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Hi Everyone
I thought I would share with you the dress that I wore to the fashion show last week. I bought this shirt dress from Marks and Spencer (Autograph) in the sales and found it a n easy choice to wear, what with the travelling, being comfortable and still looking decent by the time I got to the show.....

The dress lived up to it's expectations, it didn't crease at all and because it's quite a busy print, no accessories needed here. Does it get any easier?

I just partnered it with my suede bag and knee high boots (I can walk forever in them) Very sunny but really I'm freezing by the way!!

The dress does have a tie belt, which I have tied round the back rather than tie right round. So it's a straight drop in the front and slightly gathered at the back

I love the piping detail around the front of the dress, this just finishes it off nicely

Just thought I'd throw this shot in. I meant to take a view from the back (tut tut) As I said I tied it to the back. I think this made the dress look more stylish. Tied in the front it just looked a little mumsy 

Dress = Autograph Marks and Spencer (Similar HERE )
Suede bag = River Island
Knee high boots = Aldo


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Hi Everyone

I was really pleased when JD Williams sent me an invitation to view their over 50's  fashion show in London last week.

When I arrived at the Cafe Royal (beautiful place by the way) you could really feel that something special was going on. If your ever in London I advise a visit to this amazing place.
This was the first time a catwalk show used only models over fifty, Just that alone is something to be celebrated

We were shown into the Pompadour Ballroom suite, beautiful surroundings and so right for this show

                                                               All very grand!

                                                   How beautiful is that ceiling?

The best idea behind this fashion show, was that it was geared up for us over 50 women. It's true to say that there are so many women over the age of 50 that lack body confidence, but it is also true that many women over 50 do not want to feel left behind in the fashion stakes anymore.


The Ballroom was soon crowded, waiting.....
I was amazed at how many celebrities were there, Anthea Turner, Joe Wood, Susan George, Patti Boulaye is just for starters. I was trying not to stare too much!!!

And so the show started.. Hang on a minute MARIE HELVIN!!! This is when the camera got all wonky MARIE HELVIN!! I was nearly squealing . This for me was a moment, one of my all time favourite models

I will include some shots now that that JD Williams kindly sent, so that you can view what I saw clearly......

                                           Still looking fabulous, owning that catwalk

This coat was designed by Meng Wu from the London Collage Of Fashion. It was the chosen winner of all the designs. A coat that can be worn 30 different ways, and will be listed in the JD Williams AW16 on line.

Everyone applauded when the beautiful Daphne Selfe (87) joined the catwalk, Her posture still as good as a twenty year old!

The show seemed to be over so quickly, I could have sat there watching for ages. There were drinks after, and I even got to mingle with a few celebrities, so that really finished the day off nicely!

                     Anthea Turner, it was great to chat to her after the show. She was lovely

                                              Lizzy Cundy And Patty Boulaye

                            I could get used to clinking glasses with the celebs!!
Take a look at JD Williams on line collections HERE you wont be disappointed

XO Laurie



Hi Everyone
I had a great week last week, seeing all the family....... No babies born yet though! One will definitely be here by next Thursday though. Waiting and waiting, the daughter isn't too pleased either!

Anyway for this Fabulous Finds post I wanted to share with you my favourite uber comfy jeans

Apologies for the lighting on these photos! Some day's it's hard in this blasted weather. Anyway getting onto the jeans....

I have tried many a pair of expensive famous brand jeans, that promise to hold you in, lift your bum, not go baggy and keep their shape. I found this brand from F&F a couple of years ago, and I haven't looked back. They do all that is promised of the higher priced brand and I strongly recommend them.

These are my new super skinny's The last pair I bought were dark, this pair are a lighter denim wash, perfect for summer.....

I do size up once on these,I don't like them to be skin tight and find this way of fitting perfect. Comfy for slouching around....
No muffin top and I do find they hold the backside in shape! And a mere £20 !!!

Teamed today with my slouchy sparkly jumper from Top Shop. Sadly no longer available, but I love how a little sparkle can turn a plain outfit around.

Take a look at the F&F jeans below I'm hoping they will bring out a white pair for the summer

Other Fabulous Finds this week........

That fabulous tan I was banging on about last year is available in Primark again. If you didn't see the post about this amazing tan, read it HERE I know a few people had a job getting this , so here is fair warning! Buy now

Topshop have some amazing cut prices on dresses HERE

Hybrid Fashion have some fabulous dresses in stock at the moment. I have a wedding to go to in the summer, and being as I'm loving that blush pink colour, this could be quite the outfit......

And for you lovely readers there is a 10% off code till the 29/2  quote HELLOHB10 (full priced items only)
This dress however is a mere £40.16 instead of £135.00 very tempting! HERE

Have a marvellous weekend everyone
XO Laurie




Hi Everyone
It's a really blustery day here in Essex, I nearly got swept off my feet trying to take the photos for today's post!
How are you celebrating your valentines day? Does it mean so much to you? Is it all ribbons and bows with a cherry on top? For me it's no biggie, I cant eat out due to my allergies and I cant have any chocolate ANY! but I can have flowers or plants, so we will see.....I know that I am loved and that's all that matters.

 I do like to wear my heart blouse each valentines day though......

I have worn this blouse on valentines day a fair few years now, it's seen some romantic times! A Karen Millen pussy bow blouse which has given me the cause to wear my new trousers......

I bought these trousers HERE for a bargain price of £12.00 It's just so easy to slip items into your shopping trolley! a habit I need to break, I just cant resist looking!

But I must tell you about my special loving moment.....
Looking after my grandson at the weekend, he appeared from upstairs with a tiny silk flower in his hand, he came up to me and said "this is just for you nanny"

He had stolen this from one of mothers arrangements upstairs! (sorry mother your not getting it back) Now that is for me a real moment of love, and I will be cherishing that little flower always...
So I hope you all have some form of love on Valentines day this weekend, any special moments? I want to know...
XO Laurie

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Hi Everyone
Down to Essex for a family visit this week, I have two grandchildren about to pop into the world and I am birthing partner to my daughter. Have you ever been present at a birth?.. Do share how you feel about the experience, I have seen three of my grandchildren come into the world and I have loved it.........

So for this lazy Sunday I have chosen a cosy lurex jumper similar here       
And my Faux leather skirt similar here
So I will be kicking my boots off and curling up on the sofa. The good thing ablout faux leather is that it doesn't crease, so semi smart but slouchy.  

I was fortunate enough to be sent some beauty treatments from Eloquence this week. I will let you know what I think of these in a couple of weeks time. Anyone used this brand before?

I have found a new brand for shoes on Instagram. Public Desire. Such affordable prices and great designs, the site updates new styles constantly, there is something for everyone here, and I have my eye on these VIOLETTE STILETTO HEELS £29.99 are on my shopping list. A nude colour is a must have, to go with everything

Have you watched the new fashion programme hosted by Fearne ang Gok? It's called OFF THE RAILS and I'm really enjoying it. New trends and celebrity styles, I love a bit of girly TV Find it HERE

 So if you feel like looking your Sunday best but not in trousers, and you want to wear a skirt and be comfortable, there are some great ones listed below.




Hi Everyone
Last week I was a little proud of myself! Marie Claire on line magazine got in touch about featuring in their #Break Free campaign. It's all about fighting ageism and how us more mature women go against it

If you would like to pop by and read what I had to say click HERE I would love to know what you think, and I would love to know what your views are on not feeling over the hill and how you combat this......

Now for my bargain find.....
Primark? Love it or hate it, sometimes I walk into my local Primark and it all just looks like a jumble sale in there. But I still push myself through that door on a regular basis, because every now an then you will find a gem. This dress cost me a mere £7.00 and I know it will be worn several way's for the next few winters. Primark also had this in black, and I wish I had bought that colour too....
(please excuse garden! Work in progress)

I teamed the dress with one of my favourite belts. I know the modern cool way to wear it would be to wear it loose, but rules are made to be broken and I prefer it this way. However there is a blooper in the way I have styled it! I so wish I had put my Knee high boots on instead of my shoe boots! We all have a blooper moment sometime right?
However I think a good pair of heels and some evening jewellery This dress could pass for a night out.

                                              shop the look !

Have you found any special bargains? Do tell!
XO Laurie


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