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Hi Everyone
How the weather changed Huh? Same as last year, children start their school holidays and it all goes pear shaped. I hope it picks up again soon. Have you found any bargains in the sales yet? I have found some great priced stuff out there, and purchased a few bits, we are decorating our spare room at the mo and money is tight, so the sales are a godsend to me. I did find some bargain priced white jeans, I was on way to buying a pair from M&S and having a browse in each shop on the way as you do and hey presto! found a pair I really liked.

I purchased these from Pilot. For a bargain sale price of £18.00 They fit well, have Lot's of stretch and most important there not see through!

I have been wearing them quite a bit. Still look summery but warm... As I said, not normally a shop I go visit, it screams younger fashion but inside there were some nice pieces. visit their site HERE ... The shirt I'm wearing was originally from Precis, but it's very old, still comes out every now and again (terrible hoarder!)

Gave up trying to take a decent photo of the said jeans in the end.  Fed up with either getting totally wind swept or soaking wet, resorted to the good old selfie! The other half was happy about that too. Oh and I'm really happy with this little navy top I found in Top Shop too.

And talking of sales, here are some links and codes for some fantastic findings
New Look: Here Get £10 off when you spend £50 code: AFFS&S10
And Phase Eight have up to 70% off some of their range HERE
Happy sales hunting!
Xo Laurie




Hi everyone, I thought I would share my favourite beauty/make-up I'm enjoying at the mo. Some things that I use in my routine will never be banished, however I'm always willing to try something new because you never know, it could create miracles! And if you don't try these new things, you will never know. See below the list.....

1) Marine Collagen Cream.

Remember a while back I did a review for this Marine Collagen face cream? Well I have been totally amazed by this little pot of wonder. Take a look on line at the reviews ABOUT IT HERE  For £12.00  it's a little gem, really quenches your skin, natural ingredients and a little goes a long way. Not for use in the day however, as it doesn't contain any SPF. But I am truly converted, I have just got to the end of mine, so it's lasted a good six months. Not bad for the price.


Make Up Gallery Nail Colour
I always like to try different nail colours especially in the summer. In the summer all the pretty girlie colours come out to play, in the winter I tend to use darker shades. I found a whole new make up range in none other than poundland! I go in there to buy my bath time buffers, toiletries and so on. I saw these and thought , well it's only a couple of pounds down the drain if it's no good. I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised at how good it is, loads of shades available too.

3) Seche Vite

The reason that the £1 bargain nail polish lasts so well and looks nice and glossy is down to this little miracle bottle. Seche Vite quick dry top coat.  not only drys really fast, but gives any polish that high shine. Any varnish I use stays on so much longer since I've been using this, and I've stopped using gel polish it's so good. Google where you can buy, I know you can get it on Amazon, I get it at the beauty wholesalers Sally's

4) PS Love Glam Tan

This has got to be my favourite find of the year so far. when I decide the legs are going to be on show I apply this and I'm good to go. I haven't been dissapointed once by this little gem. You know what it's like, you apply the cream and hope the results are good while your out and your tan is still developing? not once has it streaked, so easy to apply, and again an absolute bargain from non other than Primark £2.50

5) Barry M Glitter Dust

I pondered over trying these for a while. After reading so many other bloggers stories of using them, thought i'd give it a go. Now I can be a bit weary of using anything too sparkly on the eye's trying to avoid any crepy lines. I always sweep my foundation over my eye's, then blend, then apply a light shade. It's always a light shade too, I find this opens and lifts a little. So with a little soft brush, just rub the brush into the lid and shake the brush & apply just to the lower eyelid. I keep trying to summon up the courage to do a make-up vlog. Anyone interested? Voila! just a tiny little sparkle makes all the difference. I bought the gold too, great on your tanned sholders when there on show. I paid £4.50 for each little pot

Shopper savy I am! for all this only cost £26.00 that gives me enough money and less guilt when I spend more on my regular beauty products! What bargains have you been finding? Let me know. I love to here from you
Xo Laurie




 Hi everyone
I have some new advertisers in my side bar, and boy there are some bargains to be had out there at the mo. This week I thought I would focus on dresses. Day dresses and special occasion. This is always the best time to buy a good piece of clothing. Buy something classic and not only is it a bargain, but you will get years of wear. I am a little broke at the mo, so if I buy anymore summer clothes now they will have to be at a bargain price, so my nickname at this present time (and most) is champagne taste lemonade money!

The Little Black Dress Company

The Little Black Dress Company have every type of dress and many brands under one roof. A site well worth looking at. Free delivery here too.

Love the colour of this special occasion dress, lace has been a big contender this year. find the Darling Candice Lace dress HERE  for just £45.00

This black and white Rachel dress with intricate cut-work is what I will be choosing. I love how the cut-work is placed on the waistline to give a slimming effect .
A bargain price of £49.00  was £90.00 HERE

You can't beat having a classic cut summer shift dress in your wardrobe. How cute is the waistline? love a bit of beading. £69.00 was £90.00 HERE

Wow, I just had to add this Virgo's Lounge maxi dress. I would have to have a foot or so chopped off to be the right length for me, but I had to share it for my taller ladies. A real exquisite dress £75.00 HERE

La Radoute

Moving on to La Radoute for some fab day wear, again classic/modern just add the up to date accessorises

Such an easy to wear dress. Go casual or glam it up, this could be worn so many ways it's cut down in price to £29.50 from £59.50 HERE Bargain!

And of course I have to give this denim dress a mention, every wardrobe should have one £23.40 HERE

I am really liking this loose fitting type of dress, I have a short sleeved version, and it hides every lump and bump. So easy to wear and because there's no tight fitting, really comfy £23.40 HERE

Phase Eight

I have long been a fan of Phase Eight, always great detailing and their fitting for me is excellent. If I'm going somewhere special, this is one of the bands I turn to.

How lovely is the colour? A V front and back, great fit, not too low cut and great detailing. Love It!!  £32.00 HERE  Was £110.00

Monochrome classic, with a little cinching at the waist £29.00 HERE Again, this could be really dressed up for evening.

How gorgeous is the colour? And so easy to wear £23.50 looks like a good heavy material too HERE

Well I hope you have found something you like here, I would be happy to have any of these in my wardrobe, but I especially like the black and white one. I think that's the one I'm going for. Let me know if you have found any spectacular sale items out there in the sales I'm missing out on
Xo Laurie


Vanity And Me Is One Year Old

Hi Everyone
Where does the time go? I realised that I have reached that one year spot. Yes I have been blogging for a year now, this birthday nearly slipped me by , and I didn't want it to because to me it's quite an accomplishment!

There is still a lot to be learnt in blogshere, I still very often get frustrated when I am trying to do something new! But the rewards far out way the frustrations, and so much has happened for me in this past year. If your a blogger I would love to know what you thought the most challenging part was when you first started, please let me know.

So I thought I'd do a little round-up of pictures and post's from the beginning to now...

This is the first ever picture I posted of myself on line, and yes, too shy to face the camera! I am still wearing this dress on the odd occasion typically if you know me well enough it's from F&F

It was just as hot this time last year, wearing one of my favourite maxi dresses, still unable to look at the camera!
Anyone else feel like this at the start of their blogging?

Actually, I would like to say a huge big thank you to all my readers. And also big big thank yous to all my new blogger friends, especially those that have given me support during my frustrations of not knowing what I was doing!

My beauty post have always been popular, the post about my take on exfoliating HERE is one of my most read post's

One of the things I have loved about blogging, is for me about going out to new places, and finding things to write about. It has given me a little push to do things I kept putting on the back burner.

It's made me think more about what I wear too, my accessorise budget was raised a little!

Fun day's out like this one at Covent Garden. I have a huge list of places to go!

And not to forget about famous stores to see, I totally recommend anyone to go to Liberty's. Really, as I look through these pictures and post's it's like a little on line diary to treasure such memories...

And hopefully I have managed to be a little helpful in the beauty post's like this one HERE And I am not going to shut up about SPF!

Another thing I gained from blogging so far is confidence, I actually look at the camera now! I have always been shy and non-confident

I have enjoyed sharing what I think is a bargain find or just something I felt I needed to share (still hiding here though!)

I think the best blogger day I've  had is the FandF AW fashion event. Read it HERE Now that's a day I wont forget! and I hope to go to a few more

So has it all been worth it? To me, yes it has. I have gained confidence, learnt so much more about computer skills, made some great friends, and of course the shopping! well you have to shop or browse just to have something to write about don't you?!!

And here's that dress again, one of the first pictured in Vanity And Me but this summer I got enough confidence to get me a hat!

Once again, a big thank you to all my readers and blogger friends. And to all bloggers a question? what has been your hardest part of blogging? And the easiest? would love to hear from you.
Xo Laurie


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