An Event Full Week

Hi Everyone, not a fashion or beauty post today, just a round up of what was an event full week I had. Earlier last week I had a visitor come to stay, that of the feathered kind. Charlie the African Grey came to stay with us for a week to be looked after while his owners went on holiday. Hes a funny thing but sooo noisy, he swears constantly, if I print what he says on this pc I will most probably get thrown off google!. He is laughing at the tv as I write this. He calls my dogs to the cage constantly, then tells them to clear off in his own fashion!. you have to be here lol, but I have to say I have laughed a lot. He said to me today Thank you my darling you have worked hard…. Here is a picture…

He will be going home tomorrow, the house will be so quiet, and as much as I have moaned about him, I will miss him but I don’t think my dogs will!
Tv has been great at the moment, I have just discovered Our Zoo, thoroughly enjoying that and the Cilla Black story I’ve enjoyed too.
At the weekend I had volunteered to help out at a fund raising event selling my homemade shortbread. Saturday afternoon and evening was taken up cooking 200 shortbread biscuits. Radio on, my kitchen was a conveyor belt style biscuit factory. But they sold well, and everyone loved them so I was pleased with myself. I sold them in little cup cake boxes. Cute.

I think these little boxes make great little gift ideas for Christmas treats, The biscuits are really easy to make. The boxes came from a pound shop, eight in a packet, so not bad for a pound

One thing I have to mention that is beauty related though, is the sample of Age Smart by Clinique that I have used the last few nights. I can honestly say I can see a difference!. I may well be changing my serum brand (see last beauty post)

Go to a Clinique counter and ask the beauty consultant for a sample, I really like this new serum

Thank you for reading my post

xo Laurie

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