A Trip Into London Armistice Day

Hi everyone. Yesterday I spent my day doing what I love most, a day exploring London. And yesterday was a special, important day, it was Armistice day. I had been hinting for a while about viewing the poppies in the tower of London and didn’t want to miss it. So wrapped up warm,made sure I had my comfortable’s on (loads of walking requires comfortable shoes) and on our way we were.

Coat = Next

Dress = TK Max

Shoe Boots Very comfortable M&S

Bag = Osprey

I love travelling to the city by bus rather than the tube as I love having a nose out of the window, I never tire of it. The second bus we had to get on was the old Routemaster. I loved being on this ancient bus! it reminded me of when I was a young girl getting on the bus for school, with its little pull cord running along the length of the bus to ring for your stop. Truly nostalgic. Kensington was buzzing with activity as usual and the traffic was really busy. I think I could have walked quicker than the bus could move. Anyway we  hopped off at Tower Hill and within a couple of minutes we were at the Tower. And what an amazing site to see, it was breathtaking. So quiet you could feel the respect for these poor soldiers in the air. So so many poppies, when you see this mass of red, and know for each one of the poppies someone has died in battle. So sad, and the poppies stood so proud in replacement for the soldiers

There were a few pictures of loved ones lost pinned onto the railings, which brought it home even more 

It was truly an experience, and I am pleased I got to see the poppies, I will now be deciding where I will be placing my poppy when it arrives. The next picture, you can see the Shard in the background, This picture shows how tall it really is!

 After we left the tower I saw a couple of other things of interest on the journey

I love this bus sculpture. Its a sculpture trail, meaning as you  travel around London you will find another bus sculpture painted in a different design by different artist. You can find a map of how to find each design on-line at Sculpture Trails I am looking forward to bumping into Paddington bear on another journey, there is a sculpture trail around London for him too!

I had to put this picture in, even though its not a great shot. This is my next wishlist visit. I cant wait to have a cup of tea at the Ritz!

On way home for a long bus journey, but it was truly a great day!

Do you have any wish list visits to London? or have you seen it all and have a special place in London that you hold in your heart?

Xo Laurie

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