Exfoliation? whats the big deal? If your not exfoliating regularly I hope I can convince you to reading this post

As we age our skin cells take longer to renew, exfoliating will remove the dead surface of skin laying on top and promote new skin growth.
 Any creams or serums you use will penetrate better after exfoliating because you have removed the dead skin barrier achieving better results
The older you are, the more you should be exfoliating, I’m 51 and my skin is combination, i exfoliate twice a week.
Sometimes I mix a little of my exfoliator with my foaming cleanser, it gives good results and is more economical.
If you are young once a week should be enough, it helps reduce clogged pores too. But don’t over do it if your skin is oily as it will promote more oil.
Don’t forget to do your neck as well, if you have read my other post you will know why!
Microdermabrasion, this is a treatment to have at a salon. Its a much deeper form of exfoliation, its like a small tube with suction,glided over your skin and blasted with tiny particles. Crystal Clear is my favourite and believe me it sure makes a difference. If you would like to know what its like ask your nearest salon to sample it on your hand, its not a scary as it sounds.
Here are the Exfoliators i would recommend and use on my clients now

1) Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Gentle Exfoliator
2) Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream
3) Liz Earle Cleanse And Polish – good for sensitive skin
4) Dermalogica Daily Microfolient
5) Rodial Super Acids Extreme

You can ask any of these brands for a free sample at any of their skincare counters

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding skincare
xo Laurie

Here is a list of some of my

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