Hi everyone, I don’t know about you lot, but at this time of year I am always scrimping with Christmas round the corner. As my family multiplies ( I now have six grandchildren) it cost more and more! I also have my “other half’s” birthday on the sixteenth of December and my daughters on the seventeenth, so please feel free to feel sorry for me! Anyway we decided on a trip out to our local garden centre and I was wondering what to wear, I fancied something different. Searching through the wardrobe I found one of my summer favourites. Found a long sleeved T to go under it and was quite pleased with myself. I wore this dress untold times through the summer, and it was one of my first outfit postings on my blog.

This dress I bought from F&F only around twenty pounds has more than earned its worth. So at the garden centre I asked my photographer (other half) to take my picture by the lovely lights, and it appears to have come out as a bit of a film production! I wasn’t going to edit this into the blog because the picture isn’t showing the dress that clear. But the sight of that polar bear shaking his head had me in creases so I couldn’t resist!

     And here below is a brighter one in which you can actually see the outfit I am wearing

So I know the dress I am wearing isn’t available now ,so I have posted a few similar that can be worn dressed up for an evening with accessories or a summers day or like me today with either a jumper or long sleeved T underneath

                                             Loving the Pleather detail on this one from asos £45.00

                This one from  Kaleidoscope £49.00 you could still get away with wearing something underneath, even though it has short sleeves. I have been looking at Kaleidoscope, they have some great A/W outfits on their website

This one from Todd Lynn at Debenhams  is real leather, with a real leather price tag, but I love it £199.00

   This one from House Of Fraser is bang on trend, and will still be great next summer £99.90

 A little bit different this one from Wallis, I like how the zip is placed on the dress, and sweeps at the side, this could hide a multitude of sins £31.00

I had a lovely time at the garden centre,I always go there to pick up a new bauble or two for the tree and view the lights. those ones I was standing under were beautiful, I do love a bit of sparkle!

Have you got any multi tasking garments in your wardrobe? what have been your most wearable items from summer to winter?
Xo Laurie

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