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Bonmarche Party In Lace

I expect you have your party outfit at the ready for new years celebrations? Only a couple of day's now and we will see another year in. I hope you have something lovely planned....

Bonmarche kindly sent me this lace dress and fluffy bolero to wear. The lace dress is fully lined and is heavier than it looks. I always feel a dress hangs better if it's not as light as a feather.

I love the Signature Eyelash Sparkle Shrug It's really soft and fits perfectly at the waistline and has a hint of silver thread mixed in with the Navy. I know I will get a lot of wear out of this even for daytime with jeans. It's a bargain price in the sales now at only £16.00

The dress, a Royal Blue lace on a black lining is also available in a Gold colour here at half price for a mere £30.00! I think they will sell like hot cakes! I nearly chose this one because I liked the flattering fit at the front.

If you haven't looked at Bonmarche for a while I must advise that you do. The brand has really changed the last couple of years. Mother has been shopping there a long time and still does. When I used to go with her to choose clothes, I wouldn't have batted an eyelid at the brand then. But they have really shifted gear and become an on-trend store and some of my favourite items are from there. I find Bonmarche Jeans really good quality and a great fit.

To accessorise the dress, I have chosen my vintage silver clutch bag and a sparkly diamante bracelet.Oh and Long chain silver earrings. I'm unsure whether I chose the right shoes? I decided to wear Black, but now I'm wondering if I should have chosen Silver? Would love to know your thoughts on this.

Black or Silver?

Before I go, I want to wish you all a very happy new year! See you in 2017!
Xo Laurie



Shop The Sales - Top Picks From My Wardrobe

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! As I sit here now after such a busy but really enjoyable day, I could do with a couple of matchsticks to hold my eye's open!

But I did want to let you know about the bargains that can be had online In the sales. Some of my favourite items that are on sale are online and don't come from your average hight street store. I will also list some other high street great buys at the end of the post. Put your feet up with a cuppa and shop!

This easy to wear dress from Nougat London is knocked down in price from £99.00 to £66.00 here

This Trophy Jacket from Bonmarche is now just ££20.00 I can't tell you how many times I have worn it but I did mix it into my winter wardrobe too.

In this photo here I've added a polo-neck long sleeved top underneath in a contrasting colour. This photo was taken at an event that I went to a while back, more about that in a post coming soon. 

This Eastex shirt is now priced at £19.00 originally priced at £59.00 

This dress is from one of my favourite brands Havren Now priced at £77.40 from £129.00

This dress from Alie Street Is now £69.00 from £99.00 Another dress I know! At least you don't have to find matching items!

These Black jeans from Bonmarche are now just £11.00! They sit a little higher on the waistline. I have worn these a lot because of their comfort.

This bag from lotus is now just £34.95 And the boots to match from this post are just £35.00

You can't beat good classic pearls! I love the silver clasp's on this set. The necklace is priced down from £105 to £52.50 here

One of my favourite handbag designers is Nadia Minkoff This Pimlico tasselled Clutch now priced at £54.00 is gorgeous. There are some beautiful bags and jewellery on the site, everything is now half price with free UK shipping.

If it's luxury your after, why not treat yourself to one of Kitts Boutique silk pillowcases. Wake up less wrinkly and smoother hair! Read about it here There is 30% off

I hope you like some of the items listed above. Below is a list of other on-line items. Is there anything you have in mind to buy? I nearly always buy my beauty essentials at this time of year to get my money's worth!


Asos has up to 50% off 
La Redoute has up to 60% off
REISS has up to 50% off
MandCo has up to 50% off
BODEN has up to 60% off
F&F Has up to 50% off
LAURA ASHLEY has up to 50% off
PHASE EIGHT has up to 70% off


BEAUTY EXPERT has up to 40% off
SIMPLY SUPPLEMENTS  has various offers
CULT BEAUTY  has various offers


 I hope you find yourself a great bargain browsing through these sale sites. Put your feet up, a cup of tea and cake. I'm taking the whole day off! 

Xo Laurie

Please be aware that some of these sites contain affiliate links. This just measns that I might earn a few pennies to support this blog.



Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I was hoping to get another post in before Christmas, but with all that's been going on and mother not being well just put me way behind. I want to thank everyone that sent their best of wishes to me. She is a little better and I plan to make her Christmas the best possible.

The children and grandchildren will be over to mother's Christmas day and I will be up to my eye's in pigs in blankets, turkey and all the usual fare.
Every year I think to myself "why do I do it?" Cooking for 17 ! although two of those are still babes.
I often dream on Christmas day about having a glamorous time with my feet up somewhere posh, dressed up and being waited on. But then again I know it would not feel right. This is one of the only times we are all together in the year.

One of my grandson's made me laugh the other day (he's 4) telling me how he needed to pop out to the shops to buy me a present. Here is how the conversation flowed

Grandson - " Nanny I need to get out to the shops to buy your present"
Me - " Oh lovely! Give me a clue? Will it be something nice?
Grandson - "Yes Nanny it's something to wear"
Me - (getting excited wondering what the daughter is buying) Oh lovely, "What colour will it be?"
Grandson - "All different colours Nanny" "I'm going to get you a Robin outfit, so I can be Batman and you can be Robin" "We can get the baddie's together!"

So cute! I can't wait to see their faces all lit up. And I really hope I don't have to dress up as Robin!

Everything is done now all but packing the car for the journey to Essex.  I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas.
I want to thank you all so much for the support you have all given throughout the year. The blog continues to grow strong and I can't thank my readers enough. I've had a fabulous year, making new Cyber friends and have met some lovely people through blogging this year. 

I'd love to hear about your plans for Christmas. Is anyone lucky enough to be waited on or on a sunny beach somewhere? Whatever it is I hope it's wonderful for you.
See you next week, hopefully with a glam new years eve post. And I'm sure there will be some sale bargains to talk about!

Laurie x



Woolovers Merino Wool Long Cardigan - A Workhorse Item Of Clothing

I was going to dress up this fine long Cardigan with a sparkly dress. I decided against it and I'm showing a relaxed look instead.Plenty of time for sparkles. Not much time to finish your Christmas shopping! 
 Only a few day's now until Christmas. The calm before the storm! A happy storm though! I don't often get all of my eight grandchildren and children all under one roof at the same time!

I pondered for a while about how to show this cardigan off. A rich deep navy, it could be worn so many ways. Jeans and a T-shirt. An evening dress or trousers. I know it's going to come in oh so handy. Take shopping for instance. Running around town and then you hit one of the indoor shopping centres and your boiling! This is perfect to drape over your shopping bag, rather than wrestling with a heavy coat. 

Today I'm on way to drop a present off to a friend of mine before I do my last minute shopping for the big day. I love how light the Merino wool is, yet still warm. A blank canvas to add whatever you wish, a cluster of brooches to dress it up or a belt to tie in with your outfit. This will also go great with my growing collection of silk scarfs.

Today I'm wearing these casual trousers and a silk loose sleeved top. I have added some Rose gold accessories.A long necklace and bangle. Tan bag and Brown boots creating a simple yet smart casual look. I love how deep the pockets are!
The long cardigan come's in Navy or Black a 100% Merino wool. I like the fine weave of the wool. If you fancy Black it's here 

I am so impressed with the Woolovers site. Every type of wool is available and the styles and colours are gorgeous. The Cashmere jumper that I posted about here is one of the softest I've had. I also have my eye's on a few other items. I love this Aran Funnel neck here

Are you all ready for Christmas? or are you like me behind! I'd love to know what you think of the Coatigan too. Or tweet me at @vanityandmeblog

Xo Laurie



Jacques Vert Style Groups Brands SS17 Press Event

Sometimes I think I like press events more than shopping! To get that first look at the next season's events fashion trends and new available colours. And then, of course, I like to post the event and share with you.
So today I'm sharing with you the Jacques Vert collections. Divided into four categories, I will give you a quick glimpse of what is to come for the next season, and we can all dream that soon the weather will be warmer, and we will be bearing our legs and wearing sandals again !
Some of these items shown here will be available very soon, so keep an eye on the Jacques Vert site

A riot of colours from the Jacques Vert brand. So much more fashion forward this year, with separates to mix and match. Luxurious materials and some beautiful prints. Gone are the days of just shopping this brand for your special wedding outfit. These pieces are your smart well cut designs to wear not just for weddings, but for any  event you have in mind when you want an elegant well-designed fashion item.

I love this dress. A subtle base with a handcrafted printed display of flowers.

Structured lace was featured for the next season. The white jacket in the middle of the photo was exquisite, as was the blue dress further along. I like the mix up of lace and laser cut sleeves.

Pastels, Neutrals and silver tones were also featured. I remember thinking I want that! I want that too! There was a long line lace Shacket which is available Here . This went straight on my Christmas wish list!

Getting onto Eastex. A completely different mix of colour here. Mustard and Navy are a great colour combination. There were various prints large and small that would all interact perfectly together for a smart tailored look. I really liked the three-quarter jacket at the back and the draping on the front of the mustard dress which will also be available in a printed material version

On the rails, you can see that the Navy and mustard along with white. Three-quarter length trousers were a feature, so it looks like they will still be on trend next year. I featured my Eastex trousers a while back in this post here I don't think there is a week that goes by that I don't wear them.

Is that a hint of Devore that I spy ? It is actually listed as a "Burnout" top. Very similar to Devore but not velvety. A hint of a new trend I think . Very pretty with the pink three-quarter trousers. 

Moving onto Dash. This is the most relaxed brand from the collection. Designed for women who don't identify themselves by their age, but have a zest for life. Some beautiful summer prints here, perfect for that holiday . I like that the designs are loose fitting. comfortable for everyday wear.

Tha accessories to match the Dash collection really caught my eye, The prints were playful and vibrant.

Again, there were your classic colours available. Lots of Navy and White that can blend in with items that are already in your wardrobe. I loved the relaxed jumpsuit. 

And the striped jacket and Gilet I will not be forgetting. A good quality everyday jacket is what I need. I loved the Grey stripes, makes a change from Navy or Black. I also like this colour block jumper here

Next, we have Precis Petite. A brand that I have loved some 26 years ! That's how many years I can work back to when I bought that first Precis item!  The statement board says it all. I have found many a perfectly fitting outfit from this brand.

The statement Blues were so eye-catching and the prints are always perfectly sized with the petite stature in mind.  

How stunning is this Roma Placement Print dress ? I love this colour combination

And this floral statement called Maggie. Listed as Bold Impactful and always beautiful.

This Green and Navy dress is called Peggy. The seasons floral number

Lots of texture and lace, I see that culottes are still going to be on trend. Handy to know that these are available for a petite size. I had problems finding the right length for me this year.

I liked the detailed shoulder on the Navy lace dress. And the long line jacket above with the large spots.

Jeff Banks has created another classic collection this year of pure fashion-forward elegance. I loved the striped dress at the back of the dress rail. Key SS17 trends are translated into modern and wearable hero pieces.

What do you think of what's to come from the Jacques Vert brand? I'd love to know your thoughts. 

This is what I wore to the event. Of course, I was flying the flag for Eastex in the trousers that I mentioned earlier. I wanted to be comfortable for my journey, and as you can see I look a little bedraggled here after my long day ! As I said I don't think a week has gone by that I haven't worn these trousers here

Just a comfortable practical outfit consisting of a long sleeved white T and a silk scarf to brighten the outfit.

And of course, a host of goodies came home with me that I will be sharing in post's to come.

XO Laurie



Luxury Water

Do you ever really think about how hard water affects our skin?

It has long been drummed into us how important it is to drink as much water as possible for our health and our looks. I drink Tea, but I also drink my fair share of water. Bottled water it must be !
I do notice a difference when I don't have my quota. Do you follow this rule ?

I was pleased to be approached by BWT UK LTD for a review and asked what I thought of the idea of having soft water on tap.

When we shower or take a bath, do we think of the water  we're using? I tend to worry about how hot or cold it is and what products I'm going to use! But thinking about it, and seeing what hard water does to my kettle, it does get me thinking. Would I have a younger looking skin if I had used soft water?.

The product that Luxury Water provides is easily installed to your incoming water and hey presto! Soft water on tap.

When you think about the huge difference this can make. It's got to better to bath or shower in something that doesn't contain harsh chemicals . Imagine how much better this would be for our hair? Very tempting !

Then of course there's the money saving side to the whole Idea. No more washing machines only lasting a couple of years, or dishwashers for that matter. No more limescale build up in your rads and your bathroom will be sparkling like it should. No more detergents to keep it all shiny. According to the Luxury Water site, you can cut down on so much. I would be happy not to have to constantly replace my kettle or have stacks of bottled water everywhere!
Take a look at the site. There are so many reasons to have one of these gadgets. If your interested. you can pop over Here to find out more and if there is an installer in your area.
Let me know what you think of the idea of soft water ? Especially if you have it on tap at home. I'm so tempted .
Xo Laurie


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