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Joe Browns "Live Life Colourful "

I was tickled when Joe Brown's got in touch, my daughter always wore this brand in her teenage years. So I got to tell her nicky nicky ner ner I'm not too old to wear this brand!....

The brief was to choose something to wear and find something colourful to feature it against. This wall actually belongs to the playschool round the corner to wear I live. After driving round to find something bright, I forgot that this was right under my nose!

This is a sleeveless dress, and although it was sunny it was way too cold ! I layered it with a long sleeve T shirt. I look forward to wearing it without the T shirt !

As it turns out, when I looked through the Joe Browns site I can see that they have grown up a little bit too. I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn't make up my mind on what to choose. Here are some of my favourite pieces ....

                                                          NAUTICAL JACKET £54.95

                                                SUMMER TWO PIECE BLOUSE £34.95

                                                         NAUTICAL WAISTCOAT £44.95

                                                             SANTORINI SHIRT DRESS  £34.95

                                                          PAPAGAYO DRESS £34.95

                                                          GARDEN PARTY DRESS £39.95

Not bad prices either, and beautiful colours for summer. The jacket and waistcoat I think will look perfect with jeans. Take a look at the Joe Browns site, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

XO Laurie



I love silk, the texture, how light it is against your skin, and how luxurious it feels.....

I was recently invited to attend a fashion show, to view the beautiful creations of Zaeem Jamal
This was being held at his newly opened studio at Chelsea Creek, Imperial Wharf.

On arrival I was stunned at how plush the studio was, all marble flooring and one huge sweeping leather sofa. Zaeem has a boutique on the Kings Road Chelsea, where you can see His ready to wear creations, the studio today was being used for the fashion event and it's also used for customers who are wishing to have something created by Zaeem, something made to measure or alterations. Bridal wear is also available, and believe me when I say "wedding gowns to take your breath away".

I was warmly greeted, the atmosphere was really relaxed, Champagne and canapes were on offer. I sat myself down and ready for the show, to view  his new "Greek Collection" Inspired from his travels there....
I will let the photos roll, then talk about the collection...

You can see in the photo's how light and floaty everything is. The way all the clothes moved was just dreamy. And beautiful jewel colours, any of these garments I think are red carpet worthy....

After the show ZaeeM gave a little chat about the collection. He was born in Wimbledon and is the third generation of his family to work within this industry. Zaeems collections are created from silk, satins, chiffon's crepes and wool fabrics. Many hours are blown away just working on one piece. A lot of hand embroidery and embellishment adorns these creations. Many of the designs I saw at the studio, you could tell had a Greek influence. Lot's of draping and embellishments (think Cleopatra)

After Zaeem had delivered his speech, we were invited to try anything on ourselves. I thought this was great. It's OK to watch the collection move on the models, but to feel how it felt on, and how it moved on myself and the other girls there, showed how wearable the pieces were.... I had a good look round inspecting all the fine detailing on the garments too...

I loved this clever idea. To be worn round your neck or across the body. A fine accessorie to add to a plain dress or blouse.

This was one of my favourite pieces . A kaftan style that could be worn with anything, but it was the print that drew me in. A lot of the silks are printed from photographs taken in Greece. This is from the poppy fields of Delphi.

Look at the sleeve detail, so pretty and princess like

All of the embellishments are created and sewn by hand

This dress was a favourite, simply stunning. This dress would look gorgeous on anyone regardless of size.

Not your everyday wear! But for a wedding or extra special occasion Oh yes! I'm wondering if I will see any of these beautiful gowns on a red carpet on TV at some point!

I stood gazing at this, wondering how long it really did take to hand sew all those beads on?

And of course, princess dresses deserve princess accessories! They were all stunning, and I wanted every item !

Beautiful hand printed scarfs a light as a feather and felt like luxury on

I would like to thank Zaeem for inviting me to this fantastic event and for being so welcoming. Take a look at Zaeems website HERE There is so much more to discover
XO Laurie




Do you use Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream ? Have you looked at or purchased anything from the new Eight Hour range?

I have used this little tube of miracle worker for around thirty years! Even writing this I cant believe I have been using it all that time......

I remember well, being introduced to this cream,right back in the eighties a friend of mine gave me a book to read. The book was of course about beauty, all I wanted to read about was either fashion, beauty or hairdressing.
 I was doing my City and Guilds hairdressing diploma at this time, and my brain was like a sponge soaking it all up. Anyway, the book was an auto biography by Britt Ekland (remember Britt ? ) All about her beauty routine and advise on how to look good. It was here I read about Eight Hour Cream Britt highly recommended the cream, so I went strait out and bought some. I've never looked back, that tube of cream has been used everyday since.

What I use it mostly for is my lips. I have been quite lucky so far in the ageing department round the lips, and I'm sure this cream has played a big part in keeping the lines at bay. It's really good for cuticles and any dry skin area, I use it on my heels too. I have never had dry lips, this makes a big difference to applying your lipstick.

So when I heard that a new range of Eight Hour products were being launched I knew I had to go see for myself . The new Eight Hour Miracle Oil is amazing, I have been trying out a couple of samples of this. It can be used literally anywhere on your body, even to tame frizzy hair. I have been using mine for a few weeks incorporated into my weekly facial. Once I've given myself a cleanse and exfoliation, I put a couple of drops into my palms then massage into my face and neck. You can feel it being sucked in! It really hydrates and plumps my skin up.

 This will be great for getting my body ready to be on show in the summer prior to tanning too. again a good body exfoliation followed by a helping of this miracle oil.

The Eight hour range has grown through the years, I often have a tinted Eight hour lipstick in my handbag, this is also great for adding a pop of shine if your just using s lip pencil to cover your lips. I was lucky enough to be offered another new product Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Replenishing Cleansing Oil to try (I will be hosting a giveaway of this product soon )

Have you tried any cleansing oils yet? I was not sold on  the idea at first and this is my first try. A few drops in the hand, a few drops of water, massage into your face and then rinse off. Hey presto! make up gone, mascara gone, and no oily residue (This is what I was expecting) Just super smooth clean skin. The oil contains natural ingredients so this will be great for sensitive skins too.

If you are already a fan of Elizabeth Arden or wanting to try any of these products click HERE and add the code 15OFF75
This entitles you to 15% off the value of £75.00 (threshold) This offer is available till June.

If you already use any of these products or buy some , let me know what you think , What's your favourite ?

XO Laurie




It looks like the better weather is on it's way at long last, those new peep toe shoes had to come out to play.
Yesterday was such a beautiful day and I couldn't think of a better way to spend it other than a visit to my friend who has recently started residing on her fabulous barge on Penton Hook Marina. When the sun is shining I couldn't think of a better place to be, it's so calm and peaceful. Plus it's a great location to shoot some photos for my ootd !

The sky was so blue I nearly blended in! This was a first outing for my long length waistcoat, I'm a little behind on this trend, it wasn't easy to find one in the length that I liked. But I found this one in Fand F at a bargain price HERE

I fell in love with the colour of the leggings which I have had for ages, purchased in River Island a while ago. However they needed something to break up the colour. The shirt is from Primark which I also bought a fair time ago. I love the easy go with anything style and bought five of these in different colours.

On a sunny day, and believe me it was so lovely and warm, I couldn't think of a better place to be. We sat in the sun and had a nice cuppa and a catch up. The ducks and swans just hop up out of the water onto the pontoon as if to join in on the conversation!

Plus being as the weather was a little warmer, out came to play my new bargain find peep toe slingbacks. I bought these in a store that sells end of season brands such as Next HERE I paid only £12.00 for these. I recommend a look at this bargain site .

I hope the weather is going to only get better from now on, it's so nice to not have to be wrapped up in thick jumpers and boots. I think I will be visiting my friend quite a lot too! I might even have a go at fishing! This location is Penton Hook marina just opposite Thorpe Park. If your ever in the area take a wander round it's beautiful.
XO Laurie

A Quick up date here! I was featured on the Independent Fashion Bloggers page for one of my fashion post! This really made my day! here is the link...
Independent Fashion Bloggers

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When do you decide if blogging is just a hobby or you want to take it a step further?
It's nearly two years now I have been blogging, just plodding along......

Towards the end of summer last year is when I noticed things were really picking up, my followers growing, and readers returning.
 This gives off a lovely feeling you know, and when you realise people are interested in what you have to say or what your wearing, it gives you even more gumption to carry on.
 The event invites start to trickle in and brands are starting to take notice. There really is a real big shift in the more mature blogger and the numbers of new mature fashion bloggers are growing fast.

So I decided around christmas time that I would invest in a couple of things to help my little blog along.....
When I went to a couple of events last year,one thing I had never thought of before cropped up. Every time I spoke to someone about their brand for information to relay to you my lovely readers ,I was asked for a business card. A BUSINESS CARD!!!

Well I had never really thought cards before and I was proper kicking myself all the way home! Note to self BUSINESS CARDS!!!

So when I came across AURA PRINT  * I was delighted with the ideas they came up with for me

They arrived neatly packed and I was surprised how good the quality of the card was. It's really thick and sturdy, not flimsy at all.
I also loved the idea of them being double sided. So I had my blog name on the front and all my media site addresses on the back.
You can even add your own design and send it to them if you want, have your photo on the front etc. So if you fancy getting some new business cards done I totally recommend these colour core cards,
  They have so many fabulous colours available, you wont be disappointed.

The next thing I decided to invest in was a  new blog template. There are so many out there on the market, it's difficult to choose the right design plus there's the worry of things going wrong. Now the last template design I had was ok, although I did have a lot of problems with the page after it was installed, and this is what was putting me off going through all that palaver again.

A couple of blogger friends Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb and Claire of Claire Justine suggested Pipdig Now I took a look at what they had to offer and was blown away.  Craving these new designs but being scared to take the leap Claire and Catherine assured me how easy it was, and any problems could be easily solved. Pipdig will install for you if required. But my other brand had installed mine, and every time I contacted them regarding a problem they just demanded more money (so you can understand me holding back!)

I took the leap with pipdig, it had to be done, I needed  my blog to look more professional. Fingers crossed I was dreading it! But it was so easy . Voila! new blog and not a single problem and I cant recommend this fantastic company enough. A big Thank you to Pipdig

I still have a bit of editing to do on the categories front, but I will catch up with that. If your looking for a new template  highly recommend you take a look at Pipdig.

Now the next Item I have invested in is a new lens for my camera. I bought a Nikkor 50ml 1.4 lens which I fond on ebay. These lenses can be very expensive, so I just took  my time until the price was right. I was looking at them just before Christmas and the prices were very high, but after Christmas the prices dropped a lot and I got lucky.

Photography is something I'm finding hard to grasp! Anyone with some tips please give me a shout! I am really pleased with the lens, I just need to learn how to use it!

So this is my next port of call, to learn better photography skills. So it looks like I'm here to stay in this blogging world, I couldn't imagine not blogging any more. Would you say it's addictive? I'm not really making any great funds yet, and maybe I wont. But the other opportunities and friends that I have made so far have really made me happy and put a spring in my step.
Have you had any nightmares during your blogging time? what is it that you love about blogging most? I would love to hear.

XO Laurie

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