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Hi Everyone
Just before Christmas I was approached by JD Williams for a blogger challenge. The idea was to steal someones style. There were several categories to choose from, one being film. I chose to go back in time to the seventies.........

I had a browse through their site (some great sale bargains to be had here I might add) and fell for this Tapestry Boho Dress, from their  Bohemian winter range. This reminds me of so many films from early to late seventies, Annie Hall, The Graduate, Love Story, the list is endless......

I love the way it feels on, very light and swishy. Great detailing with black edged cuffs and tassel's at the neckline....
I had a dress like this back in the late seventies, I so wish I had a picture of it to share. This really was like going back in time and I love this JD Williams one just as much...

 I chose to accessorise it with a fedora hat (Just removed due to wind force!)  and this suede slouchy bag to tie in with the seventies trend....

I am really pleased with my high heeled leather and suede knee high boots I received for Christmas too, they finished the look off perfectly.
It really is worth while to look at the JD Williams site, they have some beautiful pieces on there. You can find the dress HERE

XO Laurie

                                                              J D WILLIAMS






Hi everyone
Are you nearly done? Have you shopped, wrapped, partied too hard,decorated,cooked? I am just about frazzled getting prepared for Christmas. And I haven't wrapped everything yet or cooked (I have promised cakes and home made biscuits for everyone)
Sounds like a real moan reading it back, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. My Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of stress. And it is a tradition for me to go and buy last minute bits on Christmas eve.

I thought id write a little post on make up. I really don't do huge amounts of make up. But when I'm out for an evening and I want to add a little sparkle, listed below is what I would use. I like to keep my eyes light, I have quite heavy eyelids now in my older age and I think you have to be a little careful of being over sparkly and dark eyeshadow can make my eyes seem a bit sunken......

So as you can see from above I keep it fairly simple... But I really believe lighter shades on the eye's will make them look more lifted.

I start with a foundation , including a little on the eye's to make eye shadow stay in place. Then I use a nude/peachy shade of eyeshadow or Estee Lauder Ivory Box eye shadow. The peachy one in the middle of the photo is great and quite iridescent, followed by a brown black or grey eye liner pencil.

When I'm out for an evening I apply either the gold or the silvery powder shown in the little pots below. I use these after I have applied  the eye shadow

These little Barry M glitter pots are pretty amazing, and so cheap! you can use them any wear on the body you want to add a little shimmer to. They look great with a tan, use a large blusher brush dip the tip of the brush in the pot, shake excess away and brush on the shoulders or up the leg shins. sounds a bit dramatic, but they are really subtle

Again when I'm applying to eye's I use the smaller brush. Dip the tip of the brush in, make sure you shake the brush well and blend into your eye socket. It leaves just a little shimmer, and will accentuate your eyelids. If you don't like too much colour on your eye's this is great to try.
If  I want to add a little sparkle to my nails, I use my favourite nail colour and just use gold or silver glitter polish over the top
If your interested in where to buy these easy add sparkly items, just click the pictures below
Enjoy getting sparkly!
Laurie x




Hi Everyone
How many fur items do you have in your wardrobe? Fur collars, Fur trimmed cardigans, Fur trimmed gloves, Fur hats, Fur handbags......
Have you bought your fur jacket yet? Although the way the weather is in London, I am actually wondering if I'm going to get the wear out of mine. Having said that the night's are quite chilly, so any evening out will do, and these two fur jackets I have  will keep me going for a good few years....

This dark grey faux fur is from  EDINA RONAY  But It was bought for a bargain price at T K MAXX
Take a look at the Edina Ronay brand, if your richer than me, her styles are to die for!

But what I'm trying to get at here is to buy a good quality coat/jacket for a bargain price. Ebay or, T K Max or BRAND ALLEY are all great places to start looking. Even charity shops. One thing I will say regarding Ebay or buying on line. If you can get a good idea of the sizing before you hit the buy button.

I bought this jacket more for evening wear, it's not quite black , it has a lot of grey in it. Being of mature age I think you have to be careful of fur up against your skin tone. I wear a fair amount of black, but for some reason black fur just drowns me out! So it's wise to try a few different colours next to your skin tone before you buy on line if that's where you find your bargain.

Under the jacket I'm wearing one of my favourite vintage blouses. You can read why it's so special in this post HERE

I had a good prediction on the pussy bow blouse I think! I been wearing this for over a year, there are some great blouses out there with neck ties, great for covering up the neck area! (mine's terrible!)

My second jacket I have is by DKNY also a bargain from T K MAXX (I can spend hours either in there or on line!)
I wear this with more casual items. Jeans, faux leather trousers, black trousers. It's not as bulky as the first jacket, and I feel I can get away with wearing this in the daytime more.

And just as I'm half way through pictures! Oh hello photo bomber!

If I give you this biscuit will you leave me in peace? No chance! it's her walk time!

Have you found any special bargain fur coats? Have you just bought one or thinking of it? Do share and let me know
XO Laurie

PS I have fond a few lovely jackets listed below at bargain prices




Hi everyone,
Just a quick post to share some good finds and bargains with you.......

I am  over the moon with my new necklace from PER'S JEWELS  I never find many collectables with my name on it, so this was custom made for me. A real Carrie moment!
Take a look at the website, great for Christmas presents..........

If any of you are in London at the weekend, there will be some great bargains to be had at this sample sale. I am a big fan of Ghost Clothing, it's easy luxury wearable designs......

I finally managed to put the tree up! Time for a cuppa, slip into some lounge wear, including these super soft socks from Yawn. The do great PJ'S too find them HERE


How beautiful is this red dress? French Connection have a fantastic sale on at the moment. This dress was £120 and is now £60 If your looking for a Christmas Eve or New Year's eve dress look HERE 

Or If it's seperates your after, this embellished top from Biba is very festive looking. I am always drwan to red a Christmas!!
I have chosen this from the House Of Fraser mega sale HERE  £62.30 down from £89

Boden, oh so popular Boden! if you don't find anything you like in this sale, you are very hard to please! There is 25% off plus free delivery and free returns till the 17th of december YOU MUST USE THIS CODE 8X2K at the checkout HERE

I hope you have nearly finished all your present shopping, I am nearlly done, just the wrapping to do. Then if there are any pennies spare, it's time to treat ourselves! (we deserve it after all decorating, shopping, wrapping, cooking, entertaining ..............
Xo Laurie



Hi everyone
If you hate the gaping shirt syndrome, look no further! I have just discovered the Marks and Spencer No Peep Shirt. I had been meaning to buy a decent white shirt for a while, and the fact that this has a special way of fastening so there is no gaping at the chest area "genius"

I am so impressed by this fastening idea, and don't know why other brands are not catching up with this idea! If you know of any other brands with shirts with this type of fastening, please let me know! You can find the shirt HERE at a bargain price of £35.00

I chose to wear the shirt with this pleather black skirt, and a black jewelled necklace at the neckline. I did also want to picture my forever friend fluffy black cardigan, but I just got too hot! In December!

Well it was worn very briefly at the beginning of the shoot, And it soon got deposited into the handbag. That's what I love about this cardigan. I have had this one for many years, around twelve I think. I bought it from a brand called Offshoot, Do any of you remember this brand?
It's a gem of an item to wear in the evenings or shopping when it's cold, it can be scrunched up and put in your bag, no creasing and it's really warm. It has been a big favourite of mine....
Have any of you been wearing something year after year that you wont part with? Do share!

XO Laurie




Hi Everyone
A week of absence due to having the flu! I haven't been that ill for ages .
Any way, I wanted to share with you my bargain find of the week, I do like it when the postman delivers little parcels from on line shopping. It's becoming a little addictive. I had these leggings and polo jumper delivered from FandF Such a bargain to share....
I bought my last pair of leggings from my favourite brand , and I have to say I have not found any better anywhere else. They are a lot thicker than most brands, and keep their shape really well. I do size up on them though to avoid muffin top!
The Polo neck jumper is really cosy too, easy to wear with contrasting colours. These two items for £24 is such a bargain, great for me who is penny pinching after all the Christmas shopping!


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