Hi everyone, as I stated in my last post about my trip to Liberty’s the other day that I would share a list of my favourite finds. I knew this would take a while as there is just so much to choose from and I had to dwindle it down to ten items. So I thought I would pick out mainly the lower priced items, I myself could actually easily afford, other items I would definitely have to save my pocket money for!. But there must be some of you with loads of pocket money burning a hole in your pocket, so I have added some items for you too.

I do love a nice candle, and I love the simplicity of this one understated elegance find it in the gift section here £49.00

If you watched the TV programme, you will remember the story of Nancy’s Nails. A clever little idea of a top coat for your nails that is perfumed. This is what I like about Liberty’s, its full of things you wont find anywhere else. And well done to Nancy!. There £15.00  you can find them here I loved the mango and lime one.

Posh Champagne Truffles, Who doesn’t love a good truffle? I love the packaging of these, perfect for a lady of the manor day, feet up, good film, tea in your best china! £12.95 from the gift department here

There were so, so many beautiful scarves to choose, great colours too. Liberty are famous for their prints and vibrancy. This one is pure silk and it would be great with many summer outfits £110.00

I have been wanting a good leather cuff for a while now, it was one of the only Christmas presents on my wish list I didn’t get. I love how this is so different, a real statement piece

A gold Marc Jacobs Iphone cover, I do love a bit of bling! £30.00 here Not a bad price for a bit of designer bling!

I am a real sucker for a posh cushion, this is silk/velvet and so detailed and intricate £75.00 here

If this beautiful Monica Vinada Ava ring is still available in April, this is what I’m wishing for my birthday this year. I actually tried this on and its gorgeous. (I didn’t have the guts to say to the assistant can you hang on while I take a pic of this!) Rose gold and diamond at £215.00 I thought was quite reasonable for its beauty. Find it in gifts for her here

These caught my eye too, Leafy jewellery is everywhere at the moment, by Alex Munroe £175.00 find them here

This watch screams Liberty, really unusual. A cute petite little watch, embellished with the unique Liberty print £75.00 find it in liberty gifts

This is going on my wish list because to me its big pocket money for a handbag. I love these satchel/messenger type bags, and if I buy one I want it to be different! £395.00 find it in liberty gifts

That’s my wish list from Liberty’s, scaled down I might add!. If you get the chance to go to Liberty’s GO, it’s a great place to visit

Xo Laurie

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