Hi Everyone, I am writing this post just before I start to glam myself up for the new year celebrations. What are you all doing? I hope its something special, with someone special.
So a Quick recap on the past year………..

This was one of my first pictures posted on the blog, I recommended everyone to buy this miracle cream, and my thoughts are still the same.

If you are following my blog, when you see this sign you will know that this is a beauty post. I aim to post a beauty post once a week (resolution 1)

                            Seeing the poppies at the tower of London was a memorable day.

                                                         And of course lots of clothes talk

                                                      Lots of selfies! I am still practising!

                                              I must remember not to stand like a navvy !

But putting aside what I do, can I just say, in all it has been a great fun little hobby. And I have made many new friends in cyber world. It hasn’t been easy sometimes, frustrating when I haven’t any pc skills whatsoever but worth it all totally. finding out how to do things on the pc, even the smallest task, sometimes has taken me ages to work it out. I need a step by step picture guide for pc dummies! and the more I learn, I might even  print step by step guides myself! who knows what this will lead to or bring, But to anyone who reads this I am truly grateful. Truly grateful that someone might find it readable and interesting.

I wonder what fashion and beauty will be in store for us next year? If there is a beauty or fashion query you would be interested in me posting about, please let me know
In the meantime Happy New Year to you all, I hope it is great for you
Xo Laurie

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