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Glossy Box - My First Unwrapping

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Hi Everyone!

Do you subscribe to any magazine's or beauty boxes? I've just received my first one from Glossybox to review for you ladies.

A cute little keepsake box with new beauty items to try. I have subscribed to magazines before, and I wanted to give a beauty box a try. My daughter has tried a few and she raves about them. 

Not knowing what your going to receive is a bit like a little birthday surprise! Some products are full sized and some are mini. One thing that I like about this idea is that you get to try different things that you wouldn't normally pick up in the shops. When you sign up for anything between a once only box or a yearly subscription, you tell Glossybox your beauty preferences so that you get items that would be of interest to you.

I think this is a fantastic idea as a gift. you can send a Glossybox to a friend or family member for 3 months for £28.50 plus postage and you receive five products each box. I've had many a magazine subscription as a present but I love this idea. A bit like a grown up Jamboree bag! Anyone remember those?!!

Thre's a whole list of products that are supplied on the website here if you wish to have a browse, and some very well known high-end brands are on that list.
Let's go through the gifts that I received...

Monuspa Aftersun Lotion - I really like this. A good body lotion That smells of citrus. I will definitely use this.rrp £19.99 It can be used on the face too.

Two Papanga "No snag" hair ties. I wouldn't wear them out in public, but definitely handy for indoors.  rrp £4.99

A Macaroon shaped tint and lip balm in Crushed Berry. A cute little item popped into my handbag. A good colour that you can pop on when your lips feel dry. rrp £5.99

Bellapiere Banana setting powder. This was my favourite item. There's a huge craze going on for this at the moment.I was eager to try, and it doesn't dissapoint. Great for any darkness under the eye's and counteracts any redness you may have. I'm using it to cover a couple of blemishes that's not dissapearing, and it really helps. rrp £25.00

The last item is a fan brush to apply that Banana powder. I would have been happy to dip my blusher brush straight in, but after watching the recommended tutorial on the glossy box website I changed my mind. rrp £4.99

And so that's it. The box unwrapped! What do you think? I think I certainly got my moneys worth, and the Banana powder has been interesting and useful to try. The only item I wasn't too keen on were the hairbands, but they will still get used.

I have a little offer! You can get 50% off your first Glossybox using the code "SUMMER" here That's such a bargain, so go on treat yourself!

That's it from me.I am leaving the weekly special offers below for you. 
Have a great weekend!
XO Laurie

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  1. Great Review Laurie. I have had a few glossy boxes and I would like to apply all products in future.
    XO Tina

  2. I've never heard of this before. Do they do "sensitive skin" products as a category? I find it very hard to wear make up as most of it irritates my skin. Perhaps I can use it as a gift for someone else. #pocolo

  3. The products looks so good!! Thanks for sharing!
    Mónica Sors

  4. Wow. This one glossy box is the perfect that looks the best and will be much helpful for me to manage my makeup accessories well.

  5. What a lovely box of goodies Laurie, I love surprises :)

  6. Every time a blogger writes about these boxes, they remind me that I want to try that also. But I always forget!

  7. I haven't tried Glossybox yet. I DO get the Play by Sephora box and really enjoy it. These boxes are definitely a great way to try new makeup products.

  8. The box is so pretty, great reviews.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. So fun to get a nice surprise in a box. It looks like you had useful items to experiment with and appreciate.
    Blogger's Pit Stop

  10. I have always wanted to try a beauty subscription box. I like the surprise element of it!

    You got some great products! Enjoy!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  11. It is really a lovely idea, Laurie, enjoy

  12. Looks great, and beautifully wrapped. What a lovely treat! #AnythingGoes

  13. Looks like an amazing box! Have a great day.

    Gemma x

  14. I get an Ipsy bag each month, and although the packaging is pretty cool...yours is a bit better!

    I actually just started my own subscription site (because of my love of getting that little monthly surprise), but it is aimed at bloggers and is a digital subscription. Each JABbox includes things like stock photos, fonts, printables, etc etc. I am just in the launch phase, site went up last week, but I am super excited!

  15. Such a fun box! I like the fan brush that you received!

    Thanks so much for joining On Mondays We Link-Up!

  16. I think the subscription boxes are amazing! Someone my friends have got them and rave about them, I really should purchase them! Great review of the unwrapping Xxx #AnythingGoes

  17. so fun! It's like christmas each month!


  18. I have not yet tried a beauty box service, but the price is great for some surprises in the mail. I would definitely enjoy trying out products like the after-sun lotion, and I can always use a new cute lip balm. Thanks for sharing!
    xo, janea

  19. How fun! I love getting those subscriptions!

  20. You've just inspired me to look at these for my sister-in-law's birthday. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for linking to #pocolo

  21. Not something I knew about or would use but an interesting option for presents for others

  22. Hi, I do love a subscription box and this pink box looks perfect for me to try. I'm intrigued by the banana setting cream #bloggerclubuk

  23. I love subscriptions boxes, this one looks great! #bloggerclubuk

  24. I've never had a subscription box before, but think I will have to look into them. You got some really fab items there #bestandworst

  25. I've never tried a beauty box - to be honest, I always thought they were a way for brands to offload last seasons stuff - but looking at this, I stand corrected. great bargain and some fab items
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes :)

  26. How fun...I used to think subscription boxes were silly...until I received my first one!! Now I'm hooked!!

  27. I have never tried a subscription box, looks like a fab range of products each time #anythinggoes

  28. What a fun box. Great gift idea!


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