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UK Top Model Finals - Featuring Aga Couture - Celebrating Style

Hi everyone
As I promised last week, this post is all about that fantastic event that I went to a couple of weeks ago.
This is not the same show as Britain's top model, it's a very similar concept though. This show was for UK Top Model and Top Model Worldwide.

The reason that I was lucky enough to be invited to this extravagant event is due to the lovely Agnieszka Klaput. A designer of amazing clothing called Aga Couture. I wrote about The Aga Couture brand a couple of years ago here

I felt very privileged to receive the invite from Agnieszka and I came away from the show really starry-eyed!  The show was held at the Hilton Metropole in Edgeware Road, a stunning hotel and you could really feel the buzz of the event. This contest and event have happened each year since 2006 and it also supports the charity Children With Cancer and this year it raised over £30.000.00 for the cause wich I think is amazing.

I'm going to start off with some photos of Agnieszka getting the finalist ready for their last catwalk challenge, and some photos of her designs on the catwalk courtesy of Renata Turlejeska.
Then I will add my photos that I managed to capture. Not so easy to capture a fast paced walking model! But I don't think I did too bad a job!

I was very lucky to be given a VIP table with wine, chocolates and a lovely goody bag! But most of all the best view I could have wished for. You can find more information about the event here You may want to go yourself next year. I totally recommend it.
I will also leave you with a couple of videos about the contest and then, of course, the link up.

The Judges for the competition were sitting just behind me right at the end of the catwalk.One of the judges were Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud, and she looked absolutely stunning. I hope she didn't catch me gawping! 

 Agnieszka adding the finishing touches backstage. I can't imagine how busy and fast paced it must have been!

Making sure each model finalist looks perfect for the runway

How beautiful do they all look?!! What dress is your favourite?

I will leave you with the photos that I took myself and a couple of youtube videos that I found really interesting. I know the event was filmed, I'm just trying to find out when and where it will be broadcast so I will keep you posted on that. This competition was for men as well as women. I'm showing photos of the female models here, but if you want to see the male finalist you can find loads on the Twitter site for Top Model UK @TOPMODELUK

Other designers that were dressing the models were - Omar Mansoor - Lennie Boya - Eva Grygo and See-Saw Menswear.

Snippets The Documentary of how the models train for the competition was shown

There was also a swimwear catwalk as well as underwear. I can't imagine how nervous those girls were! The winner of the competition was Viktorija K from Lithuania 

Let's get started with the link up!

I'm looking forward to seeing your style!

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XO Laurie



Bonmarche Betty Bootcut - Floral Brights Sporty Style

Hi everyone

Today I'm sharing with you one of the new denim styles from Bonmarche.Newly launched, I'm wearing the Betty Boot Cut my favourite style of jeans. The other styles launched are called The Sara The Julie Jegging  And the Susie Slim Cute names!

You must have gathered by now if you're a regular reader that I like all the denim styles that Bonmarche provide. Great value for money and I like the fit, especially the Ultimate Enhancing Jeans And great value they are too!

I've gone for a more sporty look with the jeans today, wearing this bright floral print bomber jacket here And I actually have my toes on show! The sandals are out! Can I just say though how beautiful the weather has been these last few days, yet when I decide to go out and take my shots Those windy gales just love to surprise me!

Teamed with this bright red T-shirt and my aviator shades it makes a change from my girly look!

I love the bright colours in this Bomber jacket. I can wear this with the jeans from this post too.

One of the things that I like about Bonmarche jeans is that there are different leg lengths available. This length that I'm wearing is 29inch Great for my titchy legs! Other lengths available is 27inch and 31inch The 27inch will be great for me in summer if I wear flat sandals.

The size I'm wearing is a size 10 and they are quite roomy, so I would say true to size, plus they are quite stretchy. This pair of Betty bootcut jeans will cost you a mere £16.00 Bargain!

I'd love to hear what you think about the new style Bonmarche jeans, I love to receive comments. Click on the notify me box so we can have a natter! Or why not subscribe to receive each post by clicking on the box on the right hand side.
XO Laurie

Jeans C/O Bonmarche
Bomber Jacket C/O Bonmarche


Celebrating Style Link Up

Hi everyone
I don't have a great deal of a post to share with you today! Just a photo from the weekend when I had a great day out at the finals for Top Model Uk. I will be giving a full report of the day next week. It was amazing!

I had a tough time deciding on what to wear. It started at 1 pm and I wondered if there would be people in evening dress or just smart dress. 
I decided to play it safe and go smart casual. Cream top, Beige trousers and one of my favourite silk scarves. I did also take with me my Navy blazer.

The event was held at the stunning Hilton London Metropole. A huge hotel and very nice too. So keep your eyes peeled for the post next week. 
I also wanted to thank everyone for their wishes last week for the in-laws. The mother is well on the mend and due to come home, however, the father in law is really not good at all. Hence why this is such a short post. I hope I have better news for you all next week.

I'm looking forward to seeing your style!
XO Laurie
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XO Laurie



Claudia Bradby - New Savanna Collection - No Need To Dress Up

Hello from windy Essex!

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of having lunch with Claudia Bradby at a fantastic location that is called the Wolseley in Mayfair London. A very fine dining restaurant. I could have sat and chatted to Claudia for hours and hours. We hit it off straight away, me sharing my tales of blogging and Claudia telling me her story of how she decided to design fine pearl jewellery. The restaurant was buzzing with people, a very lively place, and I will definitely be going there again. If you would like to take a nose, here is the link to the restaurant here And of course you may have seen some photos of the restaurant on my Instagram.

The reason for the meeting was to take a first look at the new Savanna Collection A collection made up from my favourite precious stones Aquamarines and Pearls There was a lot of ooh and ahrring when the collection was laid out on the table!

I have been kindly gifted the long Savanna Pearl and Aqua necklace. The Pearls and stones sit between a fine silver chain and it's a breathtaking piece. 

I decided that I didn't want to dress up to show this gorgeous necklace off. I just wanted to let it shine all by itself. That's the beauty of Claudia's jewellery. You can literally wear anything with all of the items. I love how the models layer the jewels together on the website.

I'm in sunny Leigh On Sea in Essex today. Although it really is windy! The first thing I thought of when I was deciding how to show this necklace was Blue background.

So just a T-Shirt and jeans is the look of the day, with my necklace, Pearl bracelet from my other Claudia Bradby collection (See that post here) One thing that I really like about the Aquamarines on the necklace is the raw cut of the stone. They really are beautiful,  encased in a bevelled silver frame. Aquamarine is Latin for sea water, which I have just discovered. Weird that I chose to take shots near the sea front!

The large Nucleated pearls balance nicely against the Aquamarine, you can actually double this necklace so you have two Aquamarines at the front or two Nucleated pearls at the front. I know that I will be wearing this Savanna necklace endlessly. I don't think pearls should be waiting in your jewellery box for a special occasion, but worn with casual or dressier outfits at a whim.

The necklace has fitted in well with my other pearls, and this can be layered with other necklaces to make a real statement. I'm sure you will see me wearing it with more dressier outfits too! It's my birthday soon and I have just added the savanna bracelet to my wish list!

Do you have pearls in your jewellery box? Do you wear them often enough? I so much prefer them paired with silver rather than gold. I think the silver gives off a more on trend look.

 The designs that Claudia Bradby provides are so wearable and changeable. From a special event or wedding to simply spicing up your jeans and T-shirt, Claudia has brought pearls back into fashion and made collections that will fit into your everyday wardrobe. Take a look at the Claudia's  Pinterest Board to see how some of our well-known celebrities style their Claudia Bradby pearls

I just had to leave you with a close up of the beauty and cut of these Aquamarines

I'm leaving you with two interesting short videos. The first is about how Claudia was inspired to use the Aquamarines and the second is about how Claudia began her popular brand.
Xo Laurie



Bonmarche - Casual Shopping Style And Comfort & Celebrating Style Link Up

Hi, everyone! A huge thank you to all that linked up last week. I should be in Cornwall right now, but not only the Father in law is still in Hospital, but the Mother in law too! I can tell you it's been one of those weeks! And I'm still behind with everything!

Anyway onwards and upwards as they say, and thank you all so much for your good wishes. They are both on the mend and hopefully will be home soon.

Today I'm on my way to one of my favourite markets at Kempton racing grounds. I popped in for a quick cuppa at one of my local haunts at Brentford Lock and took my photos here.

I'm showing you today this really cosy striped waterfall Cardigan from Bonmarche And the most comfortable jeans from their new collection.

The cardigan I chose for the neutral colours that can be mixed and matched with other items. Grey, Navy and Beige being my main go to daily colours. I have a size S on here and it's really roomy. It's also just gone into sale from £24.00 down to £16.00 here Bargain!

The Jeans that I have chosen are from Bonmarche's new Ultimate Shape Enhancing Jeans. I love the shape of the leg on these Jeans. Not skinny, just perfect straight. They fit like a dream and so comfortable. These have also just gone into sale from £28.00 down to £23.00 here

You can see how soft the ribbed cardigan is here. Iv'e teamed the Jeans and Cardigan with a plain Grey T-shirt and Grey studded belt. The Jeans are not Denim they are a soft cotton/polyester with lots of Elastane, equalling comfort and great for keeping their shape.

I'm leaving you with a couple of photos of the Lock. It's so lovely here in the Summer, a great place to watch the world go by.

                                   Cardigan                                                                     Jeans

I'm looking forward to seeing your style!
XO Laurie
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XO Laurie



Shapeez 360' Perfection Underwear

You can have the best clothes that money can buy, but if you don't lay the right foundations first that outfit can be ruined.

That's what mother always told me! And to a degree, I have to agree! I have never scrimped on my underwear, and I do get myself measured every other year too. I think it's so important to invest in the best you can buy.

I have in the last few years suffered from the dreaded back fat. Always sticking my hand up my top to make sure that bra is making me look the best way possible. But no. Still, folds will appear.

So when Shapeez got in touch and asked me to review one of their body enhancing pieces I jumped at the chance. I was so excited by their concept of ridding of back fat, I couldn't wait to try!

This is what the leaflet say's
Shapeez, a pioneer in women's bra and shaping solutions, today launches in the Uk it's unique collection of bra's and upper body shapewear. Support, Sculpt, Slim and Smooth-wearing Shapeez garments and achieve 360-degree perfection.

 Shapeez patented design and plush fabrics allow women to experience the utmost support and provides the ultimate fit and freedom of movement, superior to a traditional bra. The four-way stretch fabric evenly disperses weight across the torso to relieve excessive pressure from the neck, shoulders and back improving posture.

This bra came beautifully gift wrapped in a box to store it in. Prior to receiving the bra, I measured myself in the way that was explained to me. It's a slightly different way of measuring, but it fits perfectly.

The bra cups and front are as smooth as a baby's bottom, perfect to wear anything you wish with it and the straps of the bra are a little wider than normal, but if you have a fuller heavier bust,then happy days. The back is amazing! The body is amazing!

This is like putting on a vest top but with bra cups. It is underwired for support and lift. I ordered mine in a Nude shade (Can't go wrong) and It's as comfortable as wearing a good fitting bra and there's no tightness like you get with some body shapers. Oh and I can breathe!
Let's take a look.

I'm going to show the back of the bra. See how smooth it is.

Not a roll in sight! It's always near my underarm that I get a problem.

One of the things that I like about the Shapeez bra is that the excess that's smoothed away hasn't rolled up and decided to make an appearance elsewhere. Does anyone else have that problem?

I'm going to show you a photo of me wearing my regular bra. You can see what I mean about the underarm roll

Can you see that wrinkle of fat? That's what I'm talking about. Drives me mad! Now, look at the back with the Shapeez.

The whole of my back and front look more trim. This Ultimate Pretty body shaper actually finishes near my bottom. One of the first things that I thought when I tried it on was as soon as I sat down it would roll up. But no. It hasn't moved at all. And I must say it's not just the back fat that's gone. The front tummy looks pretty trim too!

It's all very smooth at the front too. I have tried my T-shirts with it and you can't see any sign of the shape of the Shapeez.
But for me, what I'm over the moon about is the disappearance of back fat and a flatter tummy. I would totally recommend this. It's made a huge difference as you can see. I would like to try one of the Pushup bras that they have available.

 There are many different shapes and styles available. Some with lower backs for when you have a low cut back to your outfit. There are even full slips available.The Ultimate Pretty that I'm wearing is pricey at RRP £76.75 but for the Rolls Royce of bra's I think it's worth every penny.

Do take a look at the Shapeez site here or you can find them on Amazon here they really are worth a look.
XO Laurie


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