A week ago my partner and myself took ourselves for a little trip into the city. I haven’t been to the kings road for some time and I love it there. You cant beat the buzz of London. We actually got on a bus with our oyster cards which cost us only £5.00 each for an all day travel and it would have cost us that in parking.
So whilst in the kings road, I thought it would be a good idea to try out the Bluebird Cafe. My guilty secret is watching Made In Chelsea (for the fashion of course!) What a beautiful place it was. The staff were great and very attentive. We sat outside because it was a sunny day, and I sat there people watching with my pot of tea and scone.

There was a great atmosphere here, I could have sat in my chair drinking tea all day, the food being served looked great too. Before we left I popped to the loos which were upstairs as is the bar area. I have to say its beautiful up there, and next time I go I will definitely spend some time up there.

So if your ever in London, in the kings road Chelsea, look them up you wont be disappointed.

We left the bluebird and hopped onto another bus to view Westminster Abbey, such a magnificent building, 

make you wonder how they had such great craftsmanship so many years ago with all the great architecture.

 Wearing Calvin Klien one of my favourite designers, white shopper Jane Shilton

Thank you for reading this post x Laurie

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