Hi Everyone, After a visit to Essex last week I thought I would post about M&Co. I noticed in mothers local newspaper that the store in Rayleigh had just had a major refurbishment happening, and for the re-opening, had a lot of activities going on. I missed the opening day, but I thought I would go and have a nose. I have to say, how surprised was I?. It really is a large store AND with wow factor, beautifully done. of course I had to have a try on didn’t I? And mother did her fare share of trying on too!

I had to start with this Biker jacket. I have me a cream leather one, but not a black one. I liked this one £55.00 it felt really good on. It comes in a lovely stone colour too.

Whilst I was having a try on in the changing room (which is very swish by the way) there was a style adviser always available and willing to help with any queries I had. If your ever unsure or not confident I would recommend you see one of them, the girls here were really warm and friendly.

The next item I tried on was this red jacket from £35.00 comfortable and soft, easy to wear. Would be great for daytime with smart trousers and matching T or dress it up with a dress or skirt, I think black would be good. Then just add the bling !

And talking of bling!!

I have put this on my Christmas list, I thought this was gorgeous £12.99 They had loads of matching accessories.

I just thought I would put this shot in of the changing room, and I like the idea of a comfy sofa for the other half to sit on just outside the changing room!

I thought this little sparkly number would be great for Christmas. Be it day or evening as its not too restricting and great material that doesn’t crease £35.00

They also have men’s wear, home wear and children’s wear in this store. I laughed at this when I saw it and bagged it for the other half!

Ideal for all those Christmas Grinch’s out there!

My favourite outfit that I tried on was this all-in-one Jumpsuit that I have been looking for. I totally fell for this one but being only 5″2 I would have to cut at least a foot off! They do cater for petites but I couldn’t find it in the style below

The bodice was really intricate and it felt beautiful on I recommend you have a look at this on-line if your looking for a jump-suit £79.00 A sombre looking me, with my concentrating face on!

The funny thing is while I was trying all this stuff on Mother was buying up half the shop! one of the items she bought was this cosy coatigan

The colour didn’t come out well in the shot , and Mother is not playing at having her picture taken, so here it is, seen on the model. Worth every penny of £45.00. Mother was well chuffed and even signed up for a loyalty card, so we will definitely be visiting again when I pop down to Essex.
There was so much more I could have posted on here that I love. Take a look at their clothes on-line
xo Laurie

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