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Havren - A New Found Label Love

I love finding new brands. It Excites me and I love to share my new find with my readers......

My new found brand this week is HAVREN who produce timeless occasion wear. I'm all for classic/timeless style of good quality, that will last and blend with other items in your wardrobe and stand the test of time .

I was given the opportunity to choose an item to share with you my readers, and I have to say I had a problem ! There was a lot that I wanted. I settled on this gorgeous short sleeved Jumper that's embellished with these beautiful beads.

 Due to our worse than ever UK weather so far this year, it seemed the perfect choice ! Although as I sit and write this post, it's now sweltering, but who knows for how long ?

I just had to share a close up of the beautiful beading on this , a lovely mint green colour too. Great for summer, but when the autumn comes I will maybe pair this with a colour close to the dark teal beads in the jumper.

 A nice teal flared midi skirt for an evening out is what I'm thinking or Navy trousers for a smart casual day look.

Today I have paired the jumper with my flared silk cream trousers to pick out the light coloured  beading. I am still loving my flared trousers, great for elongating the legs a little !

What would you pair this lovely with? I think it can be dressed up or down either way it's versatile. Let me show you some other items that I would choose from Havren...

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 Well if you haven't got a smart black jacket in your wardrobe, take a look at this beauty. Fitting just at the waist it's perfect to add to any dress or trousers. Smart for office or over your evening dress. Here
  I just fell in love with the print of this top, and it's reduced to a mere £15 I might have to buy ! Here         

 Perfect for a special event or wedding I love the colours, still this years favourite pantone colours  rose and blue,and a very flattering fit and flare shape Here
A summer wardrobe staple ! Who doesn't need a white cardigan?!! I have to say the knitwear is top quality too. Here

This brand is well worth a look. Let me know what you would love from the havren brand.

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Go On Ask Me A Question !

After being featured on another blog, talking about personal style  I realised that I could share a bit more about myself with you...

This particular blog features a new over 4o blogger each month, and I was overjoyed to be featured. The blogger - Sylvia of  40 Plus Style  sent me the questions and I gave the answers, so I wanted to copy them here.

                           A huge thank you to you all xx

 Also I can't believe how much my readership has grown in the last year, and I just want to say "A huge thank you to all that keep coming back for a read" I am so happy to be finding so many new friends on here, and I really value your support. I never thought I would still be blogging a couple of years down the line, I guess I am just not confident enough in myself to think people will keep coming back !

                            Please do ask a question !

If there is anything you would like to ask that's not included here please do ask ! Anything beauty or fashion related. Any tips you would like to ask. You could even drop me a quick email if you want to remain anonymous.

1) What age am I ?

A) I am the ripe age of 53 !

2) Do I feel you have a signature style ?

A) I try mainly to achieve a classic elegant look

3) What would I consider the most important components of your style ?

A) I can't say that I have a favourite component . Shoes are a big thing for me, I like my heels high but comfortable !

4) Where do I live And how does this influence my style ?

A) I live in London ( Very near Twickenham Rugby Ground) As far as fashion is concerned in London Anything goes !  I never worry about how I look so long as I am comfortable with it.

5) Do I feel I have a signature style?

A) I'm not sure you would call it a signature style that I have. I like to wear Classic pieces with on trend accessories. I find this the easiest way to dress at a mature age and still be on trend. One thing is for sure, it will be a bargain fin that I will be wearing. No thousands of pounds wardrobe for me !

6) What inspires my outfit choices the most ?

A) Oh there is so much inspiration out there ! Magazines, Fashion bloggers, and Social media is where I go to look. I really have to take my height and body shape into consideration when I dress. Being petite can make dressing a little harder, I like to wear fitted clothes to compensate. I feel that fitted gives an illusion of height. As does colour. I guess that's why I'm so monochromatic. To appear taller. Red's Browns and bright colours seem to suit me well. I'm starting to steer away from black. This is making me look washed out. Navy, Brown and Grey will be my staple winter colours.

7)  Has my style changed after becoming over 40 ?

A) I don't think my style has changed much since turning 40. I do think about accessories more for completing a look, but that's really the only change. Silk scarves have become a favourite accessory, you can hide a wrinkly neck well with those !

8) Do I believe in dressing age appropriately ?

A) I believe in dressing in whatever makes you look good and feel great. I don't like overly low tops or really short shorts and skirts, but I have stuck to that rule since a young age.

9) Would I say at this stage of my life I am now more or less interested in style, fashion and the way I look ?

A) My interest in fashion has been huge an has not changed since I was twelve, when I bought my first Vogue magazine  with my lunch money ! Eat or look at all those glossy beautiful clothes ? The Vogue won ! Naughty I know, I guess you could say I am fashion filled every day now. I'm either posting about it or reading other bloggers inspo.

10) Why is the way I look important to me ?

A) The way I look is very important to me. Well, it effects everything doesn't it? If I feel I don't look good it can effect your whole mood. I think the importance of it stems from my upbringing.
My mother has always dressed impeccably and still does at the ripe age of 85.

11) Do I follow trends, and if so which trends excite me at the moment ?

A) I love to follow trends, always. I like to guess/predict them too. I love the new cold shoulder tops,I have recently purchased one. I think I will style mine with a silk scarf. Too much old neck would be on show for my liking, so although I have one of these tops I will be cautious on how I style it.The shoulders never age so that's a bonus !

12) Do I have any style tips for women over 40 ?

A) Be comfortable and ask yourself if you love what your wearing. If you love it your confidence will shine through.
Confidence = Style
On a less romantic note: Underwear. If you use the right foundations underneath, like a good fitting bra, body briefs or slip, that can make all the difference to how you look in that outfit.

So what do you think of my answers? What would your answer be ? Remember to throw a question at me, Please do ! Don't forget to tick the comment box for your answer

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Pretty Small Shoes Totally Nude

How frustrating is it when you can't get your shoe size? Longing for that gorgeous pair of shoes knowing that they will never be available to you......

I have some never forgotten times when this has happened to me. The first time it hit me hard was my first day at senior school. At the ripe age of 13 going to senior school was the first sign over being grown up. You wanted to fit in with everyone and be fashionable, it felt so important

I remember my mother searching endlessly for a pair of more "grown up shoes" for me to wear at the start of the term. I knew this was important. I was a mere size 13 then and no grown up shoes were to be found. I started my first day at senior school wearing what any five year old would have worn and I hated it.

Luckily today you can still be showcase style in flat shoes, but I know if you have tiny feet, high heels can be hard to come by. Today I am sharing a brand with you that caters for the smallest of feet Pretty Small Shoes *

I chose a nude pair of court shoes, I have been searching for a pair for as long as I can remember. This pair are called New Vanilla Sky The quality is fantastic, I like that they are all completely nude, no black heel tips or sole. A very elegant looking shoe.

When my feet stopped growing at a small size two, I was in despair ! I did manage to find a shoe shop in London That catered for small feet, but boy were they expensive ! I did get a little lucky when I had the children. I went up a whole half a size, and that is still my size today two and a half to three at a push.
Things are a little easier to find shoes today, but I can still be restricted as far as style goes. So I was really happy to come across this company that caters for any size....

This is how I'm styling my nude shoes

I chose to wear this cream lace dress, the designer is Jessica Howard. I bought this in TK Maxx but it's often available in House Of Fraser. And for my American friends, this dress is available now at Macy's

                The only accessories I added were Gold Bangles and this clutch ( old- Primark )

                                               I love the detailing on the dress. It's really delicate.

I Love these Nude shoes, they fit like a glove, and I know I will be wearing them with nearly everything! Nude goes with everything right?. I'm looking forward to see what Pretty Small Shoes have in store for winter. They really have all the on trend styles you could wish for, and there is a huge sale on at the moment, so go see !
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JD Williams A/W16 - What Will You Be Wearing ?

I love going to press events, the chance to see what's going to be available for the next season all laid out in front of me.

I went to the JD Williams press event a few weeks ago, but decided to wait and post this feature when the collection has been launched so you can get your hands on any of the items that may take your fancy. On arrival there I was surprised to not only see JD Williams but also Simply B, Jacamo and Lorraine Kelly's new launch of home ware.
On the journey to the event I got a thorough soaking from our lovely UK weather, and I have to laugh at this photo of me...

Once your hair gets wet, what do you do ? You pile it up, tie it up and hope for the best ! Knowing that your about to meet new people involved in PR you want to create a bit of an impression. So after thinking it through what to wear, I decided you can't go wrong on wearing something classic. A navy blazer, beige trousers and a white shirt. You can't get more classic than that !
But looking at this photo it's screaming out " I'm Mandy Fly Me!" I wasn't after an air hostess look really I wasn't !

Anyway getting onto the event and what's in store for fashion wise for this coming winter. I will start with Lorraine Kelly  collection for JD Williams  first.

A lovely array of print and colour here. Even though this is the first phase of Lorraine's winter collection these dresses are perfect timing for any special wedding or party you may be attending this summer. My favourite was this one Here which is available now. 

This season also See's Lorraine branch out into home wear. I love all these grey tones. The rugs were beautiful.

              How cool are these Lanterns ? I have just ordered This one for my living room

                Are you loving all the Copper /Rose gold accessories  out there at the moment ?

Now onto the JD Williams Collection. What I liked about this was the colour palette. No dark colours (well only a few) One thing I'm certain about this year is that I will not be wearing hardly any black. Maybe Trousers or a skirt but that's it for me. I am finding as I age black is draining the life out of me. It's going to be camel, brown, maybe navy and burnt orange. What's your favourite colour for the coming winter ? Have you thought about it yet ?

I made a bee line for these Culottes They are available now, the quality was good and I think Culottes are going to be a big trend this year.

         The accessories were pretty cool I like the Olive tone's These are little different from black/brown

Halfway round the showroom, time to have some Canapes and a drink . I'm sitting here taking in the ideas for entertaining at home !

The next collection was Simply B A range for ladies in sizes 12 - 32 Again gorgeous colours here and carrying through from Summer the lovely Pantone colours of the year Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz

I am loving the Bomber jacket trend ! Be it for casual wear or a night out. This Pink one is gorgeous

And it's not only our Home ware that's going for Gold. How gorgeous are these Diva block heeled sandals? Simply B have different width fittings for comfort, so that's a real bonus

Last on the tour and I would like to mention was the Jacamo range. I chatted to someone available to talk about the range. What I found out was how generous their sizing is. If your man is built larger than average, that Nike pair of trousers you can't get in his size in the sport shop might well be available through Jacamo. So if your searching for something nice for your man, head over to their site.

Have you seen anything that's caught your eye ? I would love to hear what you think of the collection ?
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