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Celebrating Style Link Up - Have You Tried Wearing Your Scarf Like This?

Hi everyone!

Firstly apologies for the lateness of this post. It's usually out late Thursday evenings, but I have just returned from Essex to visit the family.

A jam-packed four days away, and I always get behind with anything blog related. It amazes me how if you take your finger off the PC for a couple of days how quickly you can fall behind. I haven't even started to reply to my comments yet! I really need to organise myself better. Any tips out there on how to keep up with it all? Tell me your secret!

I'm sharing here, how to jazz up a plain T-shirt under a jacket. I often do this with my scarves, and it's an instant dress yourself up look. I say jacket, but it works with anything over the top really. I also wear my scarves like this under a knitted sleeveless long waistcoat that I have.

Tied from corner to corner loosely to form the cowl neck effect, and the each corner wrapped around the back and tied again. Or if the scarf is too small to tie, I just tuck the front in. 

So here, you can see how it looks without the jacket. I wouldn't wear it without a jacket or waistcoat! So this will only work if you know you're going to keep those items on. I love the floaty effect it gives off though. Again, if you don't like it so puffy, just tuck more in.

So here's a side view example! I'm just wearing a simple long-sleeved T-shirt underneath from Primark. I wear these simple tops so much and have so many colours.

Pop your jacket on and hey presto!

Have you tried this before? Or maybe you have a better idea to wear your scarves? Do tell!
Now onto the link-up, I'm looking forward to seeing your style/beauty posts. Don't forget to let me know how you keep up to date and organised with your blog!

Scarf - c/o East UK
Jacket - c/o Bonmarche
Trousers - c/o Eastex

I'm looking forward to seeing your style!

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XO Laurie



Hawes And Curtis - Beautiful Shirts Not Just For Work

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing with you today, this gorgeous shirt from Hawes And Curtis. Famed for providing good quality workwear shirts and accessories for men and women.

I love a well-tailored shirt, and what I love about Hawes and Curtis are the colourful prints that they use to stop this classic item from being boring. This shirt will look great with a suit, a pair of jeans or dressed up like I am wearing mine today.

I've chosen to pair this Pink and Green floral shirt with my long pleated Blue skirt. I think it creates a romantic look, and I think they pair together nicely. Perfect for dressing the skirt down slightly for a more daytime look. 

This shirt style is fitted from the Blue label collection and is one of many gorgeous prints on the site. There are fitted and semi-fitted available. I styled semi-fitted a while back and you can read about that here 

Being short in the arms I have turned my double buttoned cuffs back and this has worked out perfectly for me. (a hint to all petite's out there!) The shirt is made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane, so there is actually plenty of movement for a fitted shirt. The sizing starts at size 6 - 22

What do you think of the fitted shirt with the floaty long skirt? I bought this skirt from Karen Millen last year, you can find similar here It's so easy to dress up or wear casual and the pleated skirt trend is so strong still for this year.

Do take a look at the other gorgeous prints that are available from Hawes And Curtis. I love their satin Pussy Bow shirts that are available too. Oh and I forgot to mention that they also provide the West Ham football team with their smart uniforms! If your mans a fan, you might just urge him to shop there too!

I will be sharing another gorgeous shirt from the brand soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Take a look here and let me know which would be your favourite.

XO Laurie 

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Celebrating Style Link up | Florals And Powder Blue

Hi Everyone
It's been quite a relaxing week for me for a change! No more hospital visits for hours on end, and for some reason, I don't know why, but I actually ended up with some time on my hands!
I treated myself to a bit of home pampering. Got my roots tidied up with a hair colour and gave myself a haircut. A pedicure, to get those feet ready for the light of day! All in all, not such a bad week. Let's hope the sun keeps shining!

I'm wearing these fairly new trousers from Eastex You may remember them slightly more dressed up in this post here Eastex have an offer on at the moment and the trousers are now priced at £55.20 I love the colour. This and all the pink tones that are around at the moment are my favourites 

I've teamed the trousers with a top that is a couple of years old. This top is actually meant to be styled off the shoulders, but every time I try this trend and look in the mirror I just see a milk maid! I prefer to wear mine like this!

Most of the gipsy style tops have either elastic and a soft tie to the front and if you like all the styles of these tops that are in the shops, remember that this way of wearing it can be done too.

Have a great weekend everyone, I look forward to seeing your style/beauty posts! 

Xo Laurie
Top - F&F old
Trousers c/o Eastex
Bag - Mandys Heaven

I'm looking forward to seeing your style!

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XO Laurie



Lotus Multi Raffia Sandals And Bag

Hi Everyone
How was your Easter Weekend? Mine was spent being very Lazy! Lot's of TV! 
Today I'm sharing with you something that caught my eye at the Lotus event that I posted on here a while back. If you want to take a look at what is available for summer this year from Lotus, Ravel, Dolcis and Gola click here

I was kindly gifted this gorgeous duo from Lotus. They immediately caught my eye at the event. The colours just jumped out at me. The sandals are not of my usual higher height heel, but we all need a pair of comfortable heels that you can walk in for a fair distance, so I'm road testing them for comfort today.

The sandals are called Alaska Red Multi Raffia And the bag is called Draven Red Multi Raffia How cute is the Gold handle?! And this so wasn't the outfit I had in mind to share these beauties off with. I did have a Safari style dress in mind, but today was way too cold! Even though it's a gorgeous bright day, there's a nippy north wind blowing.

I love the Gold coachwork on the bag, and you can use the cute gold handle, Or you can apply the strap and wear it as a crossover. 

I've chosen simple no fuss comfortable clothing to wear on my road test. Straight Black trousers and a plain silk top, and just added a little more interest with a chunky necklace. I'm taking a walk through Twickenham today, heading for the river. I did say to the OH "if we win the lottery I want to live in the house behind me!" The lottery most probably wouldn't even cover it!.   

The sandals are really comfortable and very flexible.The heel height is 6cm and you don't really notice. To me, these feel like flat shoes! I think there are a lot of colours incorporated in the bag to go with a fair amount of summer colours, but if these colours are not for you, it's also available in Black and White here

I love it here at Richmond Lock. I have actually fished alongside the Thames here! Anyone else like fishing? I love it when I catch more than the OH!

Or just sit and watch the world go by! 

Have you got your toes out yet this year? Are you buying new sandals? Do you like your Handbag and shoes/sandals to match? Let me know in the comments. Don't forget to tick the notify me box!

I'm leaving you with a photo of Richmond Lock. A stunning bridge that leads you into Richmond. Built in 1891 you can read about its history here

Alaska Red Multi Raffia Sandals C/O Lotus
Draven Red Multi Raffia Tote C/O Lotus

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Xo Laurie



Celebrating Style - Relaxed weekend Wear Essentials

Hi Everyone!
And happy Easter weekend! A huge thank you to all that linked up last week. It's growing in numbers slowly, but at least it's growing!

I had a really lovely day today. My brother and his wife are over for a visit from Denmark. I don't get to see them as often as I would like, but we packed quite a lot into one day!
I gave them a tour of Chiswick. Lots of walking to do, so it had to be comfortable wear today! 

I chose the easy classic outfit, comfortable style. A jacket that is light to carry and warm enough to keep the chills at bay. Comfy stretchy Bootcut jeans and a white shirt. Oh and just as we headed out the door I told him we were going to do some photos on the way!

Most of this outfit came from M&S I love their fitted blazers, they always fit well. And the white shirt has a special "no gaping" fastening and I can say it's one of the best white shirts I've ever owned. I strongly recommend this shirt if you have a fuller bust.

I chose the simple accessories - Tan belt, Tan Shopper and Brown ankle boots. And not forgetting my new Daniel Wellington Watch If you didn't catch my last post, there's a 15% discount code  here

This Tan shopper I've had for ages. I can fit so much into it. Another M&S buy that has been worth every penny. Comfortable wide fitting, not too high ankle boots that I can walk miles in. Do you have that special pair of shoes or boots that are just so comfortable? I don't know what I'll do when these are worn out! 

That's it from me, I hope you all have a fantastic Easter weekend. Oh and of course I have to show one photo of the brother!

Meet handsome big brother. Not bad for 61! He's going to kill me for putting his age in!

Xo Laurie

I'm looking forward to seeing your style!

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XO Laurie



Daniel Wellington Watches- 15% Off Code!

How lovely is the weather?
Perfect for the Easter holidays. I hope you have something good planned?

It's so good to not have to wear a coat and the lighter colours in my wardrobe come into play. A monochromatic look today again. This way of dressing makes me feel taller!

I'm happy to be sharing with you a special offer today with Daniel Wellington Watches there's a 15% off code at the end of this post ladies!

I've been eyeing up the watches on Instagram for some time and I know how popular they are in the blogosphere.

What I didn't realise is the fact that they cater for us petite people too. A blessing in disguise for me. Every time I have had a watch half of it has to be taken away to fit my wrist, but with this Melrose Classic Petite style watch, you make the adjustment easily all by yourself! I was made up!

So I chose all creams and beige and gold accessories to show it off, Oh and my new bargain mirrored sunglasses from F&F for a mere £6! I don't pay a lot for sunglasses anymore because I always end up loosing them.

A cream knitted waistcoat was all that was needed on this fine day! And I finished the look off with the necklace from Matalan.

So let me tell you a little bit more about the watches. 

This one that I'm wearing, the strap reaches up to 33mm It's waterproof and another bonus is that you can change the strap for others that are available on the site.There are some lovely Tan or Black leather one's available, but I love this Rose Gold mesh strap. The Melrose is also available in Silver.

I haven't worn a watch for some time, I thought having a mobile phone to do the work was enough, but I'm surprised at how handy it's been to just flick the wrist and it's there!

I just had to get that "I've just done my hair shot" in didn't I !!

If you're after a stunning new accessory for your wrist the code to use at the checkout is VANITY 
Do have a browse at the site, they are gorgeous.
Watch C/O Daniel Wellington
Sunglasses - F&F
Bag - Similar Here
Necklace - Matalan

I'd love to know what you think of the whole look. Tick the notify me box so that I can reply!
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XO Laurie



Celebrating Style Link Up - Dress Down Day

Hi everyone  
Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. I had a fabulous day!

My birthday promise to myself was to do nothing. Not leave the house,no work, no housework,no hospital visits (the father in law is still there) and no vets. One of my dogs has just had an op, so I wanted to stay at home with her too. 
I have got so behind with everything the last couple of weeks and tomorrow will be another day. I will start afresh tomorrow! So this is a very casual post today!

White Jeans a White vest top and a Denim shirt. It couldn't get more simple. I just scooped mt hair up, it's normally tied up when I'm at home. The denim shirt actually came off for a while today, the weather here in London has been gorgeous, so I caught myself an hour sitting in the garden reading my magazines.

This denim shirt, bought at New Look a while ago has had a lot of wear. it looks great over a roll neck sweater which is how I wore it when it was really cold. And now it's great for a light cover in the better weather.

Meet Peggle! My baby! She has just had a lump removed from her leg bless her. The soppiest dog you could ever wish to meet! She fitted in my hand when I brought her home to me eight years ago, and still tries to sit on my lap which looks hilarious! She is Mastiff crossed with American Bulldog, and weighs a ton!

Getting back to the outfit. I just added some accessories to spruce the look up a bit. My studded belt from TK Max and this necklace from Matalan here a new purchase that I know I'm going to wear a lot. I like Tan, Brown and Creams so this will tie in well.

The White jeans are from F&F. I loved these when I bought them last year, but I'm really going off the skinny Jean look. I'm currently looking for some white bootcut Jeans, so if any of you can recommend any, please do let me know.

And here is Chuzzle! Looking very grisly having to sit here and have her photo done! It's not so easy trying to get them to sit in the right position for the photo! She is an American Bulldog crossed with Staff. Seven years old, but still thinks she's a pup! She cried the whole time that Peggle was in the vets. Peggle has always mothered her, and I dread to think what would happen if something should happen at some point.

It's been so good to take some time out today! Much needed! I hope you all get to do it sometimes. hat's your favourite idea of time out? Do let me know.
Xo Laurie

I'm looking forward to seeing your style!

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XO Laurie



Eastex - Pastel Blue Elegance

Yay! It's my birthday! Or nay! Another year older! Friends came over for lunch and I decided to take them for a walk in the local park and show them what I get up to on this journey of showing my style.
A lot of people really don't get the work that it takes to put a fashion post together, and they found it quite interesting. 

I couldn't wait to show you this Jacket and trousers from Eastex. I fell in love with this lovely pairing at the SS17 press event. You can read about it here And they have some fantastic offers online and in store, so keep your eyes peeled.

This gorgeous multi blue jacket here is perfect for that special day or night time occasion, and it feels really special on. It's lightweight and the cream silky lining just feel so luxurious! In a previous post from way back, I explained that I have a jacket from Precis Petite  Eastex's  sister brand and it's been in my wardrobe since 2001. I still wear that jacket, it's never dated and it still looks as good as new, so you get your money's worth when you buy a classic well made item.

The different Blue hue's that run through the jacket can be mixed with other colours such as White or Navy. The jacket's actually paired with Navy on the website and looks really good. I have a cream silky pair of flared trousers that I think will work well, or my Navy Eastex one's here 

The Avelana trousers that I have paired the jacket with are equally special. Please bare in mind that the trousers are 27.6 inches long would be ankle length on if you're a reasonable height and not a petite little legs like me! I really like the new cropped ankle length that's so fashionable at the moment, but I also like to try and make my legs look as long as possible! You can see them worn here on the model with som block heels.

Fastened at the side, my favourite style because they are just so much more flattering that way. There is a small elasticated piece at each side of the waist for added comfort, and if it's a perfect work suit your looking for there is a matching jacket here

I've chosen a simple understated top and Silver and Aquamarine accessories to complete the look. Nude court shoes to finish. What do you think of the colour?  This and Blush Pink has to be my favourite colours this summer.

I'm in Syon park taking these photos today, a stones throw from my little London abode. The stately house is beautiful. I will have to go inside one day and take some shots in there. If you're ever near this part of London I recommend a visit. You can find the website to the grounds here 

Do take a look at the Eastex site. There is up to 50% off some items at the moment. And do let me know in the comments what your favourite pieces are. Speak soon, I'm off to celebrate my birthday!
Xo Laurie

Jacket Co/Eastex
Trousers Co/Eastex
Blouse / Jaeger
Necklace /Claudia Bradby
Bangle / Georgiana Scott
Shoes / Pretty Small Shoes

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