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As promised from last weeks beauty post (how to gel polish diy) Here is  the second part explaining how to remove it. Shown below is what you will need

1) Acetone I have a large bottle of acetone, purely because I have a lot of clients that have their nails done. You can buy much smaller bottles that will last a good few times.It is not expensive, around the same price as nail varnish remover.
2) A nail file
3) Cotton wool pads. These are better than the fibre free flat pads used to apply your gel polish, because they will hold more liquid for soaking.
4) Tin foil just tear into ten squares
5) An orange stick
6) A manicure knife (optional)
7) Some nourishing cuticle oil
8) A manicure bowl (optional)

When you prepare to do this, use an old towel, with something plastic under it in case of any spillages. Acetone can take paint off of surfaces.

To start, rub the coarsest side of your nail file over the gel polish. This will break the seal of the gel and enable the acetone to soak through

Divide the cotton wool pad into two parts, so it is not as thick, now saturate the pad and place it over the first nail

        Now take your first square of foil and wrap the cotton wool pad in place onto your finger

               If you make a parcel this way the acetone will not drip/escape from the foil

               Carry on until you have wrapped one hand, now wait for around 15 minutes

When you unwrap your parcel, the polish should be coming away and flaking. If it’s not soak another pad and wrap for a while more. My fingers are really not as bad as they look in this magnified pic!i all the polish has softened, drag it away with your orange stick. You can use a manicure knife to do it, but do not scrape your nail, it will damage it.

Once all the polish has been removed, wash and dry your hands. If your nails still feel a little rough, lightly go over it with the fine side of your nail file (don’t over do it and file your nail away!)

Nourish you nails with the cuticle oil.

The Manicure bowl is another method of removing the polish. Just fill the bowl and soak. But for me I find this way better
So that’s it done. Not a very glamorous post, but I hope it will be of help to someone
Do let me know if you try this out, I would love to hear your comments
Xo Laurie

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