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Leopard print, Faux leather and Rockstuds. Too old? Never!

This is one easy to wear casual outfit from last week. When you want to be comfortable and not worry about how tight your waist band is! Just wear a longer looser fit shirt. My love for faux leather gets stronger, no creasing and will match up with almost anything. Dress them up or down, to me they are win win and top score for being so comfortable.

My studded black bag I have had for some time now, this comes out to play for the "rock chic look" and finishes it off nicely.

                                                              SHOP THE LOOK

I am looking forward to mother's day , I will be spending it with my family in Essex waiting for the next new arrival of the family. So I could be in the company of my children/grandchildren or in a labour ward with my daughter!

What are you hoping for on Mothers day ? Flowers? Chocolates? Pampering? I asked mother what would she really like? "Well I would really like one of those Estee Lauder Lip Pencils" So that is what she will get, plus a little surprise of some sort. I introduced her to the Double Wear lip liner a while back, it really does stay in place.....

Plus it has a handy lip brush on the other end. Take a look at other colours HERE I have the Nude colour and find it goes with most of my lipsticks . You don't get feathering with this pencil which is a bonus.

I don't mind what I receive, just to see my children and grandchildren is good enough for me. But here are a few hints! (I know they must be reading) There are some great offers around at the mo.....

A subscription to my favourite magazine would be great. I love Hello Fashion Monthly and it's a great magazine for only £1.50 it really has everything I need HERE

I really like this denim shirt from Marks And Spencer I fancy trying the double denim look (I'm behind in the fashion world ok!)  This one looks nice and soft, not too heavy and only £16.87 HERE

This Tote bag from FandF is lovely and in this years rose quartz colour, I love this colour and I know a few items of this shade will be creeping into the wardrobe £20.00 HERE

Well that's it from me Ladies. I hope you all have a lovely weekend
XO Laurie



  1. I have to confess that I've just jumped onto the band wagon with some faux leather jeans recently. I had no idea they would be so comfortable. Love the leopard print top you've paired yours with. Any baby news this weekend?
    Anna's Island Style

    1. They are so easy to wear Anna, and no ironing! No baby yet, my daughter goes in Tuesday for induction. I am birth partner so quite excited. This will be the fifth one I have seen born, it's amazing being present.

  2. Love the outfit you have styled it to perfection. Also loving the look of them lip pencils.

    Jacquard Flower Blog

  3. Love your selection Laurie!! And you are absolutely right, we are never too old, and you look fabulous. It's Tuesday here in LA, and I wish your daughter an easy delivery!! So exciting. xoxo Zuma

    1. Thank you Zuma. After a 48hr labour baby finally made an entrance. All is good. Thank you for your good wishes xx

  4. Love all the selections, button down, the pale pink purse is up my alley and the makeup. I love to get some new spring makeup this season. I went out on a limb and bought i hink 3 pr of faux leather pants, so i know why you love em. Looks great on you!
    Thanks for linking up to turning heads tuesday!
    jess xx

    1. Thank you Jess, they are so easy to wear. Looking forward to spring colours and a little bit of coloring to the skin and not be so stuffed up in jumpers and coats xx

  5. I love your taste in handbags, that black one is especially gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Emma, this one I found on a market stall a few years back £15 !! Thank you for stopping by x

  6. Those faux leather trousers are stunning. I hope you had a wonderful day. Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday x

  7. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style I like how you styled the leather pants. they look office appropriate.

  8. You are so rockin this look! Love those pants and boots and your leopard tunic top them off perfectly. Thanks for linking up and have a wonderful weekend.

  9. You must be anxious for the time you will spend with them. That's a great top. Anything that's leopard print is always a fave of mine.


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