERE  a very helpful company that listened to what we had in mind for our break away
Here below are some pictures of where we stayed

But first let me show you my favourite view from the cottage

The weather turned itself right round for us,it was hot! Everyone told me how cold it was, even the weather forecast was wrong! This is the view at the end of the garden

The cottage was a really grand size for starters, I thought a cottage would be tiny, although it stated there were 4 bedrooms, I expected them all to be small rooms and I couldn't have been more wrong!
The cottage itself was really cosy and well kept, and everything you
could need was available.

I was really pleased with my fairytale four poster bed! I slept like a log too! The whole room was really grand.
The kitchen was well equipped too, with a dishwasher and washing machine.I don't eat out hardly ever due to my allergies so this was good for me.

The garden had everything you could wish for, loads of sun loungers and seating. Our friends and their children joined us for the weekend and there was plenty of space. This is when the outside of the cottage was at it's best,

Such a great space for young children to play. A climbing frame, play house, swings, sand, and a trampoline

And for us adults....

Our own bar, with karaoke, pool table, and loads of board games

A well stocked bar, with snacks and anything you wanted was all included in the price. We had a great time with our friends, and the children enjoyed it too.

And this for me was the icing on the cake at the end of the day!
I would definitely recommend Sykes Cottages to anybody. I was really impressed by the whole thing.
In the next couple of days I will post up all the sights we saw on our holiday, and of course all the outfits I wore. Have any of you been to Scotland? Let me know what you thought of it
Xo Laurie



Hi Everyone
Well we've  reached British summertime, really, where is it? I will be travelling to Scotland in the next few days, and I am praying this weather is going to pick up!
The cottage we have rented is right on top of the beach, with a lovely veranda , with sun loungers. Now, I love watching the sea and being very determined if it's really cold, I will be laying on that sun lounger in this!

This dressing gown in my book is a real "Lady of the manor" lux dressing gown. It is the softest fluffy dressing gown I have touched. It was love at first sight, and it loves me back, making me feel like I am being cuddled by a great big soft bear. I have wanted something from the Rosie for Autograph range for a while.

Hooded luxury dressing gown £39.50 HERE  Feels like luxury too!

Anyway, let's pray for a miracle and hope instead that I will be wearing the new shorts that I also bought from M&S

A really classic cut pair of shorts, smart and will go with anything find them HERE

And of course, to help easing my legs to daylight and having them on show is that remarkable self tan

PS Love My Glam Tan goes on with ease and fantastic results. What more could you wish for £2.50 from Primark

I'm getting a lot of wear out of my Primark shirts.So easy to wear, be it casual or dress them up. This pic is a funny reminder of a day I travelled to Essex to visit the family. When a grandchild spills drink down you, you borrow a pair of your sons trousers! (he didn't get them back!)

I have purchased a couple of pairs of sandals this month. This pair from FandF are cushioned and really comfy £22.00 HERE They come in a lovely tan shade too, I might have to purchase those as well.

I also bought these ones from Choice, a store which sells last seasons, and sometimes current season clothing from next. Love the embellishment on them.

I feel like I'm going out in my pyjama bottoms in these trousers from Primark. I don't normally go for printed trousers, but these caught my eye, and for £7.00 not a great loss if I do wear them as pyjama bottoms. I teamed them with a smart navy blazer and a white T and the navy FandF sandals.

Here's a close up of the Primark trousers

I'm still getting a lot of wear out of the Next biker jacket. Neutral in colour so it goes with most things I wear. The drawstring trousers are from M&S and still have similar in stock. These are from last year.

I will not tire of wearing my skinny faux leather jeans, so comfortable I think we will still see them out in force next winter too
The top is from H&M

So that's my month just gone by. Did  you find any great bargains last month? Do tell! would love to hear from you
Xo Laurie

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