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Hi Everyone
A couple of weeks back I attended a fashion event. "PURE" it's based at Olympia London.
I wasn't sure what to expect on arrival , but boy was there enough to look at.

Rows and rows of boxes, all containing different brands, showing what was to be on offer for SS16.

I spotted some fantastic accessories, believe me sparkle is still making a big appearance!

As are studded items. There was so much, it was hard to take it all in.

One of the brands that really caught my eye was "Paper Dolls".

I fell in love with these boots, One brand I will definitely be visiting.

So many beautiful clothes! Lace is still a big factor for next summer, and yes that's me with straight hair for a change!

Lusting over all these accessories, I was a bit disappointed you couldn't buy on the day, but so many leaflets and cards were given, it was great for picking up contacts.

There were so many pieces of clothing in this blush colour, I love it, an easy to wear colour that you can mix with anything. There was a lot of suede and suedette too, all in this shade. I look forward to wearing some.

We were treated to a little catwalk session as well...........

I grabbed a seat early and rested those Tootsie's so I could get a good view.

Firstly, can I tell you how hard it is to take pictures of a model walking at ten miles per hour!

Hence the fact that these pictures are not of the best quality!

                                But you can see that tassel's were still a big feature.

As was the Jumpsuit This was gorgeous, but only got a shot of the back (sorry)

                        Cut work or laser cut was still there too, beautiful colours.

                  Could I get away with wearing a gold biker jacket at my age? !

                         Big bold accessories finished the look of this jumpsuit.

I have to say I really enjoyed the day, I was like a little girl in a sweet shop!

Have you been to any fashion events lately? Anything you can recommend? I would love to hear from you.
Xo Laurie



Hi everyone
Ive been off the radar for a couple of weeks, I have been in Essex to see the family and then on to Corby to help a friend who is on the move.

But prior to that, one day, a few weeks ago I had a surprise, a big surprise!

 You know the first thing you do in this blogging world, is catch up on your emails, your twitter, your facebook and your instagram and so on..... Well it was all going a bit mad, lots of new followers, lots of comments, I thought oo I'm a bit popular today! feeling a little smug with myself! (but still wondering why?)
It wasn't until later that evening, that I turned on my blogger, you know like you do to check how much you've earned that day through Ad sense (and then you wonder why you bother!) that a little link caught my eye! Take a look HERE

Anyway, to explain why this happened is as follows. I received an email from the Telegraph, asking if it was OK to post a picture of me, as they were writing a piece on women over 50 using Instagram. I did reply back to say "oh yes, that's great", however I'm a bit flabbergasted as to why you would want to use my picture" Moi?...... Then I asked when it would be published? Nothing, zilch, never heard a word, so I thought, OK you've come to your senses and thought better of it. And then a few weeks down the line, it happened! It was published (A bit rude of the writer of the article me thinks not to even let you know)

So off to Essex I went, very chuffed with myself, then brought back down to earth by the grandson.............

A very bedraggled, worn out me, with feet firmly on the ground!
Xo Laurie



Hi everyone!
How are all  mothers/grandmothers coping with the school holidays? Busy busy busy! Did I tell you I have no.8 grandchild on the way? So my Christmas and birthday list is now huge! (now you know why I have to be so shop savvy!)

I was taken out on a surprise trip out to Leicester Square to have a few drinks and see a show. Had a fantastic time!, this is what I wore

Difficult to know what to wear at the moment don't you think? One minute it's sunny and hot, the next it's cloudy, chilly and raining! It did drizzle a little while we were there. I bought this lace dress a while ago in T K Max My favourite to go place for a bargain. Draped over my bag is my cream pashmina (goes everywhere in this weather) An accessory I totally recommend!

Bargain shoes from Choice which sells the fabulous next brand

Anyway back onto the day out, Really, really busy time in Leicester Square. Shoulder to shoulder walking around. And just got lucky to get a seat in one of the many bars there. I love to sit outside and people watch, but today it was just too busy. I could do that all day long, and be more than happy.

          I never tire of looking at historic statues and buildings in London

             Watching the kiddies getting a soaking, enjoying their day out

It makes me smile, how they try to hide the building works going on (note the umbrella photo bomber!)

Off to the show... sadly no pictures were aloud whilst in there. Shame, but I recommend anyone go. I wasn't sure about this show, as I'm not a big Frankie valley fan. But the story line was good, the singing was excellent. And the stamina that the actors/actresses had, I really admired. These people sung and danced more than anyone you would see at a concert any day.

Picture says it all! Had a great time!
Have you got any shows to recommend to me? I don't know what to go see next. I wanted to see We Will Rock You but sadly it's no longer showing. So I would love to here from you!
Xo Laurie


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