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I am feeling quite pleased with myself, well I am, and on the other hand not. Seven months ago I posted this. It was actually one of my first post’s on blogger.

Flared trousers are definitely on the radar this year. I think the shops are starting us off gently, I so far have only seen the “bootcut” variety in the shops. Just when we have all got used to wearing our skinny painted on trousers/jeans a spanner is thrown into the works.

Now I am quite lucky here, that I am indeed a hoarder, and still have a few pairs of bootcut/flared trousers from last time they were in. The problem I have with flares, is that I find it so hard finding the right length for me. Wearing skinny’s is so much easier, if they are too long they just sit ruched on the top of my foot, which I don’t really mind. So being only 5’2 there could be a problem ahead.

So I have been browsing on line to see what’s out there, and here are some “bootcuts” that I have in mind

I love, love this look from Mango. What I wouldn’t give to have those long legs too! The two shades of denim with Tan accessories. This is the look I want. These are well priced at £39.99

Always my favourite colour when the weather is brighter, will go with anything. These are from Top Shop £40.00

These are a dark navy denim also from Top Shop £40.00 These will look great with a fitted Breton T

For evening I picked these ones from Reiss, there tailoring and finish is always so good. These are in sale at the moment for £59.00

Now these are really flared, almost skirt-like but oh so sophisticated Mango £49.99

Thought I would try some for myself. I have to say it feels weird after wearing skinny’s. F&F trousers always tend to be a good fit and length for me, they do short, regular and long lengths. Regular is just skimming the floor for me, These are only £16.00 so I will have more pennies left for the even higher heels I am going to need!

Will you be buying bootcut or flared trousers this year? I would love to hear your comments

Xo Laurie

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