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A Burst Of Colour And Why I Love Flared Trousers

If you have been following my post's throughout the year, you will know I'm quite partial to a pair of tailored flared trousers.
So when I found this bright tomato red pair I tried them on and bought them. At a bargain price too....

I found these in River Island at a knockdown price of £20 from £40 in their recent sale. 

A friend of mine told me her daughter had a spending spree in there because of the great reductions they had. "What did you buy for yourself?" I asked. " Oh I'm a bit past it to buy stuff out of there " she replied.
"What nonsense ! " I said . Why should a woman feel too old to shop anywhere ! Like a red rag to a bull, it was one of the first places I went to look on my day out shopping.

These are made of heavy crepe, so they hang really well, and I like the detailing at the waistline, which is quite high.
In the winter months, I will wear a cream or light coloured jumper. And these will be great for Christmas wearability (Oh gosh there's that word already!)

So why do I love the flared trousers so much?  Let me remind you of the other flares hanging in my wardrobe and why I like to wear Them...

This Blue pair from Primark - Similar here One of the reasons I like wide leg trouser's is because they are quite slimming.

These ones are from Next. You may find them on Ebay or there are similar here Reason no 2 is because they make my legs look longer. Especially with high heels !

Like these stripe ones from F&F Vertical stripes = Length! Similar here

These are so comfortable - Another reason !  From Precis  Such good quality from them. I've had this pair over 10 years now !
Another reason, They are classic. (my favourite word)
 Having said that, you can wear any type of trouser now. Be it skinny,straight, cropped, palazzo . There are no fashion rules. And there are no rules as far as I'm concerned as to where I will shop !

Before I go, I wanted to let you know I was featured on Jessica Janneger's Spotlight On Style. Please pop over for a read. You will find it here  Jessica host's a link up every Tuesday and I'm a regular visitor there. I love Jessica's feminine style.
Xo Laurie

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Derma Rolling -You Might Like To Try This New Gadget

I have just bought a new gadget that I'm absolutely over the moon with......

I read about Derma rolling a few years ago. At the time it was only available in beauty salons, and I did look into investing in a derma roller from my hairdressing/beauty wholesalers. At the time then, these little rollers would have set me back around fifty pounds, and not knowing if I was going to like the treatment or for that matter get good results, I decided against buying one.

I have never tried Botox or any type of fillers for my face. I'm not against it at all, but because of all my allergies these treatments are just not possible. I also think you have to be so careful not to over do these treatments. It can look so unnatural!.
 The two non-invasive treatments that I hold dear to my heart are still my favourites where anti ageing is concerned, and you can read about them Here

What is Derma Rolling ?

Derma rolling is a small roller covered in tiny needles. You can buy them with different lengths of needles. The one I have bought is called a Micro Derma Roller with tiny, tiny needles A 0.50mm to be precise ! I am not into self-mutilation ! The idea is to roll this over your face up, down and across. The roller's needles will make tiny puncture's to the skin.

 When the surface of our skin is harmed in any way, the skins reaction is to immediately repair. All those anti - ageing creams that  we buy containing Collagen ? Well, this is mainly what the skin uses to repair our skin.  As we get older, we don't produce so much Collagen, hence we start to age. The roller is used to produce more Collagen and our skin is set into repair mode to help get rid of those lines.

As I said there are many variations of Derma needling, and in some salons, you can have your face anesthetised  and numbed and larger needles are used. These actually make each puncture bleed. That's definitely not for me ! I have seen some bloggers post's that have had this done. You wouldn't be able to leave the house for a while ! I feel myself, that the slightest puncture to the skin to probe it into repair mode is quite enough for me.

I decided to try my Derma roller for the first time on the inside of my arm. Just to see what it felt like and if it left a severe mark. You can barely feel it on your skin, and the feeling you are left with after is like that of being stung by a stinging nettle.
Within an hour I had what I would describe as slight redness to the skin, that faded after a couple of hours.

So when I knew I was going to be at home for the day I gave my face a good cleanse and rolled the roller over my face. Just a few times on the lines I wanted to target.

This area between the eyes is where I'm going to work on most. I have a really deep frown line !

Then around the crows feet. They are getting a little deep here too. Brownie points for me being brave enough to show you all my wrinkly face with no make- up ! I am cringing as I write this !

My face didn't feel that bad after. I wouldn't put makeup on or any creams for the rest of the day. But after a few hours, it was unnoticeable that I had done anything. I have read that adding an anti ageing serum straight after gives good results. I guess for better penetration, and I will be trying this later.

So where did I buy my Derma roller ? Ebay for the pricely sum of £1.50 free postage! I am delighted with the results so far. It really has made a difference. I will  do a follow-up post with photo's and see if I can get rid of that frown line a little bit.

If you have any open wounds or Acne (although derma rolling is supposed to help Acne) Do Not use a derma roller until you have spoken to your doctor.
There are many videos on You Tube about how to use a Derma Roller too. So let's see the results in about a months time. Subscribe to my posts at the right hand side of the page so you don't miss it !

I look forward to hearing from you. Tell me what you think of the idea of Derma rolling. Or do you have a special treatment to share ?
XO Laurie



Tignanello Handbags. This will go with everything

I have handbags in most colours, I like to swap them around to match what I'm wearing...

But I didn't have a nude colour. So when Tignanello asked if I would like to review one of their bags, of course, I jumped at the chance ! They have their own website (click on above) Or they are often on QVC. As soon as I mentioned Tignanello to mother, it turns out she's already got a bag from QVC by Tignanello, and apparently she tells me I'm way behind !!

I decided to choose a nude colour because this will go with everything. Plus winter fashion forecast's are saying lighter colours are going to be the "In thing " this year. I myself am steering away from black,and I'm hoping to fill my wardrobe mainly of brown and cream hue's so this colour bag will fit the bill nicely. This will match perfectly with my Nude court shoes when the weather cools down. Read about them in this post Here

I have chosen to wear my Calvin Klien shirt dress today to show off my new bag. The last time I wore this dress was nearly  two years ago ! I love Calvin Klien dresses. I purchased this one from Ebay. It's classic and I think it will still be worn years on. That's what I love about classics. Just use updated accessories and your good to go.

I love the style of the bag, and the handles are perfect for me. The leather quality is very good, and it's got loads of different pockets inside, so easy for organising. The silky monogrammed material inside is just as plush as the outside ! 

It's also got a handy shoulder strap too. But I will most probably take this off as I prefer handles.
It's Good to have a choice though. 

I hope you all have a lovely week. Don't forget to stay in touch and leave a comment. I look forward to hearing from you. Or you can sign up to receive each post. Now that would really make my day.
XO Laurie
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Turmeric Plus A Healthier Start

I've been thinking for a while that it's time to get healthier.

Age is creeping up on me, I feel it and I don't like it! Especially when I have been running around with the grandchildren or I have had them stay over for a few days. I seem to get so tired and my muscle tone is not to my liking and it's time to start looking after myself a bit more. I have decided that through the Autumn and winter I am going to have a little health kick and see if I notice a difference.

There are three main categories that I want to try

1) A healthier diet. I am going to try and cut out some of my sugar and fat consumption
2) A month's supply of Turmeric + That I have been gifted
3) Yoga

I always feel more sluggish in the winter. The coldness, the wet and the windy weather really is enough to put you off setting outside the door. So I will be doing Yoga in my front room, nice and warm. I also like the quick work out videos that you can buy now. I  tried these earlier in the year but was left aching all over (sad huh?) Yoga just looks so much more gentle . And so this is where my Turmeric plus supplement is hopefully going to come in handy.

Turmeric has long been used  in Indian cooking and as a herbal remedy. Now a lot of my readers are aware of my multiple allergies, and as luck would have it, this is one spice I can actually have! I remember well after having yet another long list of allergy testing receiving a phone call to tell me around fifteen more things that I'm allergic to. Then in his smiley voice, he said "All is not lost though. You can have Turmeric. As much as you like" Thanks. I remember putting the phone down and crying, but hey, my lucks in an I can try this supplement.
So, what is Turmeric good for?

Anti ageing - Full of antioxidants
Turmeric will help maintain healthy joints
Well known for being anti-inflammatory
Helps the digestive system

This Turmeric plus supplement apparently is thirty times more absorbent and I'm going to get a whole lot of Turmeric in one tablet.
Now all I have to do is get me a yoga mat and I'm good to go. Do you take any supplements or vitamins? I will be doing a follow-up post in a months time to let you know how I get on with my supplement. So do pop back for that.
What is your favourite form of exercise ? I would love to know if you have tried Turmeric + before or are tempted to try. Please do let me know!
Xo Laurie



Hawes And Curtis Shirts For Work Or Play

I have long been a fan of a loud and patterned shirt .....

Hawes And Curtis are famed for their men's and women's tailored shirts for workwear. But these shirts are too good to be just for work. My OH often buys a shirt from Hawes and Curtis, they are very well cut, well finished and the materials that are available are by no means boring.

I was delighted when the Hawes and Curtis team asked if I would like to style a shirt for my readers. I very nearly chose a plain Pussy bow  shirt but decided to push the boat out for something more colourful.
I love the colours of this shirt. Orange and deep blue, this shirt is a light as a feather on and has a silky feel to it.
The bow can be worn high on the neck or lower down, or just floating ( all three ways look nice)

Meeting friends at Chiswick House today for a girls catch up,the grounds here are beautiful and I decided to wear my deep blue trousers, and I tied in the white of the shirt with my white bag. I think this shirt would also look great with white trousers or blue jeans. I have chosen semi-fitted here, there are also fitted styles available.

Do you like to wear wacky bright prints ? Let me show you  some other shirts Hawes and Curtis offer

              Taupe Satin Pussy Bow Here

Turquoise and Pink Satin Pussy Bow Here

     Blue and Orange Paisley as worn Here

Do take a look at the Hawes And Curtis website . Which would you go for ? Plain Or Patterned ?

Have a fantastic week XO Laurie



MandCo Palazzo Pants. Fancy Free

You all know I'm a lover of flared trousers right ?

I have been so busy this past week, having the grandchildren to stay, I can tell you they totally wore me out!
Some peace and quiet  now is what I need, now all is back to normal . So off I went to my favourite park round the corner for a nice leisurely stroll.....

This look that I'm sharing with you today is all about my comfort. These trousers were gifted to me from MandCo  A pair of Palazzo pants, light as a feather and so easy to wear.

I can't tell you how comfortable they are, I chose black  to see me into the winter months (you could wear tights under these and no one would know) I will be wearing these with a cosy slouchy jumper when it's cold.

And when I get home, I will throw on a baggy T or vest top, this is just as good as lounge wear ! I will be putting my feet up and watching a film. One day's rest, It doesn't hurt every now and then does it ?

Don't get me wrong, I had a great time with the grandchildren, water fights, shopping (I had two of the girls) so it was really nice, and they love all the parks in London. Do you have children to look after in the holidays?

The back part of the waistband on these Palazzo pants are elasticated for movement and comfort-ability another bonus. But if you look at the back, you wouldn't know it. One of the reasons I have chosen to wear a top covering the waistband. I hate elasticated waistbands on show

This park I'm strolling in is called Syon Park it's so beautiful here and always peaceful. Today it's warm, but really windy ! Hence the hat !

Palazzo Pants - Here
Top - Similar -Here
Hat - Similar -Here

How do you spend a little time relaxing? I would love to hear from you. Thank you for stopping by. Do subscribe to catch every post, that would really make my day.
XO Laurie



Nougat London - Colour Comfort And Style

For me, there's nothing nicer than than being out at the end of a hot day, around six o'clock, to put something nice on and go out for an early evening drink. Perfect temperatures for me, it's not sweltering, the hustle and bustle of London on a Saturday is calming down and all is relaxed.....

I chose this to be the perfect time to show you my new dress from Nougat London I love the bold pattern and vibrant colour's that makes this dress special. I have long been a fan of the Nougat brand, classic styles in up to date colours and fabrics, plus really good quality. You feel like your wearing something special.

Nougat is the big sister to the Havren brand that I shared with you in my last post. Pop over for a read Here
 It's very easy to wear, and has some great advantage points such as
Material - Polyester/Elastane. It's really lightweight so it easy to wear in warm weather. If your going on holiday, or a short break, this is a perfect item to pack as it does not crease at all (Bonus!)

I love the style - fit and flare, so it's very flattering. And a cap sleeve, so not all of my arms are showing. I just feel that this looks better on me than sleeveless .

I haven't accessorised too much here, a clutch and black heels is all I needed, but imagine this with a showstopping necklace and this dress is ready to party.

One thing I nearly forgot to mention ! This dress is currently on sale -original price £119.00 is now a bargain price of £39.00 Here Go take a look ! There's Lot's more to choose in Nougat sale so it's worth taking a look.
As I right this the temperature has now died down, it's cloudy. Just our typical UK weather ! I want to be back in the moment this photo was taken, enjoying the view, watching the world go by.....
Xo Laurie

I'd love to know what you think of the Nougat brand and always look forward to reading your comments. Don't forget to tick the comment box for my reply. You can also catch my style and beauty features sent straight to your inbox. Just click on the subscribe box

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