Hi everyone. I have been looking at what everyone else is looking at. You cant miss it, its in every store in every town, even in your local supermarket.  FUR! I have only just started wearing my thicker cardigans out to the shops in our very mild weather for this time of year.I know by now we are normally wearing more wintry attire, and I am not complaining about it being so mild. I have been looking at fur coats for a while now so I don’t get caught out when the big chill arrives, and I have made a purchase of one that I fell in love with. I just hope I get to wear it at some point this year and the purchase has not been in vain. Listed below are the fur coats I thought could fit the bill.

This tall cream funnel neck  faux fur is Dorothy Perkins £59.00 not a bad price, I loved the colour and texture of this coat, but I am always in a car and I think I need something shorter but I wanted to share this coat with you all its gorgeous

This cosy little number is from wallis, I love the colour of this one. I am aiming for a lighter colour fur, I think it suits my skin tone better. The darker coats  I have tried on make me look washed out This coat is £60.00 reduced from £80.00

I thought this one from Gharani Strok I found in T K Max was beautiful. Really luxurious and a little different in the markings in the fur, but I would have worried about this being in the cleaners every five minutes. I would choose this as an evening coat £79.00

This is the Real Deal. This coat from  Whistles £275.00 was pure  luxury. I totally fell in love with this coat. This would have been my dream fur coat,the only problem was the sleeves were way to long for me and the price was a bit hefty. Taking that into consideration , and the amount of wear I will get out of it, I decided it was not for me, but if your not petite (arms the length of a little girl) this is the one, it felt gorgeous on

I tried this one from Next £75.00 It is really cosy, great colour and very lightwieght . But for me this wasnt a faux fur, more like a teddy bear fabric, but fun all the same

I tried on a couple of gilets while I was in T K Max. This one looked so much like real fur. This was what I was looking for without sleeves! £59.00

You can see here what I mean about black fur draining my colour I loved this, just not on me £35.00


This one by Edina Ronay I found in T K Max £69.00 Love it, great length for me (and the sleeves were not too long) Really cosy scrumptious fur. They take a bit of  getting used to, it makes me feel like a huge fur ball!. Now I just need the temperature to plummet to be able to wear it!. Having said that, I think fur is definitely here to stay, so I hope to get a few years of wear out of it.

Thank you for reading this post, keep warm!
xo Laurie

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