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Tanning - Special Offers - An Interesting Article

  Hi Everyone
How has your week been? I have been busy this week, going into the city to view some press events. You may have seen a couple of hints on Instagram, but I will be sharing them here with you later.

 I dared to bare my legs this week.And yes those milk bottle legs have started their summer ritual of fake tanning. 

So I thought I'd share some of my tips on fake tanning this week. If you know of an easy to use self-application, then please do share!

This is the second year using Glam Tan. I picked this up in Primark last year and it's one of the best I've used.I Never get a streaky result. Cheap as chips too at £2.50!! But I do believe preparation is key. Only some Primark stores stock this brand, so if you're lucky enough to find it, I would recommend buying a couple of tubes.


1)Any hair removal is best done the day or night before. Open pores after waxing or shaving can lead to a nasty rash!

2) Exfoliate. This is key to not getting a patchy tan. I exfoliate every day using the sponge pictured above. Yes, it's a one pound sponge that you find in the cleaning aisles at your local supermarket!
I always scrub to just reach a tingling sensation, great for circulation and I'm a firm believer that this keeps cellulite at bay.

Just before I apply my tan, however, I use a shower gel mixed with old fashioned table salt. It performs as good as any expensive body scrub. I sometimes mix baby oil and salt too. This leaves your skin super soft. Any oil mixed with salt will do. Try it on your hands. Rinse it off with warm water . let me know what you think.
On my tanning day though it's just shower gel and salt.

3) I apply a very light coat of  E45 cream to my legs and a little more to my knees and ankles. These are the parts that the tan will take to more, and can lead to it looking patchy. Don't use any perfumed moisturiser prior to tanning. It can turn out a murky green colour!

4) Massage the tan in well. I recommend only a light application of any new tan that you're trying.You don't want to end up with orange legs! You can always apply more the next time. Sometimes I use a tanning mit to smooth the tan more, but most times I just massage in with my hand. Just remember to wash it off straight after!

5) Wait at least half an hour before wearing trousers or anything that's going to cause friction to the legs.

There you have it! Simple!  One thing I will say is that I prefer cream and not moose or lotion.

Here's my "Ten UnderTwenty" 

Ok! I know there is one item just over £20.00 but I couldn't resist putting those gold mules in the mix! 

Another thing that I wanted to share with you

My good friend Jacynth Bassett has had a rather interesting article published in the Guardian. More talk on how we over 50 women should and should not be treated when it comes to shopping or anything fashion at our age.
I was lucky enough to be featured on Jacynth's website a while back and you can read about my interview with  Jacynth here And you can read the Guardian article here

Special Offers

Have a great weekend everyone!
Laurie x



  1. Thanks for the tips 're home-brand exfoliation. Looking forward to seeing those legs, Laurie! I have been using Garnier tanner for a couple of years,it's cheap and doesn't streak. Started using it this week as ... I've been wearing SKIRTS!!!

  2. Great tip on the shower gel and salt. Some fancy exfoliators cost more than £40! Have a good weekend, Gail x

  3. Im so gonna try this one out, thanks Laurie!

  4. I am white as a ghost right about now. I need to get on the self tanning band wagon


  5. Such lovely thrifty tips! #CreativeMondays

  6. Never ever thought of adding salt to make my own scrub. Very useful tip. Last year I used a tanning drops that you add to your own body lotion. It worked a treat for me.

  7. I'm going to get this when I next pop to Primark, I've used their tanning face wipes last year, but they've not had them in there this year! So fab info here, thanks Laurie. xx

  8. I love your tips, because they totally work! I just started using a fake tanner and love it!

  9. Great tips Laurie. My legs are so pale at the minute. Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays.

  10. My legs are like milk bottles! Can't believe you got such a good brand from Primark :-) thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

  11. Ooh fab tips and I'll have to look for this one. If I fake tan I usually use St Moriz! #bestandworst

  12. OOOOOH! I need this! I'm scary pale! #bloggerclubuk

  13. Great advice...I always end up going patchy so I will have to try your way.

  14. Great advice! Exfoliating really is key. I usually do but wasn't as diligent as I usually am a few weeks ago, and my fake tan didn't turn out all that well...

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  15. My legs are pasty white Laurie, I think as a dark haired, dark eyed gal I should have olive tanned skin but alas it goes red in the sun then back to white! Self tab is the only way and ill definitely be looking in Primark now! #sharethejoy

  16. I am awful at tanning and never seem to get a nice smooth colour. Great tip about the salt though thanks #pocolo

  17. Great tips! I am yet to find a fake tan that doesn't look fake. I'll def give this one a try if I find it
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes :)

  18. Thank you for sharing this!

  19. Interesting read, thank for sharing X #anythinggoes

  20. I need to look for Glam Tan at Primark. Darn, I was just there yesterday!

  21. Great tips on tanning - I expect those legs have been back covered up again though this week. Let's hope that changes again soon, we could do with the nice weather back - we were just getting used to it! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo x


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