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Laura Ashley Classic Stripe Dress & White CutWork Bag

Hi Everyone

If you're in the UK How hot has it been?!! Hot Hot Hot!!! 

I'm hosting on the Laura Ashley website again today! Pop over and see all the other fashion and interior bloggers that feature there here

I'm sharing my second choice from Laura Ashley today, wearing a more casual look. I fell in love with the dress and bag as soon as I saw them on the website and couldn't wait to share, although let me tell you I'm absolutely roasting! Even though I have waited as late in the day possible to take these photos!

laura ashley dress

There are a couple of details that I want to point out that I like about the dress. One is the ruched shoulder detail. I think this adds a nice little touch to the dress.

 The other is pockets. Who doesn't love a handy pocket? The dress actually comes with a matching self-tie belt, but I've chosen to add my white one to tie in with the bag and bangle.

The dress feels lovely on, and I like the fullness of the skirt, all these little details make it that little bit different from your average classic stripe dress.You can find it on the website at Laura Ashley here There is up to 50% off clothing and homeware at the moment, so do take a look. 

Can you see my little photo bombers in the background?

I'm down by the river near Kew and the wildlife are so tame. I think they're hoping I have brought them dinner! 

I decided to wear my hair straight today, and I can feel it starting to crinkle and curl from the heat already in our 33-degree heat. No! I'm not complaining already!

laura ashley bag

How gorgeous is the bag? I love, love, love it! There is a lot of wooden detailing on bags this year, quite a big trend and I love the faux bamboo handles. The laser cut flowers really make it a show stopper too. There is a zip up lining inside the bag that's removable to wash too.You can find it here and it's also available in Blue or Yellow. 

I think the white accessories work well together with the dress.What do you think?  Easy to wear and comfortable. don't forget to check out my other dress that I chose in last week's post. You can find it here if you missed it. A completely different style!

laura ashley fashion

Oh and go grab yourself a bargain before it all gets sold out! There are some amazing items to good to miss!
 Enjoy the sun everyone!
XO Laurie

Dress - c/o Laura Ashley
Bag - c/o Laura Ashley



Weekend Sales Edit

Hi Everyone!
As promised here is the sale's post for this weekend. I hope your all doing something lovely with this gorgeous weather we're having?

I'm away this weekend, but I wanted to share this sales post with you all. I can't believe the shops will soon be filling up with the new winter season clothes very soon, but that only means that there are bargains to be had out there to make way for those! I'm also leaving my weekly "Ten Under Twenty"

Enjoy! XX

Here are all the online sales and special offer codes!


Beauty Offers



What's In My MakeUp Bag?

Hi Everyone

Today I'm sharing a post that's always popular with readers. A "What's In My Makeup Bag?"

I was talking to my daughter about this.You see, I was asked by a new soon to launch magazine for the mature woman. A glossy fashion, health and lifestyle magazine called Silver Life. Due to launch early July, I will let you all know when it's available, I'm excited about it!

I said to my daughter "Do you really think anyone would be interested in what I'm wearing on my over 50 year old face?" She replied with "Mother these on-line articles are my guilty pleasure and I'm always reading them" "Do it!" was her bossy reply!
 But she reads the younger blogs of course. Do any of you read these types of post? I'm often drawn to the "ten things you didn't know about me" types of post. I'm just so nosey! 

Before I start to show you what I use, I want you to know that I'm quite a savvy shopper where my beauty routine and makeup is concerned. I have used Estee Lauder for years and I find you get more for your money if you buy when the seasonal promotion is on.
I'm signed up to all major stores for email alerts when this happens, so when I'm in need of anything that I've run out of there is usually a special offer on somewhere!

I also sign up email alerts to my favourite brands and when my birthday comes around I will go and get my freebie. It all helps!

So here goes! This is what I use on a day to day basis...

I thought I would start with the tools first. These are just as important. So Left to right

  1. Foundation brush - I use this to blend my foundation. Great for blending under the eyes and any facial creases.
  2. Throw away mascara brushes are handy and come in packs of 10-20 I use these for eyebrows as well, great for blending in eyebrow pencil.
  3. This little-chiseled brush is great for blending in pencilled eyeliner for a softer effect 
  4. The eyeliner brush I use not only for eyeliner but also for concealer to hide blemishes
  5. This soft rounded brush is for creating the smokey eye effect in the socket of my eye.
  6. Blusher/Bronzer brush. I've had this Jane Iredale brush for years and it's been brilliant.Pricey but I totally recommend it! 
  7. Lip brush. A must for precision!

1)Primer - I'm hooked on the Estee Lauder Universal Perfecting primer. Providing the perfect base for foundation and leaves my skin velvety and a little smoother. A big help in a little tube!

2)Foundation - I use Estee Lauder Double wear. The staying power of this foundation is amazing! If my skin is on the dry side I will use double wear light.

3)Concealer - Again it's Estee Lauder Double wear. I actually use two of these. One for blemishes in my skin shade and one a shade lighter for hiding deep wrinkles.

A tip to take note of - Use an eyeliner brush to apply a slightly lighter shade of concealer along deep wrinkles and then leave to set for around thirty seconds. Then pat gently with your ring finger to blend

1)The items above are my go to everyday items. I just apply the Bourjois eyeshadow from eyelid to socket. this shade is Generose 02 
I find a light eyeshadow with a slight shimmer gives a nice little lift.

2)The Grey eye pencil I use for my eyebrows and then blend with the brush. Have you tried using Grey on your eyebrows? It's the most natural shade and great for blondes.

3) Eyeliner pencil- Brown. I prefer a natural look in daytime and I think brown is a much softer look. Blended with the chisled brush above. I don't like harsh lines.

I've added this eye palette into the kit here. This was an item I received in a makeup kit. It's great for adding extra colour for evenings.

I'm using a Revlon powder blush in 003- Mauvelous! one pat of this blush onto my blusher brush and tap on the apple of my cheek.Blend with the blusher brush, this stuff goes a long way. Great healthy colour too!

Some Bronzers are so expensive! Blend and staying power are what's most important. Plus it needs to be the right shade of course! I don't like anything too shimmery. The one I have used for ages is this Avon Glow in Light Bronze. I am very fair and this is a great colour for me and not too orange!

Now I always have a problem getting my lipstick to stay on! For a while now I have used the method of lining my lips with a pencil and then gently smooth the lip line with your finger. This just softens the lip line and less likely to look harsh.
Then I fill the middle parts of top and lower lips and blend outwards with the lip brush. Then I apply my lipstick on top.
So far this has worked remarkably well. I don't do gloopy lip gloss! Not even for evenings!
Rimmel I think do marvellous lip pencils and they are very cheap. I tend to go for the nude colours and only use a deeper colour for evenings.
My favourite lipstick at the moment on top of a nude pencil is Estee Lauder Pink Parfait (left) The middle is Estee Lauder rose gold and on the right is Virgin Vie Ruby Red Sheer.

I hope you find some of these tips helpful. Let me know if you have any other tips to share your everyday makeup in the comments below

I will be posting a sales post tomorrow if you want to stop by. Plus this will include my Ten Under Twenty for the week

XO Laurie


Laura Ashley - Feminine Floaty Style Maxi Dress

Hi Everyone!

I'm sharing with you today this gorgeous dress from Laura Ashley. I will be hosting on the fashion site tomorrow, so do pop over and say hi. I'd love your support! The link is here

Famous for their romantic and feminine prints, I have long been a fan.

My first bridesmaid dress that I wore at the age of 16 (yes, I had to wait that long!) was actually made from Laura Ashley fabric and I remember it like it was yesterday!

I've taken a stroll over to my nearby park to show this dress off and have come armed with sunglasses, umbrella and a hat. That is how unpredictable our UK weather is at the moment! On arrival, it was blowing a gale, so on went the hat.

laura ashley floral print maxi dress

I loved how the wind showed off how floaty the dress is. But I could barely keep the hat on my head! This Floral Print Ruffled Maxi Dress is a gobsmacking mere £35.00 on sale at Laura Ashley at the moment, so be quick to take a look. In fact, there are lots of lovely dresses available.

Laura Ashley Floral Print Maxi Dress

I love the frilled hem at the bottom of the dress. It also has an elasticated waist for comfort and a self-tie belt.

Frilled tie cuffs are a lovely detail added to the dress.The material is very very lightweight and has a Nude coloured lining.

It's that windy that my sunglasses get blown off my head! Then it starts raining! Sun, wind and rain! Typical! Head for cover!

Feeling like a Charlies Angels diva here! What do you think of the dress? I was watching a late seventies sitcom the other day thinking "I could wear that now and be on trend" I just love how romantic this dress is!

Shaded by a huge tree, no sunglasses, no hat and no umbrella. Just this bargain of a dress. I nearly chose this one I love the colour.
There are some beautiful designs on the site so do take a look.

I like the frilled detailing on the shoulder. This runs along the back of the dress also.

There's also a tie front on the dress. I left it loose and flowing, but it could be tied into a bow. I think this dress will be amazing later in the year with boots and a chunky knit cardigan too.

Oh look! One photo with sunglasses and no rain or wind! Just sun!
Have a great week everyone!

Dress c/o - Laura Ashley



Alie Street - Press Event- Tell Me Your Favourite

Hi Everyone
I had a lovely day out in London this week. Luckily a day with hints of sun and warmer temperatures unlike the rest of the week!

Just a quick snapshot before I left of what I wore, this Navy and beige top which is fitted but has loads of stretch, so it's comfortable and beige trousers with navy sandals and my big white shopper to keep the essentials in. I'm off to view the new collection by Alie Street.  

You may remember me confessing my love for the Alie Street brand in my previous posts here and here These dresses are still available today, and if your looking for a sophisticated well-fitted dress for work or a special occasion then do take a look at the Alie Street Website.

The event was held at a beautiful location. The Chesterfield Hotel in Mayfair

Photo supplied via Michelin

How beautiful is this reception?!! I would have loved to have taken some snaps of the hotel, but it was quite busy, so I have grabbed this photo from the web.A perfect place for afternoon tea at a reasonable price of £38.50 it really was a gorgeous place. Take a look around at the website here

Entering the conservatory located in the hotel I was met by the Alie Street team who were lovely and so welcoming. A few of the new designs were on display, and I've taken shots of those. The rest is under wraps for now, but I'm sure I will get to share that with you later.

How beautiful is this trio? I was asked which was my favourite and I liked them all so much it's hard to decide! Which one would you choose? I'm tempted most by the one in the middle and on the Alie Street website you can see it worn by celebrities here but I would love to know your thoughts! 

Alie-street also provides maternity wear. Great for special occasions, so if there's a family wedding planned and you have a family member expecting, guide her to the website!

A chat and tea and cake after! I did feel spoilt!

I look forward to sharing a new Alie Street dress with you later, so don't forget to help me choose! Let me know in the comments box.
Details of what I'm wearing
Top - similar here
Trousers - similar here
bag - similar here

And because it's Friday, here is the regular Ten Under Twenty and what's bargains there are to be had.

Have a great weekend everyone! 
Laurie x



Five Over Fifty Shine On In Metallics

Hi Everyone
As I write this I can't believe that a whole month has gone by already! Time is flying!
This is the second Five Over Fifty challenge where a theme is chosen and we style ourselves, in our own interpretation of that theme.

I find it interesting that we all have our own flair and different outlook on style and how we portray our own version of the chosen theme. If you didn't catch the first challenge last month, you can find it here

This month's challenge "Marvellous Metallics" was chosen by Anna. Let's see how we decided to show this trend in our own personal style

*Marvellous Metallics*

gold jeans

I've chosen these glam faux-leather Jeans as the main focal point of the challenge. I bought these way back, just after Christmas in the sales at FandF. I liked the fact that these jeans are a muted golden/bronze shade and not too shiny and bright a gold.I think this colour will mix with literally any colour in my wardrobe and will look great with boots and a cream chunky jumper in winter for a casual look.

For the top half of the outfit, I have kept it really simple by just adding a plain cream shirt. I bought this shirt yonks ago in Primark. In fact, I bought nearly every shade they had! And they come in so handy and go with everything. You can't beat a classic button through plain shirt. A good wardrobe staple.

I've just added Golden accessories to complete the look. I think the sandals are around twelve years old! I had to dig them out of my storage! (I knew they'd come in handy once more!) The Gold clutch bag is Marc Jacobs and comes in handy for any evening look.

The round hoop necklace was purchased from FandF. A handy little item that you can thread anything onto, so I will be creating lots of different looks from this similar here I've attached my dad's gold toothpick left to me and I wear it regularly. (not that I'm often picking my teeth lol)

A longer gold chain and wooden beaded necklace for some extra colour tones, and a Gold Watch and bracelet completed the look.So the plain Cream shirt provided the base for all these Gold tones. What do you think?

Let's take a look at what the girls chose

Gail from Is This Mutton has chosen this "rock chick look" A good example of how to make a pleated skirt look edgy by adding the Gold block heeled boots and T-shirt

Ashley from Lazy Daisy Jones has created a feminine floaty romantic look with her pleated skirt and gorgeous Blue Denim top. Love her Boho style! I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley a couple of weeks ago. More on that later!

Anna from Anna's Island Style has created a fabulous look with Silver pleated skirt and accessories. I'm always envying her scenic backgrounds for photos too!  

Jacqui from Mumma Be Stylish shows us how to glam up a casual outfit with hints of Metallics. Sometimes it's just the accessories that pull the look together!

Do pop over to the other blogger's post and read how we all created the looks for this style challenge. None of us knows what each of us is wearing until the deadline for the post. I always look forward to their interpretation of the look! Have a great week.
XO Laurie


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