Hi Everyone, When I was deciding what to wear today (its very windy,rainy,sunny) I was a bit stuck for ideas. Its the first day of being a bit chilly but I don’t think its time for thick jumpers and coats yet. So first out is last years long sleeved T. I buy these from Primark or F&F I normally buy a bigger size than I actually am and find they fit better and look better if there not skin tight. They are cheap as chips and you can mix them with anything.To glam it up a bit I put on my favourite necklace I bought in the summer from F&F. here is a picture from summer and below follows the picture today

This seems soo long ago already that this picture was taken! but making the most out of this necklace with longs sleeves now

Some of the jewellery in the shops now is amazing, You can totally transform old outfits for a small cost                                                                                                                                                         

And a pat on the back for me for being clever in the sales! I found these boots in the sales at next after Christmas This is their first outing and they were a bargain at £10.00, so it pays to be thrifty in the sales and think ahead of seasons

I love the way these fold over, they are really comfy but I do worry about wearing suede, I don’t think its as hard wearing as leather but these will do till another pair come along and catch my eye

xo Laurie

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