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After the great day at the blogger meet, I couldn't wait to style my Poncho and tell you a bit more about Hope Fashion
This was a lovely gift, given to all the bloggers that attended the meet. A super soft wrap of luxury that will keep me cosy out on a summer's evening when it gets a little chilly. I'm sure it will also come in handy for the winter too as it's versatile and can be worn over anything...


           This Cerise and White blouse is nearly vintage old, I love Cerise and white together

The Poncho is made from 64% cashmere 36% cotton and is actually supposed to be worn on a side slant (more about that below ) but I felt more comfortable wearing it this way....

I teamed it with my white trousers and Cerise & White blouse. I have worn these white trousers a lot over the last few weeks, an absolute bargain from FandF listed below.

The Poncho is fluid and really light to wear. Just right for our typical english weather at the moment!

Hope Fashion founded by Nayna Mcintosh is a fairly new brand on the market, Nayna provides pop up shops with stylist's to show the brand and how well all of the designs work together along with advise on how to style all the designs and make you look your best. This "let the shop come to you "sounds most appealing, So get your girls together for a fun  night in with some bubbly and try on what they have to offer. Take a look at there on line shop HERE  for more details.

I was lucky enough to view the whole collection at the blogger meet (if you missed the post take a look HERE ) so it was good to browse and choose a few items that I really would love to add to my wardrobe.But  first I will show you the poncho how it's designed to be worn.

So.. This is the other way to wear the Poncho. Perfect for wearing with a vest top underneath with a little shoulder on show. Worn underneath the Poncho in this picture is a vest top from their Foundation range. Here you will find everything you need to sculpt  and smooth your body but still be comfortable, it really is worth taking a look at.

I fell in love with these trousers the moment I clapped eye's on them. So soft and silky and oh so comfortable

I love this asymmetrical dress. For me being petite this will be a great length and again it's made of Crepe De Chine silk so will be so floaty and easy to wear. For you taller ladies, this dress comes in different lentghs or it could be worn with leggings or trousers underneath. One of the great ideas from Hope is all about their sizing. Take a look at their concept HERE 

This open weave crochet top is perfect for layering up, and will go with so much. I like the pattern on this and the fact it's not over lacy but still feminine.

These trousers were the star of the show for me, These stretch cotton pants were such good quality to touch. I do love a " sucky in " pair of trousers that will hold you in, in all the right places. And that's not all, the icing on the cake for me was that alterations are free. FREE!!! that is a godsend to all us petites.
I will leave you with a diagram of Hope's sizing guide,but do take a look at their brand on line HERE

 I love to hear from you ! let me know what you think of the Hope brand ? If you would like to keep notified of post's please do click on the subscription box on the right hand side.
XO Laurie




When Catherine  of Not Dressed As Lamb announced a 30-40 + blogger meet I sat here at the PC chewing my pencil.

The decision to take: Do I brave it and go? Will anyone want to talk to me ? What will people make of my squeaky Essex voice ! )
I thought about it for a while and took the plunge before all those tickets got swallowed up. I counted down the day's, and as it got nearer I got more and more nervous. I was excited as well, but SO nervous! In fact I was so nervous I even forgot my camera.

The event was being held at the The Imperial in the Kings road Chelsea, which was just perfect for the event. The staff were really lovely, and the service was really good.

I arrived a little early and spotted Catherine straight away.  A really stylish lady that writes a fashion blog  that I have admired for so long in blog land.  It was so good to finally meet. Catherine is my one stop confidant that I reach out to regarding anything blog related. I must drive the poor woman mad sometimes !
I got myself a drink at the bar, turned round and took it all in. Can I just say, when you have been building friendships on line through blogging it is the most surreal thing meeting them in the flesh! Everyone was beautiful, and just as excited as myself about meeting at this event

                           Diane and Lucy from Life Begins At and Michelle of Bare Faced Chic

There was no need what so ever to have been nervous, each time I recognised a blogger and vise versa it was big grins all round. Such a lovely lovely feeling. I stood silent for a couple of seconds to take it all in, the room was absolutely buzzing.

                       Catherine our host of Not Dressed As Lamb Yvonne of Funky Forty and Josephine                              of Chic At Any Age

The fabulous clothing company that sponsored Catherines event was there Hope Fashion  I browsed their clothing for a while, asking questions about the collection. There were some great raffle prizes to be had too. A new bag company that has been launched Jennifer Hamley was one of the raffle prizes. Do take a look at her fabulous organiser work bags on her site.

                        Then it was time for lunch, so off we went through to the restaurant .

We all chatted through lunch and got to know each other better, I do have a picture here of myself and Petite Silver Vixen It turns out we don't live too far from each other and will be meeting for coffee at some point.

After lunch Catherine gave us all some great blogging tips. It was so inspiring,  I feel more confident for that talk already....

The talk involved, Branding, Giving, Receiving and exposing. Now I have always worried about putting myself out there as a really mature blogger." Who wants to read about an old girl " is often ringing in my head. But listening to the talk, it all made sense ! There really are few of us over fifty bloggers ( especially in the UK) so all the more reason to shout about it. And shout I will from now on!

After the talk , we went back into the bar area where Hope Fashion gave us a lovely talk about the brand and the collection....

                                      Nayna Mcintosh founder of  Hope Fashion

There are some fabulous designs from hope fashion, I have already marked down my wish list, but I will talk more about the Hope brand in my next post.

The day flew by and it was time to leave. I was given yet another present, this one from Hope Fashion. A beautiful merino wool poncho. I said my goodbye's and left feeling really good. I am so pleased I took the plunge to go. I felt so welcomed, and left with a really good feeling. One things for sure, Catherine is going to need a bigger place for the next event .

Oh and that goody bag....

So many lovely goodies, a copy of Hopes collection & Blogosphere magazine. I have bought this before and it's fantastic. A notebook, pen and macaroons. A beautiful card to send a thank you to someone. This is something Catherine talked about. How it's good to say a proper thank you every now and again And rightly so. I already know who mine is going too. Some eye serum from Verso. A Burt's Bee's lip balm ans a Laura Geller waterproof lip liner, a lovely lemon scented body spritzer, and a beautiful bracelet from blogger friend What Lizzy Loves who also has an on line jewellery site It was like Christmas !

Any of you Ladies  reading this that was at the event, thank you for being so friendly and welcoming And of course to Catherine, who gave us such a fabulous day and put in so much hard work. Thank You xx
XO Laurie



Looking back over the last couple of years, I can actually say I'm quite proud of myself...

Being included in Katherines Corner Between The Lines Series this week means a lot. Katherine has set up a series of post's each week to feature us female bloggers over 50. This week it's my turn and I thought if your a new reader, I would tell how this blogging malarkey came about.

These are the first photo's taken for the blog, taken on a well out of date mobile phone. I thought it was going to be so easy !

After reading a magazine article about a mature lady who had started a fashion blog, it got me thinking. I could do that !
I had never even sent an email before ! I just thought I had some spare time on my hands, and it would be good to learn. After all, I have always loved fashion, and being a hairdresser/ beauty therapist I could share my thoughts and share some tips.

 It's time for us over fifty ladies stand out! Mature fashion is starting to make it's mark, realising that we don't  want to be dowdy at this age and brands seem to be thinking of us more. Take a look at the fashion show I attended last year, all the models were fifty or above Over Fifty Fashion Show

Little did I know how hard blogging was going to be, and how time consuming it actually is. But this is my baby, one that I feel I have shed sweat and tears over and I wouldn't change a thing. I have worked hard, and rewards have been good. I have made some great friends, worked alongside brands, got my first blogger award and been to and seen some amazing things that I wouldn't have if not for writing this blog.
So after learning much ( I know there is still so much more to learn ! ) and being given a couple of decent cameras, my photography got a little better and I have just invested in a new blog template. I don't get as stressed as I used to putting post's together...
I was also lucky enough to be featured in Marie Claire, Discussing fashion over fifty...
I like to write mainly about bargain finds, I don't spend huge amounts of money on clothing, I get far more joy out of finding that gem of a bargain and writing about it. Also I like to write about beauty, and places that I visit in London.
I think Katherine's Idea of putting all of us ladies in our 50's  under one roof to explore is such a fabulous Idea..

So please pop over and read the answers to the questions Katherine has asked me. Also I love hearing from you too.
XO Laurie




When we reach our mature years we are willing to try anything that promises younger looking skin  aren't we ?

So when Skinova the beauty company got in touch about these plumping and lifting eye patches of course I agreed...

The main exercise of these patches is to give under your eye's a good boost of Hyaluronic Acid (moisture that helps ageing skin plump and firm ) If you can get this stuff soaked into your skin instead of having it injected (not my cup of tea ! ) That in my book is a big bonus. I received a pack of four of the patches, they are to be used every 2 - 3 days for full effect

You are supposed to attach the patches under the eye's and then sleep with them on. I found this uncomfortable, so I used them from the minute I knew I was going to be  home until I hit the pillow..
All you need to do is add them to cleansed and dried skin and let the patches do their magic.

The patches come in their own little sealed packets. You remove the backing and pat them under your eye....

The Hyaluronic acid  and EGF ( Epidermal Growth Factor) is delivered into the epidermis (The epidermis is the thin top layer of your skin that holds the moisture which diminishes with age ) via the patches. Now the good thing about these is that it promises to deliver more Hyaluronic to the skin than a cream can. The reason for this is : cream contains larger molecules, so it's harder to penetrate the skin. The eye patches deliver tiny molecules from the patch for ease of penetration. Makes sense!

So here I am wearing my eye patches !
The results after wearing these were visible even after the first patch was used. I don't yet suffer from under eye bags,but my eye's are wrinkly. The wrinkles are much less noticeable since using the patches. I hope the company will think about producing a full face mask using this technology,  now that really would be amazing.

For more information on the Skinova brand  > Acropass UK Anti Ageing
So nothing to loose, why not enter the giveaway below for a chance to try ? You could receive a box of eye patches worth £48.00
XO Laurie

The Acropass eye patches were gifted for reviewing

Skinova Acropass patch #19




Stripes are everywhere this year, have you got yours yet ?..........

When Sheela of Sheela's Blog got in touch to take part in Project Sister Act I was really surprised. Here is a woman in my point of view just "too cool for school " I have never been able to achieve that "cool look " and I always envy women that can carry it off. Sheela is also a fantastic writer, and I recommend you pop over for a read sometime.

To explain the project SWEET STRIPES
A blogger of different age groups Teens, 20, 30, 40 50's
Yep that's me the oldest one !  This post is to portray that whatever our age it's easy to wear an outfit of stripes. OK I may be old but I can wear stripes ! in fact I fell in love with these trousers because they made me look so much longer in the leg. So anyone else who  want's  their legs to look longer, go get yourself a pair of stripe trousers ! I bought these from FandF The link to buying them is at the bottom of the post, a bargain at £16.00

So let me introduce you to Sheela and the other lovely bloggers doing the Sister Act this week....

Meet Sheela of Sheela's Blog See what I mean, just to cool for school. I love this look and would never think of putting an outfit together like this. I envy ideas like this. Pop over to Sheela's blog for the link up for lot's of outfit inspo

Top - Old
Skirt - Urbanog
Ankle boots - Gwen stefani
Clutch - Zara
Jewellery - gifted

Meet Naomi Trevino of Finite 1 This is a stunning photo of Naomi, perfect up against that backdrop
Top - Express
Shorts - Express
Sandals - DSW
Bag - New york & Company

Meet Simply Christianne  A class chic here, a stunning shirt dress with perfect accessories.

This is Eve  Serephina of The World According To Eve

Looking bang on trend and beautiful. Oh to be young again !
Top - Cabi
Jeans - Abercrombie & Fitch
Shoes - Sefini
Necklace - Kate Spade

So there you have five generations wearing stripes in all different styles. What would be your go to item? Would you buy trousers to lengthen those legs ?  choose an all in one piece like the dress? or wear them mixed up for an oh so cool look ? Wear them matching ? or a casual on trend look with jeans ?
Please let me know, I love to hear from you.
XO Laurie




A local fete this weekend enticed me out for a stroll......

Having said that, the weather is so beautiful I don't need much enticing. It's nearly time to say goodby to all that winter wear and I am loving it...

Out come something a little lighter and brighter for a walk, I bought nearly all of these items last year, in fact Iv'e had the trouser for three years now. I cant let them go, they are my comfortable, go with anything trousers.

It's so different when the sun is shining, you can feel the happiness from everyone in the air and I'm loving it.

I had to include this blooper pic,See even I have the giggles....

Oop, there I am back to normal, trying to show off my fabulous find of the week !
 I am over the moon with this bag from a dear blogger friend Rachel the Hat who not only finds time to blog full time, but also has a little on-line business as well. I am really pleased with the bag, this is a lot like a famous brand , so when I found it a such a bargain price I was made up.I have listed Rachel's on-line shop as my Instagram find below.
Blouse - last year from Tu Sainsburys
Trousers - Old from Primark
Sandals - old from Miss selfridge

As I have been discussing about my new lovely bag above take a look at Yosauk for some lovley acssesories  and ideas how to wear them. I have added a couple of items I particullarly like....

                                                       Coral And Blue Collar £16.00

                                                              Tough Cuff £10.00

                                                     Silky Square Neck tie Scarf £10.00

Getting on to the weather being warmer......

 I was gifted this Promensil body spray * This is produced for women going through the menopause experiencing those dreadful hot flushes. I went through my menopause at the young age of 30 and still I remember how bad it was getting those flushes. However I will still use this spray on very hot day's when you just need to cool down for a minute. It comes in a handy handbag size too. Take a look at PROMINSEL They specialalize in treatments for the menopause and the site has lots of info on how to deal with it.

And now I'm going to nag you!....
it's getting sunnier by the day, have you got your SPF day cream at the ready? You can by the most expensive day cream on the planet, but if it doesn't contain Sun Protection Factor forget it !!!
The sun is the most ageing criminal known to skin. I use an SPF all year round, and if you havent bought yours yet go get yourself some! I have listed my favourites below....


Have a great weekend you lovely people
XO Laurie

by monetizing the blog I can continue to bring you fashion and beauty ideas that I hope will be of interest to you.

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Bonmarche Passport To Style.

What is the weirdest thing you have taken on holiday ?......

Bonmarche approached me regarding a holiday competition they have on the go at the moment.The first prize is a holiday and shopping spree in Milan. Click HERE If you would like to join in on this, Or head over to Facebook or Twitter and using the hashtag #cantholidaywithout.

I was asked to choose some items from their HOLIDAY SHOP and I was rather surprised at the fashion items they have on offer.

First up I chose this panelled maxi dress. So easy to wear , this is non crease able so fantastic for packing in your suitcase. It's also very light in weight. I like the panel down the middle of the dress, it's very slimming, and there is a tie belt at the back for accentuating your waist

One thing, One very important thing ! For all petites out there ! This dress is sized as standard length. I'm 5'2 and this is just reaching my ankles. Normally I like my long dresses to more or less reach the floor. I took a chance on this one to wear my high heels with and I quite like the length. I will also be able to wear flats with this dress and not be tripping up !!! I thought it was important to mention this because I know how hard it is for us shorties to find the right length in clothing.....
The dress can be purchased in long length too HERE

I was also offered to choose a T shirt and shorts. I really like this T shirt that I chose, the pattern has a lovely golden shimmer to it. HERE

I chose to stay at home to take photo's, it was sunny but still really cold!
The shorts that I chose are your regular daily easy to wear elasticated waist shorts. When I'm wearing them in a warmer climate, I will be adding a couple of turn ups. And hopefully I will have legs a little more worthy of bearing ! You can find the shorts HERE

I was also able to choose a swimsuit or bikini (I find a one piece just so much more flattering at my age !) The one I chose I have to say THIS ONE  is my favourite item from the collection I chose . I always dither when buying swimwear and I have to say this is cut really well and is flattering in all areas.

Do take a look at what Bonmarche have to offer, and don't forget to enter for that holiday GOOD LUCK !
Xo Laurie

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