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Claudia Bradby Pearls Plus 15% Off for Readers

I have never owned my own set of pearls.I have borrowed many in the past and I do have a fake pair of earrings, but that's it. Mother has a lovely set (no borrowing allowed there) Wrapped away under lock and key.
So when Claudia Bradby got in touch and asked if I would like to review a set of their pearls I was over the moon. I chose the Mimi Set * a delicate necklace and bracelet made of fresh water pearls with a silver clasp to nice to be hidden. I chose to wear it over the weekend as I had a party to go to.

      The pearls arrived in a beautiful gift box and each piece had it's own little velvet pouch to prevent       scratching .
      I love the movement of the skirt, it was really windy and I loved how it swished  about in the              wind. The whole outfit fitted great with the pearls.

The bracelet fitted me perfectly at 19 cm long and you can feel the quality when your wearing it and the silver bean clasp has a special lock shut fastening.

The necklace is a lovely length too at 42 cm I kept this length in mind for wearing with other outfits. I think this length will go with almost anything. I always love that classic look in the winter, a sweater, jeans or trousers with pearls. You will catch me later wearing a white shirt, jeans and pearls. a classic look that I love.

The pearls are all hand knotted and the bean shaped clasp is silver. They feel really special on

As you can see its so windy and just about to pour down yet again ! One thing is missing Pearl Earrings!
 I need to choose myself a pair to match this lovely set.

I think these are beautiful and will finish the set off nicely. the perigrina earrings are exquisite and I am going to drum it into the other half that I need them to complete the set.
Do you have yourself a classic set of pearls ? Please do take a look at Claudia Bradby

There is a special offer for my readers, 15% off with the code VMJUNE15 till the end of June so you will have to quick !
XO Laurie

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The Ultimate Pillowcase - Less Frizzy Hair And A Smoother Face In The Mornings

How long does it take for your face to wake up in the mornings ?

I was very fortunate to be offered this Rolls Royce version of a pillowcase from Kitts Boutique The pillowcase is made from Mulberry silk, chemical free and hypoallergenic this came as you can see above beautifully packaged, and The first thing I thought was what a great present this would make for someone. Great for a bride to give her bridesmaids for instance.

The pillowcase comes's in a little silk bag too. So when you travel it can be packed in this little bag for you to use on your travels. But getting back to my face waking up in the mornings ! The older I get the longer it takes ! well at least three cups of tea nowadays.

 Those sleepy creases just don't disappear as quickly as I would like them to. If I'm in a rush to get out the door, it requires me to at least splash a good quantity of really cold water on my face to  get it going ! That's where the super quality's of this pillowcase come in. I have used it a few nights now, and I can tell you what a difference I've noticed. I just don't wrinkle so much. JOY!

You can see pictured above here the great quality of the silk and it's piping. I can't tell you how good it feels up against your face. The other great thing about sleeping on this beauty is that your hair doesn't tangle or frizz so much. For me waking up with less frizzy hair is an absolute bonus, and I would imagine it's great for anyone with hair extensions.

So would you be tempted to buy ? On the other hand, with our weather being so bad here in London this past week, when I did get a bit of spare time it had to be a "lady of the manor day" ! A few of my favourite beauty products, my favourite magazine and a cup of tea, I just sank into it and enjoyed ! Well we all deserve a little bit of me time don't we ?

Do take a look at Kitts Boutique to see what they have to offer.

Have a great weekend everyone. I'd love to know what you think about the pillowcases or maybe you are already a lover of them. Or catch me on Twitter @vanityandmeblog to talk
XO Laurie



Shoetique - Going For Gold

Have you heard of Shoetique ?

I was lucky enough to choose a pair of sandals from their website to share with you all. Of course when I clapped eye's on this lovely gold pair, I knew they were the ones for me. I'm an all high heels girl because of my height, but sometimes they are just not practical to wear. Take the beach for instance or Lot's of walking. So I chose these and put them to the test for comfort....

Now When I ordered these sandals I had visions of doing a post having a picnic wearing shorts, and it was supposed to be sunny and lovely and warm. Oh no, not our UK weather ! It was literally wait for a small gap in the clouds and hot foot it to the local park !
But getting back to the sandals....

I chose this version of Fitflop *Gladdie in Rose Gold  Super comfort, they have a  textured rubber round piece in the sole for extra grip, all leather and  a super comfort Midsole. They are the all singing all dancing with bells on sandals ! I often have a problem with toe post rubbing my feet , but these are fine.

I found myself a convenient tree trunk to sit on so you can see the style of the sandal better.

I have worn my Cold shoulder top today from F&F not worn off the shoulder I might add due to the weather ! The trousers are Top Shop. You can find the sandals HERE  The bag is by Zaeem Jamal

And as fast as that cloud broke another black one rolled in! as did the wind !

I love the gold buckle detail ! I meant to mention that !

Shoetique offer many brands as well as Fitflop. There's Clarks, Birkenstocks, Joules and many more. If you pop over to their site, there are many special offers on at the mo Shoetique

Time to leave and make a run for it ! I hope the weather in the UK picks up soon ! I'd love to know what you think of the sandals. Please do drop a comment or send me an email for any questions about style or beauty. I'm only to happy to help. Or please do subscribe to read every post.
Laurie Xo



Jacques Vert - Classic British Style Redefined

Most of you already know how much of a big fan  I am of Precis Petite...........

So I was very excited to be invited to the Jacques Vert group  Autumn Winter 16 collection. So this not only featured Precis petite but all the other associated brands such as Dash, Windsmoor and Eastex.
What to wear?
I have a few loved items from Precis Petite. I have loved this brand for over twenty years and I still wear every item I have ever bought. This is one of the things I love about Precis, It's classic well tailored, perfect fit for petites , and always good quality.

So I am wearing my twelve year old pink crepe wide legged trousers. My ode to Precis Petite.

On arrival I was greeted and ushered through to all the gorgeousness that awaits us for the coming winter. I actually went to this event a few weeks ago and was told it would start hitting the shops round about now. So I want all you ladies to have this fresh in your mind. Are you buying your winter wear yet? There was so much in this collection that you could actually wear now and transit into your winter wardrobe later.

Take a look at what's on offer


This collection a mix of Jacques Vert and Precis was my favourite. So pleased there's still that gorgeous blush pink available. The satin two piece at the front was stunning, and would look great worn separately too.

I loved the grey coat. Jeff Banks has designed some of the collections this year and this is one of his designs. I like how it can be worn funnel necked or pulled back.


It wouldn't be winter without our classic colours ! Great detailing on this dress

I fell in love with this blouse. This is what I mean about classic tailoring. Just add your up to date accessories. This will stand the test of time in your wardrobe.


         Some lovely berry tones too with floral and lace to add a feminine softness to dark colours

                                   Complete the look with some fab accessories


         I think this Toffee tone will be a big hit this year. Paired here with Nudes, Blacks and Mocha

    This was another of my favourite pieces. The leather was like butter and the colour makes a nice         change from Black


No winter wear would be complete without gorgeous jewel navy tones. The stripe shirt  by Eastex is on my list


            Perfect pieces for the party season or a night on the town, extra special glamour


A very apt introduction to the Jacques Vert group for coats and jackets. If your petite and want a good fitting coat or jacket, this is the place to come.

                                     A perfect evening shoe ! Just the right height !

                        I loved this bag. Different from your Black/Brown I want one !


                    Leather, Lace and Knitwear . Three textures make a great outfit.

                                            The Classic Mac and Collarless coat

It really was a fabulous day, got spoilt with drinks and canapes and it was good to meet the girls from the Jacques Vert Group who were very helpful answering my questions. But that's not all....

I was gifted with this lovely wrap. There were special machinist there to add whatever initials you wanted to the wrap. I had V - A- M  Such a lovely keepsake. It almost makes me look forward to winter to wear it! Do take a look at the JACQUES VERT  brand. it really is worth a look

Xo Laurie

Iv'e added a video from You Tube on behalf of the Jacques Vert Group for a little browse ! I hope it works,x




I was really excited when I clapped eye's on this new shoe brand.....

Olive Aubrey shoes have just launched and I know they are going to be oh so popular. I was lucky enough to be gifted these bright yellow Diana Slingback beauties. Then I wondered ? what do you wear with something so bright?.....

 This new shoe brand has been masterminded by Susan Aubrey Cound, a lady who knows her stuff. After looking for something a little different in the form of a lower heeled shoe that was super stylish, comfortable and not your everyday run of the mill boring flat shoe set about designing her own brand. So being inspired by the sixties, Olive Aubrey was born....

 I do love my high heels, but every woman has a couple of pairs of flats, if not all flats in her wardrobe right ? I love everything about them. The vibrant colour, a new fresh design,and  they are so eye catching.  I decided to test drive them on a long walk round the park before lunch to see if they stood up to being comfortable.

But getting back to what I'd wear .....

I chose to wear my new navy culottes with this multi coloured top . Nothing monochromatic here! it's all a bit of a colour clash, but I think it works...

And boy those shoes did not disappoint in the comfy department ! When you think of patent leather, you would imagine it to bit a little stiff. These are super soft, pliable and supple. I felt like I went out in my slippers.

So what do you think of the colour? I was stopped twice on this walk by women asking where I'd got these beautiful shoes from. " Oh there a new brand called Olive Aubrey" I said chuffed with myself. I can tell you ladies, this brand is going to go far. Comfort and great design for women on their feet all day, is winner in my book.

 What else would I wear with these? .....
Before I chose this outfit I was thinking of wearing my lady like black dress or my white cigarette pants. Skinny jeans - coloured or white. A pencil skirt and twinset in winter will be fab. So when I got to thinking about it, there are many colours and outfit choices. I have listed below a couple of other pairs I have my eye's on...

                                           Patti Block Heeled Sandal In Antique Gold

                                             The Jackie Patent White And Gold Pump

                                                      The Diana Patent Blue And Silver

Pop over to Olive Aubrey's site to have a look. There is 15% off your first order when you sign up to the Front Row. Let me know which colour you would choose & how you would wear them, I look forward to hearing from you !
XO Laurie

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