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Zaful - Camel Cream And Denim

Sharing with you a coat and handbag from Zaful today. I often see this brand pop up in the blogging community and have liked a lot of what I have seen.

There was so much to choose from on site. The list of clothing goes on forever! There must be something for everyone. I had a job choosing from all the choice available. 

Not having any Camel colours in my wardrobe I decided on this wrap coat and Brown handbag.
The coat is not lined, so it's not your heavy winter type coat. At a bargain price of $29 would you expect it to be?
Actually, on looking through the Zaful website you can see this is your on trend place to go when you want to try a new style and don't want to part with designer money.

I like the zip detail that runs through the shawl collar. The size I'm wearing is size medium, I would say this is between a UK 10/12 you can find it here It's also available in the new trend Green colour too.

I've gone for a casual look to pair this coat with today. The most comfortable Boot-cut Jeans from here A cream roll neck jumper. A Tan and Gold Belt to tie in with the Gold on the handbag. Oh and one mop of messy hair! I should have brought a brolly with me! It's getting wetter with drizzle every second of these photos!

I have to say, I'm really pleased with the bag. It has a detachable strap, so you can just use the small handle if you wish. It looks a lot more expensive than it actually is at $26.99 here I was very tempted to try this one 

The only snag that I can moan about was the hemming on the coat. This is more like an overlocking stitch rather than a proper hem. Handy for me, as I always have to turn up sleeves. But I think I will get the coat hemmed properly.
Have you ever bought from the Zaful Site ? Let me know what you think
XO Laurie



MandCo SS17 Press Event

A sneak preview of MandCo's Spring Summer collection here.....

actually viewed this collection before Christmas! I kept it under lock and key because It was that good I wanted it to stay fresh in my reader's minds. It was such a great event, and I find that when I post about these events too early, the moment is gone. There have been many a time that I've chosen my favourite items and earmarked them for future updates to the wardrobe. Next thing you know, that item has flown out and no longer available. Get my point? 
Some of these items are trickling their way into MandCo already, so if you see something you like, keep your eye on the website.

On arrival, a burst of colour was how I can describe the greeting. I was like a little girl in a sweet shop! The PR team were lovely and were so welcoming. 

There's a rumour that one of the new on trend colours this year for Spring Summer is this lovely fiery Orange. Mixed in with the Blue's I think the colours go well together. 

Mint Green, Navy and White. Stripes and Floral. All of this will fit into items that I already have. I was really keen on the Coat in the middle of the photo. It was gorgeous.

The floral dress on the right was beautiful. Tiny pleats halfway through the dress really made it a showstopper.

Blues will always win my vote. I like this style of dress, so forgiving on the figure! Throw on a pair of heels and your good to go! It's already available here

Not forgetting the baby blues. How cool will this look with jeans or shorts

Feminine florals and blush pink hue's The dress is the middle is available now here

Not forgetting the beachwear! Although the long skirt wold look good anywhere with a T-shirt or blouse

Lace is still playing a huge trend. Who doesn't like it?

Moving on to accessories now.But before that, I want to show you the pampering I got while I was there! A lovely manicure, copious amounts of tea and a lunch bar with a lot of choice.

Didn't she do a good job? I loved the colour. What a perfect match!

Moving onto accessories. A lot of boldness going on here, something I'm aiming to play with more. Being a shortie, I've always stuck to dainty small items to finish off an outfit. But now I'm being a bit braver of late. I want to try more! Accessories are definitely something to work on.   

I thought the bags were perfect, love the colours, especially the one to the left

Love the Silver Circles necklace. A bargain price too! here

How bold are these items? I really like the Silver Cuff. Which accessories would you choose out of what's listed above? Let me know what's caught your eye!

Homewear is also available at MandCo. Summer fresh colours here, all to brighten the home. (I always change my cushion covers to match the seasons!)

How cute are these plates? Perfect for the kids!

The Strawberry one's for me of course!

So. That's it! I hope something caught your eye. I thought the whole collection was fabulous and I cold have scooped it all up in a minute and took it home with me. A wish list as long as my arm awaits!
XO Laurie



Alie Street - Floral Brights For A Winters Day

I nearly didn't add this photo. It looks like someone is whispering in my ear!

Today I'm showing my second Alie Street dress. You may remember the first dress that I showed a while back here

See. She's not talking to me! I love the colours in this dress. It's lined in a similar material so it's really quite warm, plus it stops the dress from sticking to you, which is a forgiving bonus! I wish I had a red bag to pair with it, so that's the next item on my shopping list. 

It has a slight ruched fitting on the bust line and is semi fitted on the waistline. The sleeves are a perfect three-quarter length - my favourite 

I chose to pair the dress with my Navy long cardigan, but there's a riot of colours to play with. White, Red, or yellow. 
The Alie Street site has plenty of classic styles. They also have Bridal, Evening wear and Maternity wear. S please pop over for a look at what's available. This dress is currently on sale.

It was a beautiful sunny day but don't let that fool you as far as temperatures are concerned. It's freezing! We decided to visit a new coffee house at a new building complex at Kew Bridge. It won't be long before everyone has discovered this place and you can guarantee it will be packed in the summer.

DressAlie Stree
Cardigan -Here
Shoes - Similar
Bag - Similar

Have a great week everyone 
XO Laurie



Derma Detox Elixer Skin Care SoS Review

I love being able to sample skincare to review. Let me tell you all about this fantastic serum by Vivderma...

How many of my readers are using a serum underneath a cream at night? Sometimes I just use a serum and no cream at night time. It's the daytime when I feel my cream is most needed especially for that extra SPF.
It's at night time that our skin is renewing and repairing. This for me I think is the best time to exfoliate too, giving our skin a helping hand at the renewing cycle.

The serum comes in a lovely pump action bottle.It's very handy when you have a measured dosage, no over-using and much more pocket-friendly. I'm terrible for pouring or squeezing too much out of my daily beauty items.
So what is expected of this serum?

"This ultra-light serum takes control of skin in crisis. Purifying, anti-ageing, radiance boosting and pore minimising. This solution helps rebalance a complexion that is suffering from extremes. Hormonal fluctuation, seasonal changes, environmental impact and over-exposure to damaging UV" 

Luckily for me, I don't suffer from large pores or hormonal changes (been there and finished! thank god!) However, I think that the weather and UV  makes a big impact on my skin.
The serum consistency is not runny, not a cream. This is like a serum and oil all rolled into one. The smell is amazing, very zesty Lemon/orange and a pleasure to use, Relaxing if you like.
I haven't used a cream after applying this. I think it's moisturising enough, and I don't want to wake up with puffy skin, especially around the eyes.  Has this ever happened to you when the cream or serum is too heavy?  However, I am tempted to try the moisturiser for daytime. You can find it here

The result after a few weeks use? 
I definitely like how it makes my skin feel, a bit like I've just had a good facial. My skin is soft and not dry = bonus!  Do have a look at the Vivderma website and let me know if anything catches your attention. I'd love to know what you think.
XO Laurie



Woolovers - Keeping Cosy With This Pure Lambswool Poncho

So.. The low temperatures have finally hit us. I've been housesitting for my son for the past week in Essex while he sun's himself in Costa Rica. I was mighty pleased that I packed this poncho to wear. The timing couldn't be more perfect. 

This Burgundy and Cream Poncho from Woolovers is so thick and warm, even in the minus temperature and the wind doesn't penetrate at all. Pure cosiness!

I am trying to get a sophisticated shot of me in this much-needed hat! The flurries of snow are starting to fall. Me and hat's just don't get on. I wish we did, I've yet to find the perfect one. 

This is my third item to review for Woolovers and I can honestly say this is a website that you must visit. The quality is exceptional and each item I have tried I have loved. There is so much choice and every blend of wool is available.

I have chosen to wear the Poncho with my faux leather trousers (there's an extra layer in the form of tights underneath!) and a contrasting Berry coloured polo neck. Brown boots and a sad attempt with this Black felt hat!

If you really like this Poncho, your luck's in! It's now in sale at £30.00 I have to say that's a bargain for this. It's really weighty and you know you're wearing a good warm piece of outerwear. You can find it here

I will be sharing all three of my looks from Woolovers So I hope you pop by for that. 
XO Laurie


Aquis Hair Towel A New Welcome Hair Product Review

Today I'm sharing with you the Aquis hair towel....

Now this is not your usual hair towel or anything like that micro fibre stuff that you put on your head when your hairs wet, and then all the water is dripping down your face! 
I often have a problem fitting all my unruly hair into most towels that are designed to hold your hair when it's wet. So the shape of this towel (like a long rectangle) was truly welcomed by myself. Also it's not like thick towelling or over bulky, so this sits on my head perfectly.

The whole idea with this hair towel is that it's super absorbent so you don't have to rub your hair dry. Due to the new generation Aquitex Helps prevent frizz and basically look after your hair so much more than a normal towel. Less rubbing = less breakage.

I was surprised at how light it feels on. As you can see once it's out of the packaging it's quite flat. And when it's wet it doesn't bulk up. Bonus!
Iv'e been using this towel not just on hair washing day's, but around the house too. When I cook I always have my hair wrapped in some kind of cover-up, and when I do the housework. Or just chilling out. It always stays in place. 

It's handy to keep my hair out of my face when I'm lounging or writing on the laptop too! Well, that's what Sundays are for Huh? !!  
I have my eye on the body wrap too. Take a look here I am really pleased with this product and would definitely recommend to you all.

Xo Laurie

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Bonmarche Shades Of Grey & Monochromatic Me

Today I'm sharing with you another great item from Bonmarche

I love the soft shade of grey of this jacket, and the detailing on the shoulders. Warm enough for our weather with a jumper at the moment, but will see me through Spring with  a T shirt. A soft faux suede material cut in a feminine biker style. 

The seamed detail on the back of the jacket is a great waist emphasizer. That's always a bonus! 

I have chosen to style the jacket with various shades of grey. Maybe your thinking it's too monochromatic . Grey is such a great base shade this jacket could be worn with so many other colours. I know it will go great with this skirt . But these items in my wardrobe jumped to my attention as soon as I was deciding what to pair it with.

The Grey roll neck jumper compliments the style of the neck of the jacket, and the silver popper fastening and zip detail is brought out with the silver in the necklace. Dark grey faux leather trousers and bag finish the look. The jacket also looks great with the dress it's paired with on-line here Excuse the wind swept look!

Now there's a note to self here! before leaving the house, checking that I looked Ok. I have never taken into consideration how these trousers look after sitting in them for a while!
I have loved these trousers and am broken hearted  that they bag so badly. Even more disturbed that Iv'e worn them so much not realizing this was happening! 

I'd like to know what you would pair this jacket with? Are you with me on the monochromatic look? 
Do take a look at what Bonmarche have to offer. Iv'e got my eye on their new Ultimate shape enhancing jeans I bet they wont bag like these trousers!

Xo Laurie

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